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Coast to Coast AM Guests Guiley and Imbrogno Lie About Djinn and Demons

George Noory had on a little while ago two guests, Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Phillip Imbrogno, who are pretending to be expernts on the jinn mentioned in the Qur’an, claiming that they weren’t demons, but nicer, and made the absurd claim that demons invade your space and eventually possess you, but that (d)jinn don’t, although some can be psychotic (and don’t invade your space???). They also claimed jinn can partner with demons (wow big difference between them then there, not). They treated the Quran as if it were an honest book, when all the evidence shows that it is lies, and distortions of the truth. What these two idiot false expert guests didn’t mention was that Mohammed/Muhammed learned what he knew about spirituality from a Catholic monk, hence why the Quran contains distorted teaches that obviously came from the Bible, obvious to anyone who has carefully studied the Bible, especially the Bible and Quran. For example, Mohammed made the claim that Mary was part of the Trinity, which a non-Catholic would easily mistake seeing that Catholics worship Mary over Christ and the Holy Spirit, and being that they don’t make an idol of the Holy Spirit, it’s understandable why Mohammed would mistake Mary as a third person. More information about how the Catholic Church helped create the Muslim religion is here: How the Catholic Church Created Islam. Guiley and Imbrogno made many absurd claims, without evidence, but I won’t be mentioning them, at least for now, because they were clearly stupid to anyone whose studied Christianity and Islam carefully and who knows what evidence is and why it matters.

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