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The Smartest Atheist?

Every now and then, in my studies of religion and evolution, and things directly related to them, I come across the polluted website “Yahoo Answers!”, a fitting name if you know what “Yahoo” means, and come across an answer from one of my arch enemies. It disgusts me to admit it, but many of his answers on evolution are good, but no surprise to me, I’ve never read an answer from him which pointed out evidence (true evidence) for any inflation theory, abiogenesis theory, or macro-evolution theory. Despite him having evolved into a conniving troll, I consider him to be one of the smartest or wisest atheists. I believe his bitter attitude is a result of me misjudging him (and him being offended by it) as being a babbling idiot (although that was true in how he judged and answered me), but also because of the illogical reasons (limitations) that he has put on his mind from thinking certain thoughts, on why God doesn’t or why the universe wasn’t intentionally designed and it’s future planned out (which he’s deluded himself into believing are logical or pretends are, but knows aren’t). And because he either knows or senses that his reasons are illogical, and is in a virtually defeated state, while illogically continuing to behave and speak as if he is right (about God not existing), he feels bitter. In other words, he feels bitter knowing he took the wrong side and that despite his great intelligence, logic, and time spent on that side, is easily refuted by those knowledgeable enough to do so. I imagine he feels great resentment knowing that for all his wisdom and correct arguments and pointing out errors that many Christians make concerning evolution, that even when they have no expertise in that or any other scientific fields that he has far more facts about, that sometimes simply point out the glaring absence of any evidence for inflation, abiogenesis and macro-evolution theories, and sometimes some evidences against them, such as the evidence of probability fact, which is that there is a law, which some scientists call “scientific” concerning probabilities, and that it shows that the odds of creatures like us and many other kinds existing the first time that this universe came into existence (and there is no evidence for other previous universes) was effectively impossible, and that abiogenesis and macro-evolution themselves are impossible, again, because of the odds against them occurring (by random chance/out of pure chaos).

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