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The Mad Saviour: The Alex Jones Show, Distilled

Alex Jones: Hello everyone today is December 5th 2020, just kidding I wish, because by then Obama would hopefully be turkey toast and we truth-lovers will be on Mars plunging into the depths of humanity to become giants in the sky with Battle Star Galactica hearts of heroism. Star Trek people! I’m talking Star Trek adventures and spreading humanities DNA across the galaxies and into beyond!… Awaaay, from the tyrannicalistic, hah, is that a word? Tyrannicalistic grip of the NWO that takes pics if your baby daughters genitals using death rays, x-ray technology, just like they took your blood at birth and millions of others and stored it at the Pentagon without your permission, because you’re just a meat bag, a blood bag, a bag of this genetic DNA material to mold to their whim, so they can laugh at you all day long gloating about how they are your elitist superiors. Okay I’m already ranting, I’m going to be taking calls today, and will have on Gerald Celente, political atheist, he calls himself a political atheist, doesn’t have dogmas and false beliefs about reality, but just tells it like it is, and, what else is on my list here, also be having on Bob Chapman, who is a financial genius himself, a regular guest here on the GSN network. I’d like to thank my sponsors ecolobalue, fresh water that doesn’t come from the New World Order’s containers of fluoride and poisonous lithium spiked water, but instead straight from the air, filtered to perfection, drink you’ll love it I love it and be healthy. Okay. Today Obama is going to be having breakfast at the Paris Hilton Hotel, hah, uh hah hah, where he’ll be eating breakfast lunch and dinner on the taxpayer dime while his family frolics in Spain like little happy dancing fairies in communist land, while we suffer under their tyranny of non-stop destruction, when really, it should be like Buck Rogers world, with us flying around in starships and colonizing the universe, but no, these pencil necks keep trying to sabotage humanity and bring us back to the pre-industrial age so we can be their easy-to-push-around serfs, with society breaking down into a Road Warrior, like, scenario, and then breaking even further down the line, so that we’ll all be living in the dark ages, grovelling for food and begging them with cowardly, cowering whimpering voices, like sissies intstead of the might conquerers we were meant to be, no not even that, living in the primitive stone ages, like, like, like stunted mutated virus-brain-eaten versions of Conan the Barbarian, if even that nobel. They probably want to turn us all into worms, just these giant blood bag worms that they can repeatedly stick their nasty mutating vaccines in repeatedly for pleasure, and as worms we’d have no arms or legs to fight them back with, because they’re losers like that, they can’t stand to have anyone fight back at the, they just want to chop your hands and feet and head off and pretend the Muslims are the ones who want to do that to you when really they do, but by proxy they go over to the Middle East and blow up random Muslim families to provoke them to do their dirty work and than make it seems like it’s all the dark and hairy scary Muslim boogie man’s fault, and picking on Iran, who just wants to be independent and free of tyranny by proxy and develop into something other than a perpetual groveling subsistence nation that only makes money from oil and is hooked on oil and get off of oil. Okay I’m ranting again, I said I’d take your calls, we’ve got Bob from Maine, Harriet from Pennsylvania and Ozzy all the way in Melbourne on the line, and someone calling themselves Michael Jackson’s Revenge, I hope it’s not a kook, and stay right there don’t go commercial break now.

Okay, we’re back from the commercial break, and now I’m going to take your calls, but first I’d like to mention some breaking news about Iran sending out warships to defend it’s nations against a U.S. Nato global warming cah,ball fleet coming at the door step of the Gulf of Oman, which is Iranian territory of course, and once again the elitists of the U.S. government, riddled with mafias, which it’s made up of: the Russian mafia, the Jewish mafia, the Italian mafia, the, the, the Ukrainian mafia, just mafias everywhere up the yin yang, mind spinning, and so this mafia at sea is setting up a blockade to try and scare the innocent Iranians, well not that innocent I mean they do say some bad stuff but innocent in comparison to our international mafia masters, who’ve enslaved us and use mind control on us and have brainwashed us all into these fat obese cancer ridden high fructose aspartame addicted ninnies, just tons of skinny, effeminate, emasculated guys everywhere, I mean I’m not like saying I’m anti-homosexual, this isn’t a homosexual bashing show just like it’s not a UFO show, not a space alien guy as I said, but so no, we’re, against, the New World Order. Okay I better stop before I rant any further and let’s take our first call from Bob in Maine, hello welcome to the show… Hello Bob your on. Bob you’re online in the data stream over and out okay no time to waste let’s get to Harriet in Penn, Hello Harriet.

