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Alex Jones – Not a Narcissist?

I’m doubting my claim that Alex has NDP after having listened to him more, and think that his temporary cases of it are more likely due to a demon, because they are temporary, and not constant. But that’s only my impression as I am not always around him or listening to him. He also seems to me, too intelligent to be a narcissist. I hope it is just demons entering him now and then, as it would be less of a challenge for him to be saved then if he was always in an insane state of mind.

Update 12:53 P.M.:

About a minute ago I just heart Alex directly imply that he believed in demons. Strange “coincidence” that he was on the same subject as me, but it was a comment caused by a Christian caller, a creationist one. Didn’t like the caller’s attitude tho, which seemed pansy-ish.

Update 12:75 P.M.:

Oh man, sad for the Christian (whom Alex let pray on air for him after a commercial break: the caller asked for God to sear their (evil peoples’) minds, and when he finished the prayer, Alex said he wanted to add also for God to “wake them up”, something that this apparently true Christian caller, should have thought to say. It was a shameful thing for the caller, because Alex isn’t a saved Christian.

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