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False Teacher, Pastor Rick Warren, Refuted

Rick the Harkonnen

I noticed from a fan group that Pastor Rick Warren has, ranting from him. He misquotes Scripture and uses it to back up nonsensical statements, like that “Every CHURCH is precious to God” and he put church in all caps, and then quoted these which says that where two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name that Jesus is present with them. This shows that Rick is shallow and doesn’t even understand basic Bible interpretation. How hard is it to figure out that merely giving lip service to God doesn’t make a person who loves God or cares about him? Any God-hater can pretend to be a Christian, that doesn’t mean God listens to them or loves them. He also said that marriage is to make us “holy”, “not happy” and that “happiness is just a side benefit”. But Scripture does not teach that, as I let him know. And now that I think about it even more, marriage is meant to keep people from having free-for-all sex, being distracted by sexual desires all the time, and potentially getting into and even becoming addicted to perverted addictions. It’s also meant to help us “be fruitful and multiply”. If people spent their time trying to have sex all the time, we’d hardly if ever becoming technology advanced, because too many people would be more interested in sex then caring for their children.

I rebuked this obvious narcissist and his incoherent, gullible followers repeatedly and am sure he saw what I said. His moderator even spoke to me personally, hiding his hatred behind very smooth talk, but I rejected his multiple annoying attempts to pacify me. Incredibly, this moderator said to me, after reading my clear concise rebukes against his Master Warren, “If you need any answers” to talk to him (the moderator). I pointed him to my journal in disgust. The moron then muted me so I wouldn’t be able to reply to Rick’s endless idiotic one-liners. But I rebuked again for that “church” comment. He’s a true hypocrite, preventing gays from marrying each other, yet twisting or ignoring the God’s word whenever it disagrees with his feelings. I think this glutton replied to one my statements, as I got a notice about him commenting on the same thread that I rebuked him on a little while after I did so, but I was too disgusted after being muted to see if it was a reply. And besides that, he’s an obvious narcissist and condemned to Hell, and so whatever he has to say to me or anyone is just going to be worthless.

I searched to see if anyone else had written about this false teacher, and found some good sites exposing and refuting his sickening teachings.


One more article:

Rick Warren: Shameless Liar

Update 02/29/2012:

I found out that Rick Warren completely lied about his comments about homosexuality, whether he supported it or now, and that he claims to have gay friends (the Bible forbids homosexuality as he himself admitted and being friends with the world, which would include homosexuals). This old news, but it helps complete this article on Rick Warren concerning the evidence that he has narcissism disorder and is a false Christian and false teacher and unreliable person in general. Here is an article on his lying about that and his unbiblical entanglement in the world’s affairs, which the Bible forbids: http://christsimplicity.wordpress.com/category/world-affairspolitics

  1. November 16, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    I read your article and find much with which I agree. I also am reading “The Purpose Driven Life” and, though my emotional response is not so strong as yours, I have assumed his opinions are sincere and have tried to answer them as honestly as I could. I haven’t found the web-site of which you speak, so have not answered his assumptions directly, but I have recorded my responses on my MySpace page.
    I am not a Presbyterian and so you may find my “Reply to Rick Warren” as objectionable as those we both find troubling, but I am sending you my first reply nw=evertheless for your evaluation.

    I am not an Evangelical. I am, in fact, deeply disappointed in the leadership of the Evangelical Movement and am concerned by their influence on a more thoughtful and insightful Christian community overwhelmed by a simplified, emotion-driven (yelling), and politically-inclined (Republican, it seems) movement shouting down opposition rather than engaging it. This style of evangelism is also apparent in its adoption of basic tenants from other religions and claiming them as Christian while attacking those same religions as misguided and ungodly. It was, therefore, with considerable delight and admiration that I read Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”. I heartily recommend that you read it also.
    The book is sincere and, I think, useful in establishing your relationship with God as long as you do not lose yourself in its powerful presentation, being swept away by a torrent toward salvation while pulling others into this headlong fall away from a world more in need of your physical ministrations than your religious inclinations. Such unthinking, uncaring, self-centered determination to get to Heaven at the expense of all else and earned solely on evangelizing, rather than easing the suffering, of others is a sure path to Perdition.
    Reading this book objectively while enjoying its emotional upheaval and growing in its insights makes it uplifting and enlightening. Taking it too seriously, especially by allowing emotion to overwhelm your good sense, does not do you justice nor does it do justice to Rick Warren’s sincerity and valuable insights into your life and your possibilities.
    I have, therefore, written a critique of Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” just as you should do based on your religious and even secular insights. Questions from you and challenges by you are especially recommended to modify any first impressions and to include you in the dialogue, thus allowing you some control over the emotional impact of a charismatic and totally committed individual.

