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No new posts for a while

I fixed my previous post, which I published too early as I often do with posts, and added some more interesting details to the “Kevin Costner oil-cleaning machine” story.

I was supposed to help a Muslim in Gambia to see http://20questions.tk over a month ago, because he only has a cell and it won’t let him see wordpress pages, and while transferring the questions to text, I went farther by transfering the link info to text, for obvious reasons, but that became very tedious especially because of one site that apparently at least in large part copied a time magazine article’s Biblical archaelogy evidence I found out, and only gave bare minimum references to this Biblical evidence, and the usual things in life have been weighing me down and me allowing myself to get side-tracked. I told him I wasn’t going to mess with my journal till I got the questions done, but broke my word on that. The boredom on this wordpress to text project is just killer, but I’ll keep trying, and so, don’t expect anymore posts for a while, because it seems like this is going to take me a long time to do.

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