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Yet Another Arrogant and Stupid Police Officer Harassing Michigan Citizens

Gun advocates claim police violated rights – They want apology from Marysville

by Stephen Tait

To Rob Harris, his Smith and Wesson Sigma 9mm handgun might as well be a pair of Nikes.

The 36-year-old Eastpointe resident said strapping a holster and handgun to his waist is simply a part of his routine.

“I open-carry everywhere I go,” he said. “It is like putting on a pair of shoes to me. We have the right to protect ourselves. … I feel it is a deterrent to crime.”

But Harris’ habit of carrying a firearm led to a confrontation last week with Marysville police officers, who stopped him and his friend, Scott Webb, as they walked near a city park during Marysville Days. Webb carries a Smith and Wesson M&P .40-caliber handgun.

Listen as Marysville Assistant Police Chief Ron Buckmaster confronts Rob Harris and Scott Webb.

Harris and Webb, 31 and a former Marysville resident, said they were mistreated by Assistant Chief Ron Buckmaster and are demanding disciplinary action and a written apology.

A recording of the confrontation between Buckmaster and the two men reveals a heated conversation in which the officer forced the two men to leave the park for openly carrying holstered firearms.

Joy Yearout, spokeswoman for the Michigan attorney general’s office, said anyone who is not a felon can openly carry a holstered handgun. If it is concealed, the person must have a concealed-weapons permit — something both Harris and Webb have. – More here

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