    A critique of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life Chapter 1
    (The following is my opinion and as such subject to your evaluation. If you disagree, I look forward to discussing my conclusions with you.)

    The one statement in this chapter that makes sense is “Without God life makes no sense.” The rest is remarkably Islamic in its suggestion that we live our lives for God. If this level of devotion is what is being recommended, it should be pointed out that Muslims are much better at it than are we Christians. Personally, I think it misrepresents Christianity, at least the Christianity portrayed in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. If the rest of the Bible is indeed read as an owner’s manual, then perhaps such a portrayal is justified. Although I accept the sincerity of the authors of the Bible, I recognize their writings as their theology, their interpretation of the significance of God in our lives and, as such, no more valuable than my own or your own. They inspire me, but they do not necessarily inform me.
    Closer to Christian theology might be “living our lives in God”, but even this is a little off the mark and more Hindu or Buddhist than Christian. Perhaps living our lives in the presence of God would be more acceptable inasmuch as it maintains the majesty of God and our insignificance in comparison. This, however, troubles me because it suggests we are performing for God, showing off, trying to get His attention, His approval, much as little children tend to do with inattentive parents. There is also the uncomfortable suggestion that we are God’s pets rather than His children.
    To me Christianity suggests a closer relationship expressed as “living life with God in our lives”. Though God is far beyond our reach and we certainly deserve nothing more than His contempt, He seems to relate to us as equals, at least according to the Abraham story at Gomorrah where He actually tolerated and seemingly encouraged Abraham’s counsel. God was right in His decision, of course, but He actually modified His initial decision because Abraham questioned it. God surely knew Abraham was wrong, but He respected him enough to listen and respond.
    It seems to me that if we are expected to act responsibly, we must avoid blaming God for our mistakes and the disasters in our lives unrelated to our mistakes. It is only logical that if God is responsible for the good things in our lives, He is responsible for the bad things also. If, however, God respects us enough to not interfere in our decision-making or the natural disasters that befall us, but shares our grief and comforts us in our sorrow and despair, we can legitimately be held accountable for our mistakes, our response to our mistakes, and our response to adversity.
    Augustine of Hippo suggested that Christians are identifiable not by their affiliation to the Church so much as their need to say thank you, to appreciate what they have, even though they may have very little. People of the world, on the other hand, say, “Give me more” and feel they deserve what blessings they enjoy and are entitled to ever more. In other words, Augustine believed Christians need God as someone to thank, whereas people of the world use God as someone to blame for their misfortune and for infringing on their freedom.
    I would fault Rick Warren in his suggestion that we lose ourselves in God. Rather than living our life for God, I would suggest we live our lives with God, gain ourselves and our independence in that relationship, thank God when our decisions enrich our lives and the lives of others, and thank Him for the lessons learned when our decisions are not so good and when natural disasters force us to exert ourselves.

    • November 16, 2010 at 11:38 AM

      “I haven’t found the web-site of which you speak”, to what comment of a website I made are you referring to?

