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My Sad Discovery About Alex Jones and Finding On Noory’s Beloved Jordan Maxwell

About three hours ago, while I was looking through Youtube trying to find a quote in which David Icke said he was the Son of God, and failing despite the many claims that he had said so, and while searching, noticed some clips on Alex Jones, and watched/listened to three. One was about him, and the man talking about him was William Cooper, on his own radio show. William is apparently somewhat famous person it seems among the Westerner “conspiracy” type group. He also seems to be dead.

Cooper, on his show, claimed that Alex had slandered him on the Alex Jones Show, by claiming that he (Cooper) had been kicked off Alex’s show by Alex for using foul language. I heard to callers call into Cooper’s show, and both testified that he hadn’t been kicked off, and that Alex had lied. While listening to the video, I found out from Cooper that Alex had claimed that Russia had launched nuclear missiles at America. However when he said that, Cooper also seemed to lie by claiming that Alex had panicked millions of Americans (but how if Alex was on an obscure radio show and if what he said didn’t spread far because that it was clearly so absurd?). Further, Cooper while ranting against Alex, was using foul language more than once. Also, he didn’t specifically cite what show Alex slandered him and didn’t give any actual quotes as to what the slander was. So until it’s known, Alex merely might have said something like, “I won’t allow Bill on my show because he uses foul language”, which is true if that rebuttal Cooper gave is how he normally speaks. And as many know, “Bad manners corrupt good behavior”, which is a quote from the Bible (though it can be translated in significantly different way).

I had suspected for at least a month, that Alex was a narcissist. I thought this because of something I heard him say, I think last year, and it was on Coast to Coast AM. I think it was the show that was on Alex having, big surprise: lied about an interview with Obama on the 9/11 cover-up. Though whether Alex truly lied or not, who knows. On that show or some other Alex boasted that he had (or felt he had) become the leader against the NWO movement, which was absurd being that there are many people against the NWO or it’s formation, mainly, Christian pastors all over the world, some of whom have thousands of members in their church. Though Alex no doubt had in mind a military-type leader, or type whose main focus was on the NWO, but even then it’s still a stretch being that Christian pastors often, as a group, and using websites, warn about the coming reformation of the Roman Empire, or something about as bad about it. If Alex meant as a secular military leader, in that way I would say he is right, IF he was not someone who preached against Satan and who endorsed the Bible, and he does both, so then he is a spiritual leader, and as that, he is not a secular leader. As a preacher against Satan, he would repel a lot of atheists. He also has many Christian callers on his show, who sometimes read from the Bible, which in general he shows a good attitude towards, though sometimes gives an impure attitude, for example while writing this sentence, he had a Christian caller who after reading a verse that “called for calm”, Alex replied, “But wait: God said that if your house is on fire to get your butt our of the house,” and then with a laugh said, “I’m not sure which verse that is” (this was in a repeat of the fourth hour of his show today), so he would be even more unlikely to have atheists and agnostics / a secular group, following him.

After picking up on some bizarre very careless lies that he had made on his show, one concerning The Book of Revelation and another on a video on Youtube posted by Mark Dice (which I talked about here or Twitter), and about a month ago (I think about a month ago), noticing that all the non-video still pictures he had of himself on his homepages of infowars.com and prisonplanet.com only showed one side of his face, and with him in a vain looking position (his right arm held up vainly), and strangely, they were all the same picture. On other websites like in Facebook he shows other pictures.

After the listening to Cooper’s hateful (and annoying-voiced) rebuttal, I listened to a very old radio broadcast by Alex supposedly, which claimed that he had lied about Russia firing nukes at the U.S.. At first I felt a little that it could be a hoax, since the person speaking didn’t sound much like Alex, but for obvious reasons I then realized that it was him, and one I just realized while typing this sentence: would have sued to get the video off Youtube if it weren’t true being that someone surely brought the recording up to him after hearing it on Youtube (it had over 20,000 views). It was that video, combined with everything else, that persuaded me to completely believe that Alex suffers from narcissism personality disorder.

