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Researcher Points Out Evidence BP Created a Volcano – A Worse Disaster Than An Oil Leak

I don’t know who the speaker was on this video, but he was knowledgeable in chemicals. He was a little wishy washy on his belief as to what he thought BP had really done, but he brought up what seemed to me to be a strong possibility. As you might have figured out on your own, English is not his native language. I didn’t edit what he said for the benefit of the deaf, so they would know the details of how he really spoke:

They call it an oil spill, but I’ve been through all the footage, and, by experience, because I’ve once visited a refinery in Denmark, we have a, yeah we have a little oil drilling, but not much, just a little, we are mostly drilling for natural gas not oil, but I have seen, smelled and touched, crude oil, and it’s absolutely some sticky disgusting stuff. You cannot get it off your skin if you get it on your skin, you need to use a solvent, yeah, based on the crude oil itself to get it off, like petrol, like gasoline, or turpentine, stuff like that you can get it off with, but soap, no, it sticks; no chance. But, I’ve been looking at those footages from the Mexican Gulf, especially from the deep working cameras, filming the actual tube, and I don’t see any, indication of, crude oil is pouring out of those tubes. And the reason why I don’t see it [is] because crude oil is black, it’s black as tar. It has almost the same viscosity as tar. You have to heat it up in order to make it fluid. … But, back to those vents, and that drill head they have on the bottom of the Mexican Gulf: the color of it is brownish, there’s even white stuff coming out of the tube. There’s even yellow stuff coming out of the tube. So, I’m wondering, the brown stuff, which, also shows on the surface as this, ochre. I don’t know [if] you call it “ocher” in English, but, this rusted iron, er, color, is on the surface of the ocean, and, kinda the same color is pouring out of those vent[s], down, on the bottom. Andeh [and the] yellowish, well, that’s not crude oil eyether [how he pronounced “either”]. I know one thing which is yellow, that is sulfur. In its natural state sulfur is yellow, there is yellowish stuff coming out. And the white stuff, I don’t know what that is, that might be super heated water, it might be something else super heated which emit[s] a white plume, but I’m very positive, it is not crude oil. They might have drilled for crude oil, yes, they might hit oil, yes, but, apparently they did a miscalculation because they using the same technology as HAARP is using, when they want to survey what’s down in the ground. They’re sounding radio waves and the resonance gives them a key, to what’s down there, natural gas, crude oil, or whatever they are searching. They can find cavities , they can find all kinds of stuff wif [with], the same technology as HAARP is using. So, it seemed to me, isn’t it amazing they can be so stupid, to do a seismologic[al], uh survey, and then start drilling, kind of knowing, there is something else but oil down there — there is a volcano, down there, and it just punctured a volcano and now they’re coming in with their bright idea they gonna cap it with some, balloon stuff, well [that will] be the first time in the history of mankind that we cap a volcano. There’s nothing you can do, BP, there’s nothing you can do, Obama — there’s nothing you can do at all, to cap that. If it is a volcano it’s gonna spew until its pressure is released. And sulfur, in our ocean, and hitting the Gulf Steam, being carried around the whole world, yes, that will mean disaster, it will be disasterous. And if it’s iron ore, [unintelligeble, maybe “if it[‘s]”] iron, which is also released from this volcanic euh, vent, the fish will die anyway, not only just the sulfur but the iron itself, will, will, contaminate them, yeah kill them. Basically, they will die of, what we call blood poisoning, because rusted, euh, iron is, very toxic, and euh, corroded copper is very very toxic, and, many metals, which is not pure metals, they are toxic when they start corroding, and it’s not something you stick your tongue on unless you wish to die, because it is very toxic. But I don’t see any evidence, on those, euh, footage, live footage from the deep water, euh, submarine, that shows that it is crude oil coming out of those vents, it shows something entirely different, it shows volcanic activity. – More here

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