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My Parents’ Haunted House

I’ve been going to my parents house for a few days, and not enjoying it at all, just the opposite. While there at about 1 A.M. today, while most of the lights were off, I got an evil feeling from the place, and could hear what sounded like raking on hard rocky ground in the back, while the air-conditioner or heater was on, and I thought my mom was outside working on finishing her garden. When the air-conditioner or whatever it was turned off, the rhythmic raking sound also stopped, but I went outside and called out to her a few times and waited and looked around, but there was no response. I then went back inside and closed the door I went through and went about 20 feet away and looked at the area by the door for a little while, and there was a some what loud bang, as if someone had thrown something at the windows around that area or the wall or door, but it didn’t sound like it came from the roof. I then went into the garage and also got an evil feeling there, and waited for a garage light to come on (there is a motion detector that triggers one) and it always comes on when I go past the garage door, but this time it didn’t come on, and it was very strange given the other two things I just mentioned, also it was strange because I’d gone in and out of that garage many times and it always turned on right away. I thought about telling my parents about it during the day/night, but didn’t want to make their lives anymore stressful than it already was (they are worriers and both have narcissism disorder), and while typing this sentence, realize that if they worry about it, it might attract demons for sure, or make the demonic activity, if that is what it is, worse. And so that you know, that garage light did come on about an hour ago when I went through there again, so it’s not broken, but even if it had died, that still would have been non-coincidental timing. If I ever inherit that house, I plant to sell it, because it creeps me out, besides being ugly, there are many flies that come around to annoy me, and the place outside the house smells very faintly (but enough to give me a headache) of old horse urine. There are horse stables nearby which explains the flies and disgusting smell.

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