Harriet: Hi, Alex.

Alex: Welcome.

Harriet: Hi I really appreciate your work you’re doing for the country and the world,

Alex: thank you

Harriet: and well I have a story I’d like to tell you about how my husband was attacked by a black helicopter, no markings.

Alex: Okay, let’s hear it.

Harriet: Okay, well last night my husband, well we live next to, near a military base, and he went up to the fence and witnessed this large glowing object on the ground, and he saw it rise up and stop glowing and instead it became this black helicopter he said and hovered over him and then began emitting a loud ear-piercing sound at him. And he ran away back to his car and sped home as it chased him and continued this till he got half way home and then he said it just vanished.

Alex: Well we do know that the NWO has been using sonic killer, sonic ear destroying technology, among other things, and uses bright lights to blind people with, so this is nothing surprising.

Harriet: Well yes, and also after he got home, after an hour past of him being terrified, he said he decided to go back outside to see if anything was there, and then he said he saw a large circular classic saucer shape, glowing very brightly, with rows of lights all around, and said he could see two alien looking beings that kind of looked like the grays.

Alex: Hah, okay, well this isn’t really a UFO show, but I do appreciate the call, you might want to get on Coast to Coast AM and tell them about it, I know Noory likes those kind of stories, but we focus on the news hear, things that are more down to Earth, not the space alien stuff.

Harriet: Well yes but I saw you’ve had David Icke on.

Alex: Yes, we have.

Harriet: Well he talks about reptilians from space having taken over the planet and,

Alex: Well I didn’t know that about him I’ll have to look into that. Next call Ozzie in the land of Oz, hah hah. Welcome you, from the land of Down Under.

Ozzy: Hi (with an Australian accent).

Alex: Hey buddy.

Ozzy: Hi. I wanted to ask you if you know anything about the Australian government and it’s relations with the NWO.

Alex: Yes, well we have covered your government’s involvement on your website and here on the show and it’s not as bad as it is here and other parts of the world, but it’s friendly to the NWO and they’re getting ready to go online and plug into the matrix of mind-control Hell, they’ve already got their airports ready and willing to accept naked body scanners so they can no doubt have a ball storing naked images of you and any kids and wives you have, hah I mean wife, unless you’re a polygamist,

Ozzy: No hah, uh hah I’m not a polygamist.

Alex: good to know and well, I know you’ve had that gun ban problem, so they, the elitists of the Aussie government can no doubt stamp down the citizens of Australia who just want peace.

Ozzy: Yes.

Alex: And I know you’ve had a surge in crime there down in the land of Down Under, due to the gun ban no doubt.

Ozzy: Yes.

Alex: Well anything else my friend?

Ozzy: No, that’s it.

Alex: Okay, next call Lassie in Utah.

Lassie: (barking dog sounds and the Lassie theme song can be heard).

Alex: Hah, that’s funny, that brought back some memories. Okay next call, Sigfried in Louisiana, what’s on your mind man.

Sigfried: Hi how are you.

Alex: Doing good buddy how about you?

Sigfried: Well I was alright till that huge big oil spill mess that happened down here no thanks to our Commander and Thief.

Alex: Hah, I like that, Commander and Thief.

