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Kyrgyzstan Citizens Rebel Against Their Government and Create a New Government

To the one whose IP address is, why do you keep looking at this page? It’s almost 40 times in two days you’ve come here now!

Kyrgyzstan, a country I didn’t even know existed, and thought Gerald Celente on the Alex Jones Show pronounced wrong (and may have) when I heard him mention it about two days ago:

Kyrgyzstan opposition sets up ‘people’s government’ 
April 8, 2010/6:49 GMT/7:49 UK

The opposition in Kyrgyzstan says it is setting up a “people’s government” after deadly clashes left some 65 dead.

Ex-Foreign Minister Roza Otunbayeva told the BBC that new defence and interior ministers had been appointed.

The opposition says President Kurmanbek Bakiyev has left the capital, Bishkek, to rally support in his home region of Jalalabad. This has not been confirmed.

There has been no word from Mr Bakiyev since violent clashes spread to the capital on Wednesday.

The scene in Bishkek on Thursday morning was calm, with the opposition apparently in control of the government headquarters.
Speaking at a packed news conference, Ms Otunbayeva said parliament had been dissolved.

She said an interim government – which would remain in power for six months – was fully in control of the country and had appointed new ministers.

Mr Bakiyev had not yet resigned, she said, but was believed to have returned to Jalalabad, in the south of the country, to try to rally support.

“We want to negotiate his resignation,” Reuters news agency quotes her as saying. “His business here is over.” – More here, with a video.

Now if only the wicked gays in our government would be ousted, and yes, that is hate speech, hate speech at hateful people who are destroying this country in their carelessness and arrogance.

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