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Steve Quayle On the Alex Jones Show Again

I listened to Steve Quayle on the Alex Jones podcast today, and noticed he didn’t once say “Okay” like he often does on Coast to Coast. Maybe he read my comment about it, or his pretty wife saw my post and told him to stop, or maybe it’s a style he reserves to annoy the audience of C2C. I don’t remember what Alex and Steve were going on about (on and on and on), because as usual, Alex and Steve were talking like a volcano had just exploded and the lava was about to cover the planet, which wears me out knowing nothing like that is true.

Both Steve and Alex are big on defending yourself with guns to protect yourself from violent acts against yourself, and are friends with such people, if you didn’t know already. Such an attitude isn’t compatible with Christianity ever since Jesus and Paul taught to obey whatever government is over you, and this is further evidence that Alex and and Steve are not saved Christians.

Here’s a related topic to whether or not you should obey a government over you that is evil. It seems to teach you shouldn’t obey a government that works against Christianity, that is “evil” in the mind of a Christian, however Jesus said not to resist an evil man, and he meant any, But obviously he didn’t mean obey evil commands since the Old and New Testaments teach to obey God over anyone else. The Christians who lived under the Roman Empire, which was very evil in God’s eyes, obeyed it, including Paul, so no one can say you shouldn’t obey a corrupt government. And consider that if you shouldn’t, then should children obey evil parents? Paul also told slaves to obey their masters and wives to obey their husbands, even if they were not saved. But that article seems to teach not to obey a government that a Christian personally perceives as evil, or that is highly imperfect, and that’s not true as I pointed out, and besides that, there is no perfect government except the one headed directly by God.

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