Sigfried: I thought you’d like that. Well I thought you’d like to know that I’ve been to the beaches in my state to check on what’s going on and see if it would hamper any of my future vacations and fishin’ activities, and man there was army all over the place, but strangely I didn’t see no gobs of oil. Thought that was suspicious, and so I went down further you know, and then these guard-looking guys dressed all up in army outfits got in my face and told me, “Sir you can’t be here”, and then you know I asked if I could take some pho toes, and like they got more stern and one guy said, “Absolutely not,” and I was like, “What, why?” And you know they just said, “Sir you have to leave” in a stern threatening-like almost tone and you know I didn’t, didn’t want to end up in prison and have a bag over my head and getting my gonads zapped all day long and end up like those Guantanamo prisoners, all abused, and so you know got out of there.

Alex: Yeah I think part of this oil spill was a staged plan of attack to gain more land control, the government is a bunch of land-grabbing freaks, part of their power trip and egomania to just take all our land, and so doesn’t surprise me that there was no oil mess. I’ve heard this from others so to me it suggests this is a planned, a, a ruse to get us to give up more of our rights, and part of their brain-washing subservient mental programming, psy ops tactics, to get us to be more and more, uh, passive to them, to put up less of a figh ight, to, to be more like how a dog is to it’s master, or should be at least, submissive and obedient. Okay. Okay thanks for the call we’re coming up against another commercial brrreak, and stay right there, don’t turn that dial.

Alex: Okay we’re back from the break. I have another story for the listening audience, this just in, uhhh, uhhh news that a federal officer has once again defecated on the American people, an officer has shot a dog in a park, and, and people this just really upsets me because this happens all the time, you have out of control NWO thugs and thuggerettes, yes pardon the new word, and they are just dumping on us. My blood is starting to boil again, I can’t just sit back and take this anymore. Just, just hate to read these kind of stories. Well so, this officer shoots the dog, a little dog of this couple that was just minding their own business, and they are trying to get some legal action going against this guy but so far the police are just ignoring them and brushing them aside, like police love to do, because they do have been brainwashed into being mental slaves of the demonic matrix we are in. And so now we have more oppression like this, a war on our door step, the economy is collapsing into a bottomless hole and we’re facing a Haitian economic collapse of never ending debt-Hell scenario, and, and, I am just so fed up with this. When are we, the American people, going to wake up like the sleeping giants we are? I’m so, I mean I’m a read bloooooded, bllloooded American, I can’t just sit hear and keep taking this! I, AM, A MAN, A MAN WHO HAS RED BLOOD IN HIS VEINS, WHO IS A PRODUCT OF MILLIONS OF YEARS OF TRIBAL WARFARE, FIGHTING TRIBES THAT WANTED TO COME OUT ON TOP. AND, and ME, me and my tribe, the Euro-caucasian tribe and the sub tribe that came from that top level tribe, we won out, and now my, my instincts programmed to survive in my DNA, which the NWO, like this giant mongrel tribe of pencil necks and inbred monstrosities, they want to finally kill millions of years of survival instinct and evolution, and PEOPLE, PEOPLE I’M TELLING YOU, I’M NOT JUST GOING TO SIT HEAR AND TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS! I JUST CAN’T SIT HERE MUCH LONGER BEING THEIR PUNCHING BAG WITH TAXES ON MY CAR, TAXES ON MY HOUSE, TAXES ON MY LAND MY WATER AND MY WIFE, virtually my wife and kids since you know they tax every damn thing. (With a sobbing tone): Sorry, this, it just piles up and gets overwhelming you know? I, just, I’m a good person, have been most of my life, I used to lust after tons of women like a dog, but now, now I have a family and kids and a loving wife and I can’t take seeing the NWO trying to crush them like cockroaches, my beautiful family anymore. I, I just can’t take it. (Voice returns to normal, sighs and breaths deeply and quickly). Okay, I didn’t mean to go on a rant like that but I needed to get that out. Okay, next, we’re going to have Gerald Celente on to give us important information on the future of the country and this world, which looks like it’s headed toward World War III, which will rip more dollars, more worthless dollars, fiat currency out of us, and drain us dry. Listen to our sponsors we’ll be right back (speaks very quickly) on Alex Jones show don’t move! …

