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Some things I plan on writing about soon

1) how to avoid assuming things
2) michael shermer (via a previous post)
3) richard. c hoagloand
4) evidence against the big bang
5) errors of various ancient buddhist beliefs
6) supposed death of dinosaurs supposedly from an asteroid

  1. John
    March 27, 2010 at 5:50 PM


    Calvin’s Reign of Terror

    [large amount of information that can already be found on the web deleted by Knight]

    This is why some referred to Geneva as the “Rome of Protestantism”(3) and to Calvin as the “Protestant ‘Pope’ of Geneva.”(4)

    • March 27, 2010 at 6:34 PM

      Though your intent is clearly evil (you’re being what God calls a “fault-finder” by ignoring the good and picking out only the few faults you can find), thanks for the links as I’ve been looking for more details on Calvin’s sins (which I’d already read about from your links, and this website which I went over on ‎Sunday, ‎”March ‎14, ‎2010, ‏‎3:53:56 AM”. Notice from that all that man or whoever it was, could come up with against “Presbyterianisn” he calls it, was Calvin’s few sins, very few in comparison to the Catholic Church and all other religions? The most peaceful group of non-Calvinist Christians I can think of are the Quakers and Amish. Everyone knows that the traditional Amish are stupid, they won’t advance their technology to their own hurt, and make their children live that way. Quakers are known to have harassed the Puritans, they harassed them so boldy and repeatedly the Puritans executed the ones that did. Though they shouldn’t have, most people would kill you directly or indirectly for trespassing. You’ve not told me anything new, but have assumed like everyone else that I’m biased and don’t know my own religion. Calvin didn’t kill anything close to the 50,000,000 of Catholics over 1000 years (and they were mainly killing people for opposing their religion, including other Christians, and no doubt that with such a large killing some were Catholics who were killed friends or relatives to gain their property, wives or children). Calvin didn’t kill anyone close to the 150,000,000 by atheist communist leaders, not even close, nor did he abort unborn babies, and not by cutting them up and throwing them in the trash, nor did he suggest using their left over parts to help the wicked to live longer and more comfortably, not caring about the severe pain the aborted babies felt when being cut up. Calvin had Servitus executed for blaspheming God by referring to him as a three-headed dog, and only after Servetus stupidly went to Geneva and sat among the Genevans, like some insane demon wanting it’s host to be tortured and killed.

      You’re also conveniently leaving out that Calvin reigned briefly, and was called back even after his “tyranny” to refute heretics and that liberal Christians at one time overshadowed his rule AND PERMITTED HIM TO CONTINUE RULING. So all the blame cannot be put on Calvin as you pretend nor the tens of millions of Calvinists that came to be after Calvin died. If you’re not believing God because of the few sins of one man in the break-away stage from the mass-murdering Catholic Church which he broke free from because of their great amount of extreme sins, then you’re deeply evil (clearly you are).

      You’re also conveniently leaving out that Calvin did not torture nor did he resort to torture, and if anyone wanted to leave Geneva peacefully they could have. Geneva wasn’t Russia or China, but a small place you could horse-cart out of in day or less with decent health.

      “Calvin’s Reign of Terror”

      Sorry: self-righteous, narcissistic drama doesn’t make Calvin’s sins any greater then you and other God-haters wish them to be. You’re clearly an exaggerator. You’d be better picking on King Solomon, who promoted idolatry, which in his day risked child sacrifice. And many more died because of Solomon giving into his lust, then Calvin’s fear of witches.

      “This is why some referred to Geneva as the “Rome of Protestantism”(3)”

      Keywords “some” not “many” or “a great many” and despite your feeble attempt, Geneva is not like Rome” Genevan’s didn’t kill 50,000,000 people for over 9999 years in the name of Calvin. You’re clearly a bitter, assuming, ignorance and stupidity lover. You don’t want your mind to be filled with the truth, so you spit out a few facts and mix it with lies to deceive yourself and others into thinking that you don’t need to learn the truths of the Bible.

      “and to Calvin as the “Protestant ‘Pope’ of Geneva.”(4)

      Do you know the history of the Popes? Don’t make retarded comparisons: John Calvin killed a few people in ignorance, and lead countless millions to eternal life by correctly teaching salvation, more effectively then any others since the prophet John died in 99 or 100 A.D. Further, did you bother to consider the millions of non-Christians that Presbyterian and Calvinist churches have helped over hundreds of years, saving countless lives all over the world? No: Instead, being a fault-finder and follow of Satan, you focus on a single man from hundreds of years ago to make all Christians appear to be followers of Satan. A truly slanderous evil person you are, and that you included tens of millions of Calvinist kids and youths in your rant shows that you are extremely evil. What business does an extremely evil man playing judge over those who obey God, who teach AND obey, “Don’t blaspheme”, “Don’t lie”, “Don’t steal”, and “Don’t murder” and who help sustain the lives of those who hate them? – none.

      And have you bothered to consider how many people Catholics lead to eternal salvation? – none. Instead, as I said before: killed tens of millions and the Vatican hoardes its riches and sanctions child abuse and the rape of nuns, and by doing so continues to kill millions.

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