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Albuquerque, N.M. U.F.O. Sighting On 7-23-2010

aI saw another UFO at about 4:13 A.M.. It was the second time I’ve seen one other than in a picture or in a video. I remember looking at what I thought was a plane, with red lights, but I could have been imagining that I saw that, but whatever, I saw something that was a bright white light that seemed to going forward as it pulsed into a large bright white star like flash (like when the U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek the Next Generation would go into warp). It seemed to produce a short cone-shaped tail, same color as the white pulse of light as it went forward. The pulse of light was much larger than the north star which was visible above me (not farther ahead where the object had been), but it wasn’t so bright that it lit up any rooftops that I could see, and definitely not the ground. It seemed to grow/pulse to a size about five times larger that the north star before vanishing. It didn’t go far before pulsing as far as I could tell, it was very short and whatever the object was, it only flashed for a short moment and I saw nothing more of it to my disgust. I was disgusted because I didn’t get it on video, and knew I had lost a once in a life time opportunity moment (as usual). I flashed my camera afterwards in the direction I saw the object, but I didn’t get a response as far as I could tell, which just disgusted me more. I did notice though that in one of the photos I took with the flash, that there were bright yellow-orange lights where there shouldn’t have been any, but I supposed it was some reflective effects so I deleted it, but realized that was stupid to do right afterwards. I was also disgusted that whoever was in that ship, or whatever was controlling it, probably wasn’t sharing any technology with any humans that it new could help us, as usual. Why bother coming here if you’re just going to stare and not help people in need? It’s really sickening because this has been going on for thousands of years. I wish I could shoot them down for being malicious teases.

Update 7-26-2010: Yesterday, about midday, I was talking with a girl that lived near me. She told me that she had seen a UFO “a few days ago (where we live) and from what she said it would have been to the right of where I saw the one I saw. She said it was white and made a sign with her hand that indicated it was pear-shaped, but pointed on top, though she may have just have been making a rough quick example. She didn’t indicate that it flashed like the one I saw did, but said it just vanished. Too bad neither of us were able to get pictures. Aliens sure are annoying.

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