 It’s of great concern to learn that Alex is very unstable and mentally ill, because I was, and am happy that he is giving out much correct information that is helping people to see the evil around them and helping them not to participate in it, but to reject it. But if the many false Christians that follow him as if he were God or God’s Son, realize what kind of person Alex really is, it may destroy their faith in the true God, and they may become permanently cynical and never correct their beliefs and be saved. Even temporary cyncism can wreck or greatly hinder a person’s life, their own and/or others. Alex’s disorder also puts him at a horrible disadvantage to becoming saved, being that he is prone to telling some outrageous lie and destroying his reputation and as a result he may stray farther from the Bible and end up destroying himself.

But, if Alex is a narcissist, how can his talking to “non-special” guests be explained, being that narcissts are very resistant to associating with them? I suspect, though didn’t mention yet on my exposition on narcissism, that narcissists will consider anyone special those who make themselves unique/special by giving special attention to the narcissist, especially flattering attention. Such attention also helps a narcissist to validate his exaggeratededly “good” self-image.

Another problem with identifying Alex as a narcissist seems, to me, his high tendency for telling the truth. However, as I pointed out at www.narcissist.tk, narcissists are able to specialize in a narrow field and there are different degrees of narcissism. Also, it may be that Alex’s narcissism is at least in part, being strengthened by demons, and that God has lessened their grip on him, or at least at times, so that Alex can think more clearly, well enough that it’s hard to tell that he is mentally ill. It’s also hard to tell that he is a narcissist because he has plenty of genuine ammunition now that the world has become highly corrupt and news of obvious and incredibly bad deeds is everywhere, and Alex is getting much attention, and so the temptation for him to make up outrageous things for attention is very low.

Another problem with identifying Alex as a narcissism is what might seem to some people to be a genuine love of “commoners” as Alex referred to the middle class and poor when he had on G. Edward Griffin(?) a few days ago, and demonizing the elitists who persecuted them (whch G. Edward Griffin wouldn’t particpate in doing when Alex encouraged him to at that moment). However, remember that Alex referred to himself as the leader of the NWO, and so would see the middle class and poor that followed him as special (and Alex knows that he is at least as popular as Rush Limbaugh now and so would have a large following of middle class and poor persons). However, Alex’s love for them could be seen as not genuine, being that he treats the Bible sloppily and in by doing so, disrespects what he knows is a large following of Christians. Further, he insults those who support the Democrats (which is mainly liberals, and is about half the country) and for not listening to him, which further shows that his love is biased and only given to those who agree with his main beliefs (that the richest bankers rule the world and are evil thieves intent on killing off Christians, reducing the population to a few dozen or hundred million, making slaves of them and sex slaves of their children, and that it doesn’t matter what your religion is). Alex also noteably will not refer to anyone as a liberal, and in all the times I’ve listened to him hasn’t mentioned homosexuality, attempted sex change, let alone whether either is right or wrong or lead to bad behavior, showing, in the context of everything else he does, that he is not truly concerned about right from wrong, but getting followers and gaining power. Deviant sexual behavior is a major problem in this world, and Alex knows rape and molestation of children is a major problem, so he has little excuse for not speaking out against homosexuality, being that it is a source of great fighting and can easily learn from the Bible that it is wrong and corrupts others to act in a way that is opposite of your physical gender.