Alex: Okay back from the break, going to have Gerald Celente on in just a moment. But before we move on to him, I want to tell you all something. I had a dream, last night, and it was horrific. It was about the 9/11 incident, that horrible perpetration by the elitists, the CIA, Cheney, somewhat Bush by his incompetence, and so on, and the events were like being shown to me like a TV, as if I was having, a vision. And I had this thought, like this inner voice telling me, that we need to be like indestructible World Trade Centers and Twin Towers, all of us, we need to be, livvving, breathing, structures of steel that when planes crash into them, when the planes start ah flyin’, and start ah crashin’, that we need to stand strong and take those impacts instead of letting ourselves be hit, and collapsing like the Twin Towers did into these piles of heaping clouds of dust, or like many of us are like, like the World Trade Center 7 building, just collapsing from a few hits from debri, from collateral damage, like so many effeminate men are like today, you can just, just bitch slap them and they’d fall over like cowering sissies groveling at your feet for mercy, rather than being what they were meant to be which is strong brutal-like powerful men, the typical machismo man that we, that we have iconaclized in our society, you know like Conan the Barbarian. Well anyways, that was just this rant I wanted you to hear and take wisdom from. Okay, we have Gerald Celente on the line, and right now he’s in Chile, Gerald how are you doing my well-grounded friend and what are you doing in Chile again?

Gerald: Well Alex I wanted to see what it was like to go through another earthquake.

Alex: uh hah hah, hah hah hah hah hah, you’re funny my friend.

Gerald: I thought you would like that. Actually I’m here on a trip paid for by the president of Chile to advise him and his staff on how to survive this New World Disaster and future earthquakes.

Alex: Oh really?

Gerald: Yes. Yes yesterday I received a call from him and he sounded panicked and I could hear the urgency in his voice and he offered an all expenses paid trip and told me it was a matter of great urgency.

Alex: Well these are urgent times indeed.

Gerald: They are, they really are.

Alex: Continue…

Gerald: Well so hear I am getting ready in about 5 hours to come to a meeting with the president of Chile and his staff to give him information I know and give to my listeners and readers of my Trends Research Journal, and to try and compact that all for him in easy to swallow bites.

Alex: Well I wish you luck with that my friend. Moving on to other matters can you give me and my listeners your opinion on what you see economical wise in the near future?

Gerald: Alex just the usual disaster disaster disaster, dollar devaluation, dollar collapse, printing money like crazy to stave off impending doom into a bottomless pit of economical Hell with no end in sight with the U.S. and her allies on the brink of nuking us all back into the darker than the dark ages of world wide zombie like epic proportions just like you can watch in classic zombie movies of times past.

Alex: Gerald why do you think these elitists, these power mad globalists are being so bold and out in the open about what they want, that is a new world order to dominate everyone?

Gerald: It’s all about ego and power, they got the money and power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Alex: Absolutely. They’re using the scientific method against us, it’s a scientific dictator ship, just like was admitted at the 1964 speech in Berkley, and as was foreshadowed in Brave New World by Aldus Huxley and 1984, as was pointed out by my good friend David, Icke. I mean, how can we, we as drugged down brainwashed up people, people who just want to care for our children and be safe in life and enjoy life, to breath in the fresh air and experience the wonders of God’s green earth, how can we unarmored people, subject to the whims of these mad men, these scientific mad men, how can we defeat them?

Gerald: Well, first off, as you know I’m big on self defense,

Alex: OH as am I, as am I.

Gerald: So I say if someone attacks you you attackem’ right back, not this, “love your enemies” and “forgive them” idealistic fairy tale, everything-will-work-out-if-we-all-play-nice, and “just hope and pray” nonsense we here from religious leaders everywhere. I mean look where that has gotten us, we’re in massive debt, you have radical Islam not just at our doorstop but who’ve already committed mass murder here,

Alex: As the elitists planned and manipulated them into doing, they just manipulate our electrochemical systems, our bodies and our brains,

Gerald: Right and the manipulators are pitting all the so called “little people” against one another so that they can keep their positions of power over them.

Alex: Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you, so go on with what you were saying about radical Islam and pitting us against one another, like dogs in a fighting ring.

