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Unholy Ian Punnett and Monica Holy: Two Confused ”New Age” Teachers

Tonight, the heretic Ian Punnett had on an “afterlife paramedic” named Monica, who said that “on the other side” (some vague place where spirits can be seen) “there is no right, there is no wrong” and that “there’s an equal shift of giving and receiving”. So it’s not wrong to lie or steal or abuse anyone, and of course, stereotypical meaningless vague New Age babble about giving and receiving stuff in equal amounts. It’s a common tactic of Satan to try and comfort people by talking about “balance” and “equality” and being vague about what is meant and avoiding specific details, the idea being to make it harder for people to spot obvious contradictions. It would be like a liberal saying, “Children are equal to adults” and not saying in what way or literally meaning what they said. Monica might as well have said, “Everything is equal”, which would have been just as false and without evidence.

Ian asked her if there was a maleveolant force, and she said that she’d experienced “various dark energies in various forms”. Yet more vaguenes with no reference to Satan or other demons. She didn’t say, “Yes I saw a bad person” or “bad being” or “evil”, which would have directly contradicted her statement about there being no right or wrong, so she used the vague word, “negative”, a word which weasels (like fake Christians and anti-Christians) often use in place of “evil”, “wrong” and “bad” in order to avoid being being accused of “judging” or “condemning”. False Christians will also use “Satanic” in addition to “negative”. It stems from their hatred, ironically, of God’s laws, which also ironic, is a Satanic attitude itself, and definitely “negative”.

At about 1:12 A.M. (mountain time), after I had written the above: Almost immediately after a commercial break, Monica told Ian, “I found… an equilibrium” and a few seconds after that she’d encountered a “negative energy” and called it “an equilibrium setting”. Just as I said, “equality” is used as a catch word (by such non-Christians).

1:27 AM: More narcissist, word salad New Age babble from Monica: After being asked by Ian if there was a Heaven or Hell, she gave the cliche, “I believe Hell is of our own making… it really is… there’s different levels of frequency where emotions are concerned… there’s vibrating… there’s lower frequency emotions.” Again, it’s also a typical tactic of Satan to use “high words” that people don’t understand, and applying them in ways that make them seem understandable but are vague and nonsensical, and then getting other ignoramuses to repeat them in those wrong ways, and worse, which inflates their pride because they think they are saying something profound and wise. George Noory does it when he uses the word “dimensional” in a sentence like, “Are these beings dimensional or are they physical” which makes an illogical contrast between dimensional and physical, as if they were opposite and incompatible things, when they are not. Dimensional simply means,
having dimensions” not “spiritual” or “from another universe” or
from another dimension (that we can’t perceive)” as George incorrectly implies it means.

It’s really sad that so many people are confused like this and buy into the kind of nonsense that Ian, George and Monica put out, and wor3savesave resse, binds people more greatly on their way to Hell.

At about 1:48, Monica said that she believed that people chose to be born in their circumstances (for example homeless or disabled), and Ian replied, I find the idea of predestination very Calvinist, it’s very old school, I don’t know if I can accept that. Ian’s complaint was absurd and nonsensical since Monica was saying that we with out will were choosing our circumstance before hand, not “God does”. That is just another example of how stupid and ignorant and nonseniscal Ian’s reasoning is when it comes to anything that has to do with religion in general. He’s clearly, to those who can see, spiritually blind.

It would have been appropriate however, if Ian had asked Monica, “So you’re saying that if a little kid is sexuallyy abused, it’s okay, because they wanted to be sexually abused? Or if someone is raped it’s not really raped because they wanted to have sex?” So Monica not only has said that there is no right or wrong wherever it is she believes that spirits exist, but has also implied that there is no right or wrong where physical beings exist. Yet more justification criminal behavior.