      • November 16, 2010 at 11:06 PM

        Sorry I was not more explicit about the web-site. At the beginning of your blog you mentioned a Rick Warren web-site. I was referring to that.
        I read both your article and your reply completely and was impressed (I know you do not care) by your thinking and caring enough to express your opinions. Most people do not make the effort, even those deeply committed.
        My views seem to be closer to yours than they are to Rick Warren’s, but I suspect that is because your insights are (in my jusgement) closer to a Christian concept of God than is Warren’s.
        Sorry you find me so misguided, and you may very well be correct, but I can only share a relationship with God, certainly not any knowledge of Him.
        I will continue to read your blogs. I hope you do not mind. I find them informative (perhaps a little too hostile) and enjoyable. I will not respond any longer, however, since you seem to find my sharing offensive.

      • November 17, 2010 at 8:36 AM

        “but I can only share a relationship with God, certainly not any knowledge of Him” how can you share a relationship with someone if you don’t know anything about them? And what is your evidence that you cannot have knowledge of God if you know nothing about Him? No offense but you are going around in circles. And you don’t need to be sorry that I find you misguided or “so” misguided, nor should you, but who you should be sorry to is God, because much knowledge of Him is easy to find and understand, thanks to the resources I told you about, and the basic evidence of His unsearchably complex highly ordered creation, which all go by physical laws, and don’t stray from them, unlike how we stray from his moral laws. It is evidence from out instincts that God doesn’t want us to harm others for no just reason. Why would a child feel guilt when it steals, lies or does harm to someone after it learns not to do so? Though not all will continue to feel the same amount of guilt as they become desensitized to doing wrong, as they sear their conscience, where does guilt come from? So you can know some things about the Creator. And one more thing, if the Bible is just as inspirational as whatever you think up to say, why bother reading it and not just let anything and everything flow from your mouth? The Bible isn’t the most read and popular book in the world for nothing, it is more than just inspirational, it is true. God is not man that he is too weak to accomplish having his word written and preserved in such a way that what he wants known is known. The will and heart of man cannot win over God, who created them and cannot be defeated by them.

    • November 16, 2010 at 12:05 PM

      A quick reply to what I’ve read so far:

      “I am not a Presbyterian and so you may find my “Reply to Rick Warren” as objectionable” I’m one either and don’t object to a reply merely because a person is not a one, or a Christian or because they are an atheist. I can see that Calvinist Baptists and Presbyterians are apart of the true Church, but I can see that at least some people in other denominations like Calvary Chapel are saved (ironically however it seems the leaders of Calvary Chapel are not, which also seems to be true of the Assemblies of God denomination), so I don’t call other churches apart of the true church because their official doctrine om salvation is not correct and because listing non-denominational Calvinist churches would be a huge task, I’d have to make a webpage of my own to list them all, and am struggling after having been robbed of my livelihood, eight years of it, from a house robbery.

      “emotion-driven” is the sign of every Christian cult, with evidence and reason having no place. They believe in”just believe and don’t ask questions”, and when they do provoke you to anger, and they see it, they hypocritically use that against you, even though many of them of every group admits to being immoral and unworthy of Christ’s salvation (and often they forget to mention his “love” as being part of that salvation, because they take it “for granted”, as if God just loves because he has to, and has no free will of his own, despite it being so precious, they certainly must have what the believe is their idea of it.

      “Taking it too seriously”

      The Bible says to take what God says and what is said about him and what you say about him:

      “…encourage the young men to be self-controlled. In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness 8 and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us.” – Titus 2:6-8

      Heaven and Hell, the difference is serious, and what happens when you disobey God, especially deliberately, is abhorrent, and when something is laughable, it’s when a person has a bewildered or amazed look on their face of some sort, if they have a pleasant to look at face, in response to someone elses sin or stupidity, but the sin and stupidity, especially if great, is a sad thing for the person who is sinning and being stupid. A subtle remark can mislead a person to Hell, and my main problem with A Purpose Driven Life, if I haven’t pointed it out, is Warren perpetuating the “God loves you” heresy, which is a heresy that leads many to Hell, because they think that that love will allow them a death-bed repentance in old age, or a second chance to repent after death, and even possibly a free pass out of Hell should you finally decide to repent once you are there, but the Bible teaches nothing like that. Instead, it says, “You hate all who do wrong.”, when speaking of the unforgiven.