Gerald: Yeah and Islam is the mad dog and the globalists egg them on to attack the weaker dog, the middle class and poor, and even some of the upper class dogs.

Alex: Hah, I like that, “upper class dogs”.

Gerald: And now were trapped: we’re under a massive mountain of debt, and it’s as if an asteroid, a massive asteroid we’re on the verge of smashing into the planet and smashing it back to Kingdom Come. So I say: wake up, wake up and stop being a pushover and acting like everything is a okay, and stock up on emergency food supplies and water, buy gold and guns, and of course bullets, and if you can’t afford it improvise or buy knives, and learn to physically defend yourself, because when that asteroid hits the fan baby you are going to be a target for every desperate desperado out there, especially with the massive amount of illegal immigrants in this country who care nothing about our laws,

Alex: as evidenced by the fact that they came here illegally in the first place.

Gerald: Exactly, you hit the nail on the head.

Alex: Well you’ve hit the nail on the head plenty of times, but moving on, there’s so much to talk about, what do you see in the immediate future for the economy, I mean like pretty short term, not a year or two from now.

Gerald: Well Alex I see a spiraling down of the economy, more mass layoffs, more job losses, an slow and steady increase in the price of gold as the dollar is going to inevitably have to be printed in mass to stave off immediate economic collapse, I see the housing market going no where but down, I see more trillion dollar bailouts, a slow but steady increase in the price of food, and that’s just going to break more homes, more families and single people struggling on there own, you can bet they’ll be letting their pets out more often to find food on their own as their money supply dries up, and that’s going to hurt the pet industry, cause more job losses,

Alex: Yeah it’s all interconnected, like a domino effect.

Gerald: Exactly, as one link goes so goes another.

Alex: Man I am so fired up and steamed right now, I could take on 60 men I’m so angry about all this. Just makes me so angry.

Gerald: Me too Alex, I want good for people, I want people to prosper, but unfortunately we have bullies on top, bullies for leaders, and they are relentless, and unless something changes soon I fear we’ll all permanently be under their thumb till there’s nothing left on this planet.

Alex: Yeah that’s my fear too, I mean all this struggle for millions of years to build ourselves up, and become like gods, and then these egomaniacs who care nothing for life except to squeeze it out of everyone and have what they think is life, they, well, I mean one day they’ll make some mistake, like they’ll go to war with each other, using us as their mind-controlled slaves, or even just for fun, like this is a board game, and we’re the pawns, they’ll just start firing nukes at each other while they hide in their super decked out bunkers, stocked with all the food and luxuries they want, while we turn to toast and ashes, to burnt toast.

Gerald: Yes, like I said, as the old saying goes: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Alex: Indeed my friend indeed, and we need to figure out a way that won’t get us killed, a way to siphon off some of that power to cancel out theirs, without becoming corrupted ourselves, into these demented villains. And to all the fathers out there don’t let these New World Scum ruin your childrens’ lives. Don’t let them force you to raise kids with gonads that haven’t descended, that are just stuck up there like ovaries, making them like little girls, which is already the case in so many third world countries, which is why they’re such a mess, their male population has been devastated, been turned into weak-will effeminate, zombies who can’t fight back but just want drugs all day, or starving for food like you see in those feed the third world children type commercials. All these mutations they heap on us, reminds me of those mutated frogs they keep finding – the frog population is just being wiped out by these NWO pesticides and fertilizers and toxins and poisons in the air from mercury and potassium plants, where they mind for potassium, I mean aluminum and unleashes fluoride in the process and gets into the ground water, the drinking water, tap water is so messed up now and on top of that they add more fluoride to it to add insult to injury, injury to insult! You need to, we need to stop being sheep people and stand up to these mind-control, thought control freaks. That means you too police and army, they don’t care about you don’t you understand that by now?! Man, what more can I do? I don’t know what more I can say.

Okay we’re coming to a commercial break everyone keep listening because we still have a lot of important news to discuss, Gerald is our guest right now STAY RIGHT THERE TO HELP US FIGHT OFF THE MEGALOMANIAC MONSTERS WHO CALL THEMSELVES OUR LEADERS!

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