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George Noory Does Some Good: Noah’s Ark Discovery and the Team Who Rediscovered Some of Its Remains Discussed on Coast to Coast AM

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George Noory just had two guests, Joe Kovacs and curator Richard Rives, who are associates of the Biblical archaeologist Ron Wyatt, the same Ron Wyatt who discovered, with his wife and some other helpers, the Ark of the Covenant, and some blood that Jesus left behind when he was crucified. I had last year told Ian Punnet to mention Ron Wyatt, and that he should have when a heretic blasphemed against the Bible’s claims, but Ian never replied or did as I said. They were on to discuss the recent findings of more remains of Noah’s Ark found on Mt. Arat  (video here).

Here’s more evidence of Noah’s Ark:


What might confuse some, as it did me for a while, is why Noah’s Ark is apparently in two locations: the top of the mountain and the bottom. It can’t be both I thought, and speculated that it broke apart, but it looks like the whole Ark is on the bottom, so what is the stuff on top, which is broken in two? But then I realized something a few minutes ago while looking at the picture of the Ark again, on the arkdiscovery site, and realize the Ark looked upside down, meaning the bottom and top split apart, which is why the top is missing, and instead found, on the top of Mount Arat. I was thinking before that time that maybe it broke vertically only, but that didn’t make sense to me since clearly the Ark shown at the foot of the mountains was not vertically split.

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