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Roman Catholic Bill Cunningham Makes No Religious Sense

I’ve been listening to Bill Cunningham tonight, and a police officer that had been molested by a priest, who talked about it for the firt time when he mentioned it to Bill, and tried to get Bill to rebuke Ratzinger, and instead Bill put the blame on John Paul, but not much if at all Ratziner. He said his faith was weakened in Roman Catholicism a little unlike other Catholics, but still refused to repent of it.

Later Bill said that he thought the Mormon Church was good. Then he said he’d vote for an atheist as long as the atheist said he was for Reaganomics. Just merey say it? Then he went on a rant on how he’d promote an atheist who did so again, and anyone who did so, including a Buddhist, and said something about liberals and conservatives and how he’d vote for one over he other (but he was began rambling and I was weary, so I couldn’t remember the details), said that Barrack Obama wasn’ true to his religious convictions ye then said he wanted seperation of Church and State! (showing his ignorance of American religious history). And like Noory, why isn’t Cunningham excommunited for promoting heresy, and both of these radio show hosts have the ear of millions, so have tremendous responsibility.

And as usual, Bill was praising himself throughout his radio show, saying “I AM a great American” and that he was an intelligent American.

This is yet another excellent example as to why Catholics can’t be trusted: they are naive, gullible, blind to the obvious, pander and in general, stubborn and make no sense when it comes to morality or religion.

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