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Jeff Kripal and Other Authors of Impossible Stupidity

Jeffrey Kripal, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University, is a typical mainstream moron, but extra smug as could be heard with his disgusting attitude towards religious persons, especially Christians on Coast to Coast AM tonight. This person heard from George Knapp that religious persons don’t have a problem accepting the reality of UFO’s, and I as a fundamentalist Christian, a Calvinist, don’t and easily accept them, yet this snot ass Jeffrey Crippled Brain merely used some narcissistic babble with a smug attitude to dismiss their acceptance, saying he had a hard time believing it: WELL DUMB ASS HOW CAN YOU BE A PROFESSOR OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES IF YOU DIDN’T BOTHER ASKING ANY RELIGIOUS PERSON WHAT THEY THOUGHT ABOUT UFO’S OR BOTHERED TO READ ABOUT WHAT THEY THOUGHT ABOUT THEM? And what moron hasn’t heard that the Catholic Church has said that aliens are also God’s creatures? Jeff, on Coast to Coast used Ezekiel as an example of UDOs in the Bible, showing how this conniving worm and weasel is a typical idiot who simply takes the Bible out of context arbitrary to make it fit his hatred of God. There is NO EVIDENCE that Ezekiel saw a UFO. And Jeff even acknowledged that by using the cliche IF WE COULD PROVE, WELL YOU CAN’T SMUG ARROGANT ONE, SO WHY ARE YOU SAYING “IF”? What a stupid childish God-hating brat. IF IF IF IF IF IF, WHO CARES ABOUT “IFS”?, THE POINT IS WHAT DOES THE EVIDENCE SHOW, WHAT DOES THE TRUTH SHOW. This moron also can’t even define words like paranormal right, or rather refuses to. This person thinks that people who can contact the dead are proof that the Bible and religion isn’t needed. HUH???????! IN OTHER WORDS: GHOSTS TELL ALL AND KNOW ALL AND PEOPLE WHO CAN TALK TO THE DEAD CAN TALK TO GOD. What the HELL? How can a “professor” of religion say such obviously demented crazed wrong stupidity? Since when do ghosts or any thing on “the other side” tell everyone whatever they want to know? What a stupid turd brain. Jerk time waster. And who in the world but a small group of crazed morons claim to be able to talk to God, oh wait there are a bunch of crazed Christians who make that claim, AND THE ENTIRE BIBLE CLAIMS TO BE FROM GOD, NOW HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT GO RIGHT OVER MR. PROFESSOR OF RELIGION’S HEAD? So everything but the Bible counts. This moron also said that what mediums and psychics say “ARE NOT 100% RELIABLE BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION” and notice the narcissistic cliche phrase “by any stretch of the imagination”? God forbid the moron talk simply, because that might mean he’s a simpleton. This guy in other words is A MORON, HE GOT HIS JOB WRONGFULLY AND HAS NO BUSINESS BEING CALLED A PROFESSOR OF RELIGION OR CLAIMING TO BE ONE. He’s a person who contradicts himself and refuses to accept facts concerning religion, and indirectly calls you a liar to your face if you are a religious person, and most disgusting of all, with a smug attitude, as if his personal self assurance is evidence in and of itself that he is right, and that is a mistake that many religious people also make, and yet he pretends to be above them. Hypocrites them all!

On top of all that, how in the Hell is this moron’s book original or contributing anything? So no one RELIGIOUS HAS ALREADY GIVEN THEIR PERSPECTIVE? Not Kyle Ain on youtube? UH YEAH HE DID TWO YEARS AGO AND IT’S STILL THERE AND IS EXTENSIVE. But Jeff wants in on the fame so he puts out smug babble and rehash thinking he is someone just because his friends gave him a title and degrees. Get lost you bitter jealous skeptical jerk.

