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The Best Solutions for Removing the Gulf of Mexico-BP Oil Spill Disaster

After thinking about it and listening to a few ideas I think this would best get rid of the oil that is polluting the Gulf and getting on the beaches nearby:

1) A caller on Coast to Coast Am suggested putting a tube over the broken pipe. That’s a no-brainer.

2) The U.S. should start manufacturing automated and remote-controlled giant oil filtering ships (so that no one has to be on the ships to breath in the toxic chemicals coming out of the oil hole) using “Kevin Costner’s” oil reclamation technology (from the Ocean Therapy Company).

3) Oil-eating bacteria should be spread on the oil including on beaches.

4) If a hurricane appears to be in the process of sending the oil at the coasts of the U.S., then a neutron bomb should be detonated on the surface of the ocean where hurricane is and over the areas covered by the most oil. Besides the oil being burned off, much of the deadly gases would also be burned off by the nuclear explosion. The sea life in that area is already going to die anyways, so that’s nothing to worry about.

Additional benefits:

1) Some unknown sea creatures might wash up on shore for us to look at and clone. Hopefully we’ll finally get our hands on the body and skeleton of some bizarre giant sea “monsters”.

One of the dinosaurs of Matt Damon, ac-TOR, says didn’t exist 4000 years ago
(cuz he and other God-hating fake wisemen feel it must be true
since Christians can’t be intelligent, they just can’t be damnit, damnit!).

2) It would be fun to sea what a neutron bomb does to a hurricane, something that’s never been seen or done before. It would also, hopefully, if carefully monitored, provide the world with some helpful scientific information about the effects of nuclear bombs on weather, especially hurricanes.

3) The little radiation from the neutron bomb might drift over onto the nearby coasts and cause the “small people” (aka the “fundies” and liberal Spring Breakers) and cause them to mutate into big people.

4) Would make for a great story and movie.


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