After I learned about Alex’s outrageous fear-mongering, I learned something bizarre about an obvious narcissist guest that George Noory sometimes interviews on Coast to Coast AM, a seemingly paranoid guest, named Jordan Maxwell. I learned that this “William Cooper” (the same UFO “kook” Bill Cooper?) would plagiarise Jordan Maxwell, and that Jordan Maxwell, despite implying that he is pro-Christian or against the NWO, is actually pro-NWO. That makes sense being that he would say to George that he is not as couragous as him and dare not speak out against the NWO and that they (the NWO) would say to him (Jordan): “You better watch your mouth” to which Jordan would imply he would heed. I wasn’t planning on writing about Jordan, though I thought about it, since I thought it would be apparent to most people that he was a paranoid narcissist or just a silly liar at least. But apparently Maxwell has significant following, and being that he is a subversive person, a schemer, I thought it could to let his followers and those he might potentially influence in a negative way, know about his hidden motive: to subtley destroy (true) Christianity by glorifying the NWO (which he does by glorifying their use of symbols with hidden meanings and making their power appear to be invincible). More ironic is that George Noory is a quasi-Christian, and wouldn’t support the destruction of all Christianity (except Reformed Christianity – Coast to Coast AM hates “fundamentalists”).

6:19 A.M.: I found these videos a few minutes ago, after typing in “Alex Jones” and “narcissist” into Google: http://blogcritics.org/politics/article/alex-jones-is-still-a-jackass I don’t approve of the crude insults from Alex or the blogger, and though I knew Alex was mentally ill, it hurt to see how mentally ill he was in those videos. I really hope he can still be saved.

6:21: I remembered a few minutes ago that when I was downloading Alex’s shows through torrents last month or two months ago, that one mp3 torrent on him which said that he had “sand bagged” his own supporters, but I thought it was probably just ranting, but after watching those videos at blogcritics, and though I haven’t listened to it yet, it looks like it will turn out to be true.

6:34: It seems that narcissism has become an epidemic due to the strong rejection of God and Satan constantly persuading everyone to obsess on their appearance, their heart as good and beliefs as sacred. There is a book about it which I learned of last year, but have neighther bought nor read.


Ten personality disorders, grouped into 3 clusters, are defined in the DSM-IV:

• Cluster A — Odd or eccentric behavior.


◦ Paranoid personality disorder
◦ Schizoid personality disorder

• Cluster B — Dramatic, emotional or erratic behavior.


◦ Antisocial personality disorder
◦ Borderline personality disorder
◦ Histrionic personality disorder
◦ Narcissistic personality disorder

• Cluster C — Anxious fearful behavior.


◦ Avoidant personality disorder
◦ Dependent personality disorder
◦ Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

9:08 P.M.:

It just occurred to me that a demon may enter a person due to their poor upbringing, in which their moral training was neglected and/or in which they were trained to have bad morals and to think illogically. What better person to enter into and how much easier to enter and influence?

9:22 P.M.:

I found that picture of Alex yesterday on Youtube, repeated in a video. I wasn’t thinking about demons when I saw that video, but just that it was an incredibly ugly face. But then about an hour ago I read this comment from Zeno (I put it below the picture):

“His face is suddenly deprived of colour, his body rises up of itself,
the eyes in madness roll in their sockets and squint horribly,
the teeth, covered with a horrible foam, grind between blue-white lips;
and limbs twisted in all directions are given over to trembling;
he sighs, he weeps; he fears the appointed day of Judgment
and complains that he is driven out; he confesses his sex,
the time and place he entered into man…” –
Zeno of Verona, recorded in Sargant, page 47, 1973.

The “squinting eyes” reminded me of that picture, and of an effeminte Catholic who gave me a lot of help, but not for long, in Reston, Virginia. His name is Kurt Civri, or was (I don’t know if he’s dead). He told me that he and a friend had once been possessed by the same demon while they were in a car together and it caused them to fight. He also told me that each night he would become possessed by multiple demons and that it would exhaust him. One day I went into McDonalds and saw him as I entered (he would usually go to in the morning to eat), and he was sitting facing the entrance side, near the entrance, looking straight ahead. His eyes were bright pink-red around, and had become smaller-than-normal and shriveled, and they looked demonic to me. It shocked and frightened me so much that I pretended not to notice him as I walked past him and showed no sign of having seen me and he didn’t move at all, but sat back, and for lack of better words, looked possessed. I don’t know how esle to explain it at the moment, except as if he was fixed in some beaten-down-minded state, like a demon that had become insane from having been worn down from sorrow over thousands of years.

