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The Alex Jones Enigma: Is Alex Mentally Ill?

I previously have said that Alex was a narcissist, and read a website on narcissism to be sure. It was an excellent website, (made by a woman with help from her daughter and others, and which showed me women can be just as intelligent as men or more so from it’s excellent insight into narcissism). I thought for sure Alex was a narcissist because the website showed that narcissists can be highly intelligent and useful, but then I watched this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dvQU2i_ltE and it just does not make sense to me that someone who can think that deeply and coherently is also a narcissist. Which makes me wonder, if it is merely a demon or demons that are interfering with Alex’s mental processes now and then, and perhaps some stress disorder of some sort or poorly handling (as is evident in some videos on Youtube) the many idiots that probably pester him, and I’m sure some of it is due to lack of sleep from researching and wanting to take revenge on the idiots that have wasted his time. And as for his Joker portrayal: that may have just been poor judgment, rather than an expression of a stunted mental state. It could also be that his seeming narcissism isn’t the actual mental illness, but just him becoming “puffed up” and acting arrogant now and then because of it. As for his hatred for people who use the Bible to preach peace, that is in my opinion, a demon or demons influencing him.

On a side note, from a kind of friend, I discovered narcissists can be religious. She told me her mom was a narcissist, and told me why, and if she wasn’t lying, I knew she was describing one. So, Alex being a quasi-Christian it wouldn’t be a sign that he wasn’t a narcissist.

I also recently pointed out how Alex made a bizarre subject change when David Icke brought up China’s Internet censorship, in which Alex replied with, “And it’s also been admitted that the brain is an electrochemical computer” which though was related in a way, was off topic and wasn’t logically tied in to Icke’s point. What is that a sign of? I’ve never heard of someone making such a strange mistake unless they were very sleep deprived or drunk.

As for Alex’s strange behavior in which he shouted over other like-minded protesters, it may have been that he was drunk and or a flare up of pride, and so not wanting to admit his error and becoming hateful over being shamed.

I’d have to know more about his behavior and listen to him more to know if he was a narcissist.

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