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The Huffington Post and Wikipedia is for Anti-Science Morons: Both Promote Lynne McTaggart

Talk about careless, stupid “a joke” and pathetic, the Huffington Post I just found out, has allowed the anti-science con artist  Lynne McTaggart to post a conspiracy rant claiming that Dan Brown’s “Science Fiction is Mostly Fact” speaking of his “The Lost Symbol” book. And wow what a clever title she came up with” “science fiction is fact” what a clever contrast! So original to say “why his lies are mostly truthful” too right? Lynn’s article begins with, “The most vehement criticism of Dan Brown’s new book The Lost Symbol concerns the view of many reviewers that while the material about Freemasonry may be based on fact, the science is more akin to science fiction.” Whatever. Lynn is a moron, she put out a book called “The Intention Experiment” in which she makes a big deal over something obviously false, which is that intentions can influence things, in other words, that you can will things to happen, such as events, not merely moving an object, in other words: WISHING! Talk about “wishful thinking”! When I made a sarcastic review of her book soon after it was listen on Amazon, the community moderators aggressively took action to suppress my review which was, as I intended, getting votes up immediately. Meanwhile they allow endless fake, malicious, sarcastic rants on books which promote or show evidence for creation science / intelligent design. Wikipedia even allows itself to be used to promote Lynn McMoron, meanwhile, they harassed me and aggressively, for including a page on the scientist prominent J.L. Naudin, aggressively attacking me for it and then deleting the page after pretentious consideration of it, and also for making a page on the prominent con artist Tom Bearden, for showing him to be a pseudo scientist while also attacking me for supposedly promoting Naudin for being a pseudo scientist and another scientist and inventor. The points: don’t trust the Huffington Post or Wikipedia. Liberals just make no sense: they latch on to main stream scientists in order to repel Christianity and promote them as legitimate unlike Christian ones, and at the same time also embrace clear pseudo scientists like McTaggert and Bearden in order to gain more followers against the honest Christian scientists. Their acceptance of liars in their hatred of God works against them; it self-defeating and so long as they do this, the greater technologies they desire, just in reach, will, in my opinion, continue to be withheld from the majority of them by God, and for the evil ones that do obtain or already have them, will not benefit the majority.

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