      “The book is sincere”

      The wide path to Hell is filled with sincere people going to Hell, even sincere people who struggle not to lie, steal, get drunk, murder, hate and covet, who sincerely try to stay faithful to a sexual partner or husband or wife and who sincerely worship an imaginary god because they believe it is real and can help them. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”? The problem is that man’s version of good is often not God’s. God’s version of good is that which is done in keeping with his law, which includes, with love for him, not hatred or a “whatever”, “He’s no big deal”, “just relax (always) attitude.

      “…being swept away by a torrent toward salvation while pulling others into this headlong fall away from a world more in need of your physical ministrations than your religious inclinations.”

      That sentence doesn’t make sense.

      “Such unthinking, uncaring, self-centered determination to get to Heaven at the expense of all else”

      Where does the Bible teach that striving to get saved is uncaring and self-centered? You are illogically associating trying to hard to be saved with evil, and also you haven’t said how you believe a person is saved, and it’s evidence you don’t understand what it is because you associate trying hard to be saved with evil. It’s not evil because in trying to be saved you are only doing good according to the Bible if you are trying to do it God’s way, which is to seek the truth about Him with all your heart. It says in the Bible,

      “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you– unless, of course, you fail the test?” (2 Cor 13:5) and “be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure.” (2 Peter 1:10) and a verse in which Jesus implies that people have been struggling to get into Heaven since the gospel was preached to the world, which you can read about here http://www.jesuswalk.com/lessons/16_16-18.htm.

      Oh, now I see I was truly right about your lack of understanding of basic things like salvation, which is clearly due to your basic lack of knowledge of basic evidence for the Bible, being that you said:

      “Although I accept the sincerity of the authors of the Bible, I recognize their writings as their theology, their interpretation of the significance of God in our lives and, as such, no more valuable than my own or your own. They inspire me, but they do not necessarily inform me.”

      You’re emotions are not evidence that the Bible is not God’s word, and you claim that Muslims are better at obeying their religion then Christians is also an ignorant stereotype: you’re stereotyping hundreds of millions if not billions of Christians and at least dozens of millions of Muslims who themselves are also not unified in key areas, most important on how they believe one can be saved. I see now that you need to read this, http://eternallife.tk to understand what Biblical salvation is, what the gospel is. It is not as you imply, something that you can try so hard at that you hurt others in an evil way in from self-centeredness. To try hard to be saved is to try hard TO NOT SIN, to NOT DO EVIL TO OTHERS. You’re understanding of the gospel and salvation and Christianity is backwards, and so no wonder you made a really nonsensical sentence, the one I pointed out. If the Bible is not God’s word, and no better than my or your word, then you are contradicting yourself, as you are saying that there either is no absolute truth, or is: It is a contradiction to say, “There is no absolute truth” as the statement refutes itself which claims it is absolutely a true statement, and if you say, “I am just as true as you even when we say the opposite things,” then you are also contradicting yourself, because two statements opposite in claims cannot both be true. In other words, you would be saying, “I am right that whatever I say is true and you are right that whatever I say is not true.” So, you need to learn the basics before trying to teach anyone anything about truth and morality, let alone me, who is far beyond that, and besides in my article and reply to you, have much more evidence to show for it, and so is not a mere claim I am making.

      I won’t be reading the rest of what you say, no offense, because I see you are stating things out of ignorance of things which are easily learned, especially because of Google and search engines like it, and government funded libraries which besides giving Internet access and allowing you to print things out, also transfer books between themselves at a good speed. So, please read something other than what is popular in the world, especially being that Jesus said,

      “Woe to you when men speak well of you, for in like manner their fathers would do to the false prophets.” – Luke 6:26

      The true way to salvation is not found in the wisdom of the popular ones and celebrities of the world, but almost always with the poor, obscure, persecuted, and reviled ones, just as Jesus was. And if a popular one or celebrity teaches the true way to salvation, they will become unpopular and cease to be celebrated, but like Jesus, one day will be exalted for their humility, and those who are evil will become their servants.

