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Alex Jones Turns Raving Anti-Christian Bigot Again

Today Alex Jones of infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv received a call on what the Bible has to say about immigrants, and not to my surprise he became demonically hostile and talked over the caller and cut him off, not letting him finish, and accused him of being a “bought off” “cracker jack preacher” and that the Bible said that God had Israel kill their enemies, ignoring the verse about being kind to foreigners that the caller was trying to read. Sadly, the caller either was stupid or lost his calm, because when Alex asked him a legitimate question as to whether or not Americans could go over to Mexico for free health care and if they could get their babies to become citizens by being born in Mexico, the caller said that Alex was fear monger, which made no sense.

Where Alex was wrong besides showing hatred for the Bible, was that he took it out of context, as it doesn’t simply say, as the caller pointed out, that Israel was to kill anyone who was an enemy to it. God said that regarding cities that HE COMMANDED Israel to conquer, that they were to first make an offer of peace to the city they were going to conquer, but that he if they remained hostile that they were then to attack it. So there is no, “Kill anyone hostile to you” let alone “Kill hostile foreigners” verse. On top of that he was ignoring the New Testament, where God gave clear instructions to forgive and love your enemies and to pray for them, though he still allowed for governments to execute those who at the very least are stubborn rebels.

Alex should have simply asked the caller if a government has the right to force a citizen to be charitable, or to forcefully take money from them to give to a foreigner without getting immediately angry, and without raging like a demon.

Also during the show he got a call about Bill Cooper, and Alex Jones became angry at discussing past rumors concerning his mistreatment of Bill, and gave a good explanation concerning a certain accusation, but then began a bigoted rant against people who saw “flying submarines” and questioned sarcastically if it was normal to see them and seemed to imply that you were also crazy if you saw “UFOs”, and during his rant said he “wasn’t a UFO guy” and then tried to make people who believed in UFOs or who had seen them look further stupid by illogically associating it with Bill’s alleged claim to have seen aliens recoding the crucifixion of Jesus, as if that were the norm for people who’ve seen UFO’s to say. Very stupid. Alex also uses the term “space aliens” to mock those who’ve seen UFO’s or aliens, which further makes him sound like a dumb, childish bigot and irrationally close minded. Ironically he has said on his show that “we should be” flying around in “star ships” by now and colonizing Mars and other places in space, and he also partnered with the con man David Icke who believes or at least says he does, in aliens and that demonic reptilian aliens are on Earth disguised as humans who are in powerful positions in various governments and no doubt to me he believes or would say that they are also in positions of power in certain corporations and religious organizations. Alex even had David Icke featured in one of his videos.


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