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The Most Beautiful Asian Girl


Yesterday I met an Asian girl named Kay, and couldn’t help but smile when I saw her. She was the most beautiful Asian girl I had ever seen, at least one of them, and I don’t consider many to be. I asked her race and she said she was Filipino, which I thought was strange, because I’ve never seen a Filipino girl who I thought was very beautiful, and never thought I would, and thought they were all brown-skinned, although I remember now that not all of them are while writing the last of this sentence.

She helped me to get a bank account too, to my surprise, which I didn’t think would be possible since my addresses were outdated and I had no proof of address. She was very friendly to me, but I didn’t have my hopes up to even date her, I was too exhausted to have any such hopes since certain people had over the days been harassing and exhausting me and wearing me down to the point so that while I was talking to her, I started to wan to fall asleep when most of our conversation was done. Unfortunately for me I found out she was married and even had a child, and a little while later wanted to fall asleep, not because I was depressed over what she said, but as I said, because certain people had worn me down over the days, from arguing with me and as usual, one of them, pestering me just before I would eat, and from making me jump through hoops repeatedly to do simple things.

On Oct. 22, which I think was about one or two weeks after I was robbed, as I mentioned in the post before the one before his one, Patience came to cheer me up and help me with moving some things and cleaning, the same Patience who said people who talked about religion were brainless, who I assumed didn’t believe in anything spiritual and was basically completely ignorant about religion, but that day I found out she had some experience with Hinduism, and told me she loved Jesus. But she wasn’t a Christian at all, and didn’t want to hear anything about it mostly, and got upset when I tried to give her evidence for the truth of the Bible, not even letting me finishing my first and short sentence about it. I wish she didn’t have a boyfriend, and wouldn’t stereotype the Bible as a boring and silly book, which I’m sure she does from her reaction to hearing more than a little about it.

Something funny happened about three days ago (the 27th). I went to a small yellow parrot with red feathers on its face, and it was about 4 PM, and it was sleeping, but it came out when I offered it some food in a lid, and as it stood on a perch, it, like a stereotypical cartoon segment of someone at a desk hitting their head on the desk, did the same thing on the lid, it just looked at the food without turning its head to the sides at all, and then four times it like a person hitting their head on a desk it hit its beak on the lid, with the food in it, very deliberately, at medium speed, and rhythmically. It was so bizarre because it did it hit its beak pretty hard on the lid, and didn’t open it’s beak at all, and I didn’t even see it yawn, and then it went back into its cage back into its sleeping hole, with it’s tail facing out. It was saying, “Ugh: I want to sleep and you got me to come out for this stuff again?“then it went back inside of it’s sleeping hole.

On the 21st, I met a person named Lawrence, and asked what his religion was, and he told me he was a Catholic, and then apologetically said, “It’s not even really a religion anymore…” and said something else at the end of his sentence which I can’t remember, but I think he was alluding to all the sinfulness in the church and terrible things that its priests were in modern times and recently being exposed for doing, which for those who pay attention to the news in the world, don’t need to hear the specifics about.

And about a month before that, I met another Catholic, who I noticed corrected me when I told him that I preached the Bible, by saying in response right away to me, “Discuss” as in “Don’t preach, discuss the Bible” and he didn’t mean to him merely, but anyone. A little while later I told him some recent terrible events I had gone through, and almost near the end of my story, he turned his head, got up, and left, and I don’t remember him saying, “I have to go.” Weeks later he all the sudden came up to me and said something almost exactly like, “I’d just like to say ‘sorry’ for walking out in the middle of your story,” and I used it as an opportunity to ask him why he said, “Discuss” to me, and he said it was because “You know, Catholics don’t” and I finished for him, saying, “Go out and preach,” and he replied, “Yeah.” But that didn’t explain why he said I must do as Catholics do, and when he didn’t know what my religion was. And by the way, the Bible says, that if no one preaches, how will anyone know about it (the Bible)? Catholics do go out and preach though, just not in the way that Calvinist Presbyterians and Baptists do, or Arminian ones, like handing out tracts or putting signs on themselves or going door to door. Catholics instead create religious centers,  sometimes grand ones to attract attention to them, put up signs near them to let people know what the buildings are for and their priests inside mainly do the preaching and sometimes their Pope goes out in Public to do some preaching, and the Catholics also make Catholic schools, and now and then hand out a flier, often with a supposed image of Mary on it, or Jesus with a shining heart, or put up pictures of such or use postcards with such images, and they too also use tracts, but they are most likely to be found in their religious buildings or in jails or prisons, not left at bus stops or pay phones or other high traffic areas in public where the Presbyterians and Baptists will leave them. I also pointed out to him after asking him about his “Discuss” comment, that the Bible says to preach, and he said that he didn’t go with the Bible, but was a traditional Catholic, and I replied, “You mean you stick with tradition?” and he kind of winced and weakly nodded his head in agreement I think I remember, as if trying to find agreement with me, and then I said immediately, “Like ‘Sacred Tradition,'” and he replied, “Yeah” and I think I remember nodded his head in agreement again. After that I left him.

I really wish I had a picture of Kay :(

  1. June 15, 2013 at 5:41 AM

    Whos the young girl in white at the top, is she philiphino, she’s beautiful

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