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Artificial Earthquakes, Biblical Prophecy and the End of the Federal Government

If it’s true that the U.S. government is causing artificial earthquakes, then some people might not think that Jesus’ prophecy on earthquakes increasing isn’t coming true, because he was referring to so called “natural” or divine earthquakes. The Bible doesn’t say that though, nor did Jesus say that “rumors of wars and wars” would be natural or divine. Rumors are spread by man and man makes wars (and with demons in part provoking them to do evil). The Bible seems to imply in Revelation, that mankind will become aware that such powerful events are acts of vengeance by God, but if speculation and belief that it is the U.S. (Federal) Government causing the earthquakes grows worldwide, then the focus would be taken off God as the one causing them, or at least through someone else supernatural, like an angel or demon. If it is true that this would cause confusion as to who or what is causing the increase in large earthquakes or sway too many people to take their focus off God, then God may destroy or disband the Federal Government so that that speculation or belief stays small or is completely gone. So, it may be that you could roughly determine when the Federal Government would cease to exist based on the rate of increase of speculation on what is causing an increase in major earthquakes and/or what is causing major earthquakes to occur more so in areas with a high population. In my opinion he would cause earthquakes in Washington D.C., Cheyenne Mountain, the HAARP area, all the “g. God may also destroy the military bases that store UFO technology or cause severe disruption globalist power control centers” (like The City, in London, which is some elitist city there) and do so on a regular basis. However, because of the many alien visiting Earth, people might think it might be alien attacking the evil people of the world and/or getting ready to invade us. To prevent most people from thinking that, God would probably cause earthquakes all over the world like places with low population to none, like Antarctica and Greenland or areas of the oceans like happened to Japan and Indonesia. Then the world would realize it’s not human or alien intelligence simply targeting certain areas, but a sign that the return of Jesus is nearing.

  1. Rachel
    March 27, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    Have you read “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy” which I saw on the Google search engine? Just wondering. Rachel (Lord bless your blog.)

    • March 27, 2010 at 5:51 PM

      No, I’ll look, but I do know that the Bible teaches that the saints (Christians for those who wrong think “saints” refers to miracle-workers) will go through the tribulation and that none will be raptured before. Jesus also, at least to me, seemed to imply that few Christians would be left by the time he put a stop to the anti-Christan, saying something like, “When the Son of man returns will faith be found on the Earth?”. I’ll try to get the exact quote later. Why would he have said that unless most of us would be killed off?

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