And I have to go back his claim that if you can talk to the dead you can talk to God and can know all there is to know. WHAT IDIOT DOESN’T KNOW THAT TO BE FALSE??? Anyone ever heard of anyone knowing everything just because they could talk to a spirit? Does anyone in the Bible make that claim, Moses even? NO, A MASSIVE NO. So what the Hell is this person talking about? What demon, what angel, has given us the history of the world and good laws like don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t murder and don’t commit adultery and love your neighbor as yourself and enemies? NONE! What angel has given us prophecy after prophecy that could be confirmed like the ones in the Bible? NONE, not even Nostradamus comes close because his is in code form if sensible at all. Why does this profressor dismiss the Bible as “stuff about UFOs and aliens”? Oh, he can’t because he said himself “if we could prove”. And NO ONE CAN OBVIOUSLY SO WHY IS HE BOTHERING TO SAY THAT? What a stupid HATEFUL moron! Why doesn’t he take into account the Shroud of Turin, or the many miracles that happen today? This guy can’t keep his story straight, he won’t say what he believes, just makes vague babble and laughs. I can’t stand people like that. He is the type of mentally ill person the Bible warns to avoid: A QUESTION-HANKERER, in other words a person who takes joy in questions and is addicted to questioning, thinking it makes them wise to babble on and on asking questions and saying, “We’re still learning” as is typical of God-haters WHO DON’T WANT TO ACCEPT THE ANSWER NO MATTER HOW APPARENT NO MATTER HOW OBVIOUS. And yet this person acts self-assured that no one else can know the truth but him. Contradictory moron Jeff you can’t claim to know the truth while claiming know one else can. How can you know the truth while claiming no one else can know it? Jeff is of the group that believes “THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE TRUTH”, which is A CONTRADICTION. No Jeff, you can’t know every single thing, but you can know the Bible is true and that just because you FEEL that Ezekiel saw UFOs, doesn’t mean the Bible isn’t true. You don’t dismiss thousands of years of work because OMG you feel someone saw flying saucers, but oh, can’t prove it.

According to Jeff, as he said on Coast to Coast AM, because one priest considered UFO’s demonic, that that is why he skeptical about “religion” (that is the word he used) being able to handle UFOs and aliens. And yet this asshole snickered when Knapp told him that three religious persons had no problem accepting it. So one Catholic priest = “why I am a smug asshole and hate religious people and don’t take them at their word and stereotype them all” is all the proof he needs, but three mean nothing and are really lying, cuz, uh, cuz Jeff snickered and is a skeptic, and skeptics are cool and know everything because they can talk to ghosts, uh, yeah. No crack pottery there. Jeff you’re a jerk, you are the definition of biased, jerk and bigot and the type of person religious people would love to punch into a pulp for being a snot.

According to Jeff on Coast to Coast AM, this book was made to give the paranormal a serious treatment in an artistic way, and that he “frames the paranormal as sacred”. If that isn’t the babble of a self-centered narcissist what is? So Mr. Professor of Religion Jeff Kripal is the first person to treat the subject with seriousness? You mean the Bible hasn’t? You mean the Bible isn’t artistic? You mean no religion has taken “the paranormal” seriously? Why does Jeff act like paranormal means something other than supernatural or miraculous? Typical liberal who arrogantly thinks that because he’s read a lot, that he knows and understands enough to be a teacher about religion, yet is clearly such an ignorant and forgetful person that he can’t even remember what “paranormal” means, while often babbling about it!

And Jeff, go ask a ghost to tell you if Ezekiel saw a UFO or not, and what UFOs are. Oh you mean they didn’t and won’t tell you anything believable? So much for not needing the Bible and “sacred ghosts”.

Don’t give this arrogant fraud your money, let him get a job and work for it. He’s better suited to breaking open peanut shells in a dark room where he can’t annoy the Hell out of anyone with his, “Well I have a hard time believing that cuz me is a professor of religion according to me liberal friends” attitude.

  1. kc
    January 19, 2012 at 10:08 AM

    Maybe you should do some touchy feely exercises to get in touch with your real feelings. (that’s a joke). I’ve been that angry before but it’s been a while. Kripal probably is an egomaniac. Rice is a private school, very expensive, and the few people I’ve known who came out of there definitely had their nose in the air. that’s true.

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