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Catholics and Love and a Memorable Memorial Day

About twenty minutes ago, I was walking outside to work on my netbook, and a group of teens walked past me as I walked, and a female said to me, “Jesus loves you” and I thought I heard another one of them say something like, “You shouldn’t make fun of… [people?].” But as I walked past them it began to bother me and I was curious about them since I’d never seen them before. So I turned around to ask the one who spoke to me if she and her apparent boyfriend were Christians. They said yes, and I think the boyfriend then said, “Catholics” at that point, but they did acknowledge they were. And I asked if they had evidence that God loves everyone. And the boyfriend to my disappointment (but at the same time I was happy he new Scripture) quoted John 3:16. The girlfriend asked me what was wrong either before or after I tried to tell them gently that the Bible uses metaphors another one of their group, a female, with a beautiful face, came up to me, as the one who first spoke to me said, asked if I wanted to pray about something. But then a few seconds later said that she had to “jump her ex boyfriend” and replied, “jump” thinking of sex, but it occurred to me that wasn’t what she meant since she said “ex boyfriend”. would talk to me later. I then followed them and the rest of their group and soon her boyfriend began arguing with the ex, who turned out to be his brother, who was very different looking, as he was white, and the current boyfriend was plainly was Latin, though not the stereotypical looking type. I recorded some of the arguing which later turned to fighting. Stupid me I didn’t turn it on when I first started talking to them. I don’t plan on showing the video anyways, except a long time after, because the police around here are corrupt, and I want nothing to do with them unless it’s to sue them. But I tell this story because it adds to what I’ve previously said about Catholics. I’m not being direct in case they read this – don’t want to offend with sharp words. There’s a little more to the story, but not important.

I’m pretty tormented ever since I saw, some hours ago during the day, a very, very beautiful woman, with an ugly man, and she glanced at me intently twice, but I didn’t get a clear look at her face as I wanted to, since she was very beautiful even from a distance. I hope to see her again.

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