  2. November 28, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    I have reread your reply to my sharing several times and have concluded that your hostility seems not to be directed towards me, but toward those (including me) you assume to be unbelievers (not true believers). I know I promised not to bother you further, but you quoted Luke 6:26 “Woe to you when men speak well of you, for in like manner their fathers would do to the false prophets.” Which suggests that your hostility may be intended as helpful and your criticism, though sharp, an attempt to shock the misguided into reflecting on the errors of his assumptions. Perhaps my attempt to understand your basic beliefs is not as offensive as I first thought.
    The statements made by you that I find most appealing are:
    “giving lip service to God doesn’t make a person who loves God or cares about him”, “God doesn’t want us to harm others for no just reason”, “they take it (God’s love) ‘for granted’, as if God just loves because he has to, and has no free will of his own, despite it being so precious”, and “man’s version of good is often not God’s”.
    The statements that suggest you misunderstood my intent are:
    “Where does the Bible teach that striving to get saved is uncaring and self-centered?”, “It is not as you imply, something that you can try so hard at that you hurt others in an evil way”, , and
    Regarding “Where does the Bible teach that striving to get saved is uncaring and self-centered?”, I simply meant that if a person worships God for the sole purpose of eternal life in Paradise and is willing to do horrible things to impress God and thus earn his right to Heaven, he is selfish and self-serving and is headed for Hell.
    Regarding “you claim that Muslims are better at obeying their religion then Christians”, I was referring to Christianity as portrayed by Rick Warren. In my opinion his Christianity is more Islamic than Christian and Muslims are more submissive, prostrate themselves three times a day, and rigorously enforce their religious obligations (even stoning and/or mutilating violators). Christians today seem to see God as enriching their lives, as a friend and confident, as a father and a mentor, as a comforter in tribulation; they bow their head instead of their body. If you will reread this section of my article, you will see that I am saying that Christianity is very different from Islam. Should Christianity become Islamic, our mode of worship would become very different.
    Regarding “It is not as you imply, something that you can try so hard at that you hurt others in an evil way”, you seemed in your reply to be saying that trying hard is not what pleases God, that being right was more important, that believing you are right does not make a person right, and hurting others by being unnecessarily over-zealous is wrong (and possibly evil if it should sway the ignorant towards a spiteful (rather than a righteous) God.
    Regarding “you need to learn the basics before trying to teach anyone anything about truth and morality”, I could not agree with you more. My problem is determining those basics. When reading the Bible, should I rely on my own judgment as to its meaning or should I rely on others. If I should rely on others, how do I determine who? Because there are so many conflicting and convincing others, I have, by necessity, used my own judgment in determining God’s direction. Others may influence me but, if I am to be held accountable for exercising my free will, I must accept the responsibility of determining God’s intent.
    Finally, regarding “you are stating things out of ignorance of things which are easily learned”, I fully accept that condemnation as well as God’s condemnation for my ignorant assumptions and conclusions. If it is God’s decision that Hell is the proper place for me, I accept that. Since God is my maker, I am convinced He wants what is best for me, and if Hell it is, Hell it will be, and in torment I will remember Him with affection.

  3. March 14, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    Please be alerted to the following:

    Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Global Peace Plan vs. Scripture
    New Website

    Recent update reports on Articles page:

    World Vision Betrays Israel

    NY Supreme Court Judgment against Top Assemblies of God Leaders
    Sima Motivational Abilities Pattern vs. Scripture

    Recent Videos:

    Experiencing God through Deceitful Mysticism

    Rick Warren Most Dangerous Pastor in the World

    Rick Warren’s SHAPE Carl Jung Occult-based Personality Profiling

    Sincerely in Christ,

    James Sundquist

  4. November 18, 2010 at 9:18 PM


    I have reread your reply to my sharing several times and have concluded that your hostility seems not to be directed towards me, but toward those (including me)”

    Paul: I showed with evidence, politely and without hostility, that you are ignorant not only Bible basics, but on the basic principle of whether or not truth or lies exist, and how you contradicted yourself on it, saying the Bible was no better than your word, settings yourself against hundreds of millions of Christians by saying that, and even many Muslims, and you still think you have anything to teach me? Paul, your reply that I quoted in this comment is even a contradiction and it’s your first sentence: you say my hostility isn’t directed at you but then you say it is, you’re insane Paul, and guess why: You don’t accept reality for what it is and think truth is “Whatever”. That even pits you against many atheists who believe in absolute truth, let alone the billions, Paul, billions, who believe it is absolutely wrong to sexually or in any way abuse a child who has done nothing wrong against you or anyone else. Yet ridiculously and ironically you say to me:

    “you assume to be unbelievers (not true believers).”

