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Abovetopsecret, Lying Atheists and Skeptics, Mel’s Hole and Screams from Hell

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Would have published this about 2 P.M. or earlier, but was really exhausted and had to sleep.

A fake news article headline says, “Researchers record the screams of the damned”

Early in the morning George Knapp had on Mark Allin, the corporate officer responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the corporation and for operations management of “The Above Network” (abovetopsecret.com and belowtopsecret.com) and the co-creator of both sites. Mark is one of the men responsible for the discrimination of Christians in both websites, having them banned if they post Bible verses or speak against liberals or promote Christianity or creationism (despite the token forum sections set up for such talk). The corporation is meant to destroy all major religions, as his words, moderators and certain stories he features sometimes show. For example he made a nonsensical attack against all major religions when Knapp was interviewing, by saying that he (Mark) didn’t know why governments were hiding (and lying about) the fact that aliens and UFOs exist (after having given out the typical guesses as to why) being that “the major religions no longer control government”, or he said something almost exactly like that. In other words, “the major religions are against the truth, so I don’t know why non-religious people who now control the government won’t tell the truth”. That statement is a contradiction, besides being bigoted as it’s not based on truth itself and is libel against Christians who obey God and do good by doing so and that good ends up helping bigoted, vain, hypocritical liars like Mark to survive and live well. It’s also an absurd statement being that many people in governments all over the world are religious, which shows that Mark is an ignoramus and forgetful of the very obvious. It contradicts itself in that what he said implies that non-religious people are truth and beneficial, and so they shouldn’t be lying to or hiding helpful information from the world: they can’t be truth and hindering liars at the same time. It’s also a contradiction in that it makes out all religious people to be mere liars and people who only hide beneficial knowledge, but if that were true, they would all be dead and would not have formed governments let alone any family units that benefited anyone or which helped produce facts. No governments would have been formed being that the first people known to have existed were all religious (and therefore according to Mark, the opposite of orderly), and if you don’t believe that the fist humans were religious, archaeological logical evidence of all the first civilizations shows that they were entirely or mostly religious. The U.S. government also started out partially based on Christianity, and slowly became secular. In other words Mark implied that order and truth came from chaos, disorder, from liars and truth-hiders: but as we can see, liars and truth-hiders cannot maintain order on their own, they need the help of honest and beneficial people in order to do so, or have the appearance of doing so (and it sure wasn’t atheists or secularists who were secretly stabilizing the governments of the world for thousands of years). Because of people like Mark however, especially people who teach that the universe had it’s sole origin in a chaotic beginning and that chaos/randomness is a real “law of physics/nature” that affects everything, it doesn’t sound like a contradiction to them to say “disorder produced order”. If that is the case for you, consider this contradictory statement: “The liar is a truthful person” or this one, “those who hide the truth are people who show the truth”, or “those who promote disorder are people who promote what leads to order”.

Now some may argue that Mark was merely generalizing, but from the actions he allows on ATS, which is the endless banning of Christians and constant vilification of Christians (especially fundamentalists of any religion – and fundamentalists to them are basically, “people who teach that only one God exists and that he wants his will to be followed regardless of anyone elses will, and that God is perfect and wants you to be perfect too, and will punish you if you aren’t). And people like Mark (and many of them are atheists) always leave out that Christians or Muslims show any love. It’s also noteworthy that Mark said “major religions” which would include Buddhism, even though it’s atheistic, and so some might say that Mark isn’t an atheist and therefore very biased as I and other Christians might imagine, however, if Mark were the type who didn’t want to immediately offend, but to try and persuade people to go to his website to make a profit off them and continually by making converts of them to humanistic atheism, then it would have been logical for him to hide his hateful focus on Christians, Muslims and Hindus by making a more generalized statement, which in the minds of many, sounds more fair (and not a bias/hateful attitude due to pride) and therefore less offensive.

Mark, who makes himself out to be an knowledgeable of religion and conspiracies and mysteries also showed his vanity and carelessness when a caller that morning asked if Mark

had ever heard of the recording of screams from Hell made by a Russian researcher. Mark and Knapp said they didn’t know anything about it, but Mark said he had heard of “Mel’s Hole” and that it had been a popular topic when Art Bell was the main host of C2C A.M., and that Art was friends with Mel, and that Mel had made recordings of sounds in the hole and it probably had to do with the hole. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s been shown for a long time now, more than a year, that “Mel’s Hole” and the screams from Hell were hoaxes. Even on ATS, one alien-believing member “AlienS” credit thieved off snopes.com and on the same day “ladyspiritguide” plagiarized AlienS and AlienS plagiarized snopes.com (owned by the Darwinist couple Barbara and David Mikkelson) and Barbara and David apparently credit-thieved off truthorfiction.com (credit-thieving and plagiarism is something common among non-fundamentalist Christians, and no surprise Darwinists are being that Darwin credit-thieved off Edward Blyth).

The skeptoid.com article I linked to as a reference (which I wouldn’t have done for a main reference if I had found another source I found years ago) itself has lies in it, claiming that a man named “Red Elk” claimed no native American ancestry, even though it’s clearly stated on Coast to Coast AM that he had (long before the Mel’s Hole skeptoid article was published). The skeptoid article also makes the absurd claim that,

These [Coast to Coast] episodes [in which hoaxes were accepted as fact by Art Bell and George Noory] show that Coast to Coast AM will gladly give a platform to any caller, with any story, no matter how preposterous, even those made up on the spur of the moment with no documentation or verification. Now, there’s nothing wrong with doing that and I don’t think it’s a fair criticism; after all it’s a show about weird stuff and they make no representation that everything (or anything) they broadcast is true.

Besides the obviously false claim that in order to have “weird” and strange material you most embrace any story that comes your way and that there’s nothing wrong with lying or assuming, it’s not true that C2C AM allows anyone on – as I’ve shown, it avoids fundamentalist Christians and usually belittles and vilifies them, and I don’t remember in my years of listening one Muslim guest.

Something I just realized after having typed all of the above info: George Knapp had expressed his disgust for skeptics while interviewing Mark, but Mark never once mentioned Bill Irvine, the CEO of Above Networks, and participating member of ATS, under the user name, “Skeptic Overlord”.

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