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George Noory Gets Mad On the C2C NASA Show and Another Stupid Darwinist Wastes the Audience’s Time

Wow, George went unprofessional on Richard C. Hoagland a few minutes ago (for glory-hogging, which he always does, and which I had planned on writing about months ago), but it was immature: George should have corrected Richard during the break, not chastised him before millions of people.

On the first part of the show George had on a naive Darwinist, a grand poobah of some kind, who endorsed putting solar panels out in space (talk about “primitive”) to beam energy back on earth instead of using wires. It’s ridiculous because even if you beamed the energy to earth you would need wires to get it around or a another wireless transmission system (which he didn’t bring up). Further, there are better ways to get energy then to put breakable objects up in space that would clutter future space travel if there was any and pollute it with debri as other debri broke the panels into pieces – no one on the show mentioned any cleaning robots to put in space, which would have to go up with the solar panels to protect them and get rid of any debri they left over.

He also thought that to do this “solar beaming” would eliminate wars over oil for energy, which just his ignorance further, as oil isn’t simply used for energy, but is used to make all kinds of products, including lubricants.

Clean nuclear generators are a much better alternative to launching, at the cost of billions of dollars of fuel and electronics, thousands to millions of solar panels or mirrors up into space (unless the U.S. Government outs its antigravity technology, which no doubt to me it will never do).

2:44 A.M. – Oh man: Hoagland apparently got jealous over George making Zubrin “NASA administrator” asking Zubrin if he could finish his answer to George. I was going to say that George “rubbed it in” after chastising Richard after I had first mentioned George chasting Richard, by saying he’d make Zubrin the “NASA administrator with a blank check” after the commercial break, but while I was typing the commercial break past, and George seemed to tone down what I thought he meant at first (which was to let Zubrin talk for a long time), so erased it. But Hoagland brought it up like a little kid to my surprise. Hoagland then brought up some information he had obtain from “an inside source”, but couldn’t find what he wanted to quote, and so George allowed Zubrin to talk, during which Hoagland interrupted to say, “Okay I found it”. Embarassing. At first I thought Hoagland was a narcissist, but now I think he’s just rude and arrogant.

2:49 A.M. – Zubrin just rebuked Hoagland for talking over him, for “talking for a long time”.

A Grand Poo-Bah is a person who holds a number of offices or who exhibits an inflated self-regard. The termis comes from Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado”, which debuted in 1885 and skewered the then-current rage in Britain for all things Japanese. Set in the fictional small Japanese town of Titipu, The Mikado tells the story of Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner, Yum-Yum, his fetching ward, and Nanki-Poo, a wandering minstrel who is actually the son of the Mikado (Emperor) in disguise. One of the other characters is Poo-Bah, who holds the exalted offices of Lord Chief Justice, Master of the Buckhounds and Groom of the Back Stairs, as well as the handy catchall post of Lord High Everything Else. Everything Else was such a brilliant summation of the self-important puffery of bureaucracy that “Poo-Bah” and its variant poobah immediately became a popular mocking synonym for someone who believes themself more important than anyone else, especially someone in high office. – Source

At about 3:25, Hoagland debated Zubrin on whether or not Phobos was artificial, and lightly chastised Zubrin for pre-judging whether it was or not and for not being willing to look at the “data” (evidence) for it being artificial, emphasizing that science was about data more than theory (yet Richard accepts the Big Bang-Darwinian evolution Origin of the Universe and Life Theory with ease and so probably considers Biblical creationism to be absurd being that the two teachings are directly opposed).

  1. October 11, 2016 at 3:43 PM

    I find Richard Hoaglund to be so full of shit that his eyes are brown and a very nacarsistic individual who feels “his words and beliefs” are profound and unquestionable? I’ve made a mistake and purchased one of Hoaglund’s tomes “Dark Country” or something of that nature, and found it to be poorly written and a complete bore. I’m glad George Noory threw him “under the wheels of the C to C “bus” and buried him!
    Hoaglund was and is “a legend in his own mind” ~ but nobody else’s!

    Good Riddance!

    N. Dunnavan
    Senior Tool Engineer
    The Boeing Company (retired)

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