    Paul: I told you not to assume, and showed why, because you end up not making sense, and showed that you don’t even understand what salvation is about (you’re so lost and confused that you think that by trying hard to get saved that it will hurt others, HUH?! PAUL HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYONE HARMED BY ANOTHER PERSON PRAYING TO GOD TO FORGIVE THEM FOR OFFENDING HIM BY NOT LOVING HIM, OR THEIR NEIGHBOR AS THEMSELVES, FOR NOT DOING UNTO OTHERS AS THEY WOULD HAVE DONE TO THEM, FOR HARMING OR PUTTING AT RISK OF HARM THEIR NEIGHBORS, AND REPENTING OVER IT??? There is no other way to be saved Paul, or are you someone who thinks that you can earn salvation by doing good works, and that you can try so hard to do good that you hurt others? Please explain how that would work, that by trying to do good you do evil. You’re mind is backwards. And if you don’t know, you can’t obey God’s laws perfectly to get saved, and to try backfires because our hearts are unable to love God which is required to obey his laws perfectly, but trying to do good doesn’t lead to evil, it is MISSING THE MARK, SINNING, trying to do WHAT ISN’T GOOD, that leads to THAT WHICH IS NOT GOOD.

    You are so backwards you mistake love for hostility and respect for disrespect, as all who hate God do.

    And where did I say in my first reply to you that you are not a true believer? No where Paul, so you lied. And rather than learning how to get saved, as I lovingly pointed out for you, but which you libeled as hate (yet you call me “hostile”?), you instead go on with your confusion, equating “true belief” with being saved, that’s what you implied. And Paul, you’re not even a “true believer”, since you said the Bible is no better than your own word. So what are you talking about true belief for? You have true belief as you yourself said that the Bible is no better than your own word. You’re babbling Paul, just as I said, and which the Bible commands me to do, saying to “rebuke your neighbor frankly” so that “you will not share in his sin”. Not, “pander to Paul so his feelings will be unhurt, don’t let him know you think he’s confused, and don’t say why either.” In the Bible it is pointed out that there were those who believed what Jesus said, yet because they feared man more and loved the praise of man more, they did not show their belief in him. Do you think that kind of belief gets people to Heaven? Didn’t James say that even the demons believe in God, and even tremble at the though of him? You’re lost.

    And where can you show I assumed anything? No where Paul, so you lied again. And yet you say it back to me, after “rereading” that you know such and such? Paul I spoke plainly to you and if that doesn’t get through to you then you have a wall of pride that only God can remove. Again: Don’t be sorry to me for being misguided, be sorry to God, who is able to say a thing and preserve it, who doesn’t speak in vain, who said his word would not be put out and return to him in vain, who said his gospel would save lives, who Son said that he is the truth, and which is testified to by ALL of the gospels and by other writers of the Bible. So how can you say that the Bible was colored by those who wrote it to the point of being corrupt when they are all in agreement about Christ being perfect God, in that they either say it in some way, or show no dissent to it? Yet that is bad to you: to be in agreement. You want disharmony, and contradictions, and that to you is good. Well no wonder then you contradict yourself repeatedly on basic things which are common sense truths. Like I said: go learn the basics. I’m more than 14 years ahead of you in theology and on the Bible, so don’t think you can play teacher over me any time soon on that subject.

    And seeing that you are so utterly blind to the obvious about the basics about God and reality, and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge it when it’s pointed out to you, and so you continuing to not making sense on basic things, I am ignoring your comments now, and the Bible does say to ignore arguments of ignorance.

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