Monica also said that dogs can see the “infrared plane” and that she had heard that it was a plane (as in a spiritual plane of existance). The infrared is actually a form of light, not a place or plane. Ian shamefully didn’t correct her, or was ignorant about this too. “Plane” is another one of those catch words that ignorant people fancy using, especially those who regard themselves as “spiritual”. To say “plane” in reference to spiritual places seems to me to be a Dungeons and Dragons invention, a fancy word in place of “place”. It’s also nonsensical since it implies that spiritual places are flat, or have flat surfaces. It reminds me of people who supposedly believed that Earth was flat. No surprise that make-believe books are part of the source of such New Age beliefs.

  1. carlos
    July 12, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    It is all garbage!

    • July 13, 2010 at 1:20 PM

      Well, not all, the news is decent, and Coast makes it convenient to find odd and interesting news on their website. And yesterday night, which I’m about to comment on, had interesting info, but George wrecked it with cliche comments as usual.

  2. Michelle
    January 13, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    Not only confused, false!
    It is a gimmick in the end, there are no ghosts more like demons masquerading as light or spirits.
    What a deception!

    • January 13, 2012 at 7:57 PM

      Finally, a positive comment hah. however, I sometimes wonder if angels aren’t sometimes letting themselves sometimes be seen, but due to presumption people assume whatever spirit is shown on a photo or video must be bad. Because, say, something not creepy looking but beautiful appears, is never seen again, and no indication that it was evil, is called a demon? Would that be fair? Further, what if it is an angel keeping a demon in check? So, I think it’s best to reserve judgment lest we accidentally slander an angel, when it comes to beings that don’t appear to be malicious. Even one that merely looks angry shouldn’t be called a demon right away, because it might be an angel that is angry at a demon. Unless someone is clearly being harassed by some unseen being, then it’s safe to say there’s a demon around, and if a picture shows things that don’t seem like something an angel would be doing, like floating around as balls of light in a house known to be haunted, and dark beings appearing at the same time without showing fear of these balls of light (and other odd things like that that indicate demonic activity is being seen), I say be careful what you say about other such things. There’s also the odd Marfa light phenomenon, which may be angels just entertaining us, or some unknown type of electrical animal God created that is specific to that location. There’s no good reason to just call anything bright unknown lights dancing around “demons.”

  3. Michelle
    February 25, 2012 at 6:42 PM

    I said they (demons) were “masquerading” which means they (demons) are pretending to be something they are not, as in pretending to be ghosts, pretending to be dead people, or pretending to be light.

    Angels are purposeful in their actions and I would say it is very rare when they reveal themselves, they do not spend time haunting houses. They glorify God and are His servants, it has nothing to do with how they look? We cannot contact them, we cannot see them unless they want to be seen.
    And most likely we may not even know we have seen an angel, scripture clearly tells us this.

    I am not slandering an angel. The spirit world in many ways is unrevealed as it should be, as God intends it to be, therefore anyone who has all this contact with dead people and spirits is probably just trying to sell books.

    • February 26, 2012 at 12:16 AM

      Now you reply? I don’t even remember talking to you and not sure what you’re replying to. But since u mention the slandering thing, I remember a little, and I explained why I said that. Oh I see an error, “Angels are purposeful in their actions and I would say it is very rare when they reveal themselves, they do not spend time haunting houses.” I know I never said angels “haunt” houses, also, simply them being caught on camera isn’t = to “haunting”. Haunt means to live in a place. An angel simply being caught on camera doesn’t indicate they live in the house. Further, living in a place doesn’t negate glorifying or or serving God. So, you didn’t think carefully again.

  4. Bo
    May 1, 2012 at 6:54 AM

    Punnett is an adolescent, narcissistic, judgmental, phony little gasbag. Now that’s he has been finally pushed out the door at Coast-to-Coast, he is left with his daily show with his vapid wife on local radio in the Twin Cities. For three hours every morning, the two of them gossip and chortle about all sorts of inconsequential celebrity news. He’s a “legend in his own mind” and a poor pathetic lost soul.

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