11 P.M.:

Someone on Youtube noted in one of Alex’s shows a strangely out of place laugh: that Alex made (but he he could have been laughing over his realization of the outrageous absurdity of the situation he was talking about, but the laugh itself sounds inappropriate, not seemingly just out-of-place). I also noticed near the end of the video Alex throwing a tantrum like a child (I usually only listen to him on audio, rarely watch his videos, so it was a shock to seem him acting that way). The video is racist and poorly edited and annoying to watch and contains foul language from Alex, provoked by a racist moron (I’ve been to his website and it’s amatuer, nonsensical and racist). I read (I think last week), that narcissists are like children who haven’t grown up, and if that is true, his tantrums help confirm that he has NPD.

When an unclean spirit comes out of a man,
it goes through arid places seeking rest
and does not find it. Then it says,
‘I will return to the house I left.’
When it arrives, it finds the house
swept clean and put in order. Then
it goes and takes seven other spirits
more wicked than itself, and they go
in and live there.
And the final condition of that man
is worse than the first.
Luke 11:23-27

11:43 P.M.:

Narcissists are basically children, and they manipulate other people by making them react like children. A Narcissist will try to charm you, scare you or use whatever works to get his or her way. They have never grown up, so their ethics and emotions are childlike. If you deal with them you will soon find out they like to ‘play’. At first this can appear amusing, until you discover that they are serious – they seek revenge for any slight, spreading rumors and lies about people they don’t like (usually someone who has stood up to them, thwarting their childish ambitions). The greatest danger they pose is they want to bring everyone down to their level – they do this by manipulating the child in all of us. If they can push our buttons, get us going, convince people of their sincerity and goodness, then people will think good is bad, and bad is good. Narcissists hate maturity, they hate adults, they hate anyone who thinks (differently from them). Yes, they are hypocrites. They lie, cheat and steal – all the while putting up a front of being good and perfect. They are not intelligent per se, but they are cunning, and they will get their way if we let them. Like the bad apple that spoils the barrel, a Narcissist will slowly spread their disease to others, destroying lives, and wrecking havoc. – S.M.

After pondering that entry for a while (it’s not the same entry as the other I previously mentioned I had read which described narcissists as being like children), I was reminded of how a psychopath-narcissist I knew, even at 21, allowed his mother to dominate him, and it was obvious from listening to him talk to her on his cellphone, and him almost always doing what she wanted, even allowing her to decide who he should have as friends or not (he claimed that she hated me, and apparently for not appearing rich). I wonder what Alex’s relationship with his mother was like — from how he’s turned out, it must have been terrible for him.

  1. David
    November 25, 2011 at 8:16 PM

    Interesting observation. I know it is an old article but seems relevant to me now. I am training to become a psychologist and the more I read the more I see abnormal traits in Alex. While he does well exposing a lot of truths his mannerism instills fear which makes people passive.

    • November 25, 2011 at 8:37 PM

      Yesterday or the day before that I felt like looking up Alex and narcissism again, wondering what I would find (not trying to find if my site was still showing up, though it does) and found one just as helpful by a “Brian Brown”. Never heard of him but here’s his observations: http://www.dailybrian.com/brian-brown-on-alex-jones

      I’d been meaning to mention on Twitter how Alex has the problem of talking over all his guests, because he seems to have gotten much worse in the past month or two, to the point where I hate listening to him now because of that. It’s really painful to listen to him constantly interrupting. I tried to see if anyone mentioned that some months ago but couldn’t find any mention of it except perhaps in some thread of some forum maybe, but I saw this Brian mention it on his page. It’s not a big deal but it does help to keep sane when someone else confirms what you notice. It also helps when trying to identify what a person is like and if they have narcissism disorder or some other mental problem, if someone else notices what you see and points it out.

    • November 25, 2011 at 8:46 PM

      I just remembered how I found Brian’s page; I was looking again to see if anyone noticed/was sick of Alex’s rabid interrupting.

  1. March 23, 2010 at 1:14 AM

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