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Noory’s Numerological Nonsense and More Close Encounters With Ian Punnet’s Stupidity

On March 6, 2010(?), I ended up being wrong about Ian Punnet (one of the hosts of the popular New Age movement promoting show Coast to Coast AM) not cutting off callers in the middle of their stories. He did so recently for no good reason to a man who said he had had a close encounter in the 60’s with aliens and had never told the story to anyone. The man was elderly sounding, but was telling his story just fine, and he wasn’t rambling or ranting and he hadn’t gone on for long. When this man said he saw a control panel in the UFO he was taken into, Ian, rather than letting the man say if anything had been said to him or ask him for more specific details, cut him off with a distressed voice asking, “but do you have a question for the author?” How about letting him finish first? He wasn’t giving a story about how boring it is to fast or how he likes to count his fingers or stare at cows all day; he was giving a very interesting out of the ordinary story of the nearly miraculous kind, and of the kinds of stories that Coast to Coast AM is supposed to be covering. Yet you cut him off, saying that the background echo was driving him crazy (which only Ian could hear – well how about asking him to turn off his radio genius?) just so the author can say, “Oh yes Native Americans have encountered UFOs”. And no: Ian wasn’t up against a commercial break as some of you idiot C2C AM worshipers might think: The next caller gave a boring as Hell story about a UFO; a typical colored-lights-in-the-sky story.

And last night into the early morning, the heretic Catholic George Noory wasted the world’s time with about three hours of babble from a regular numerologist who gives people false hope and dread over something as stupid as when they were born and the numerical value of their names. A problem with numerology of the kind that just occurred to me after writing that previous sentence is that Glynis only, and for no logical reason, focuses on the numbers of certain aspects of a person’s life. What about their zipcode, longitude and latitude location, location with respect to certain buildings, how many blades of grass they are standing on, how many clouds are over head, how many cars nearby, how many times they used the same word, how many times they combed their hair that day, how many hairs on their head they have, how many hairs they lost or cut and on what day, how many molecules their body is made up of, how many pounds a person weighs how many people are nearby or far away, how many teeth they have – why don’t any of those matter in Glynis’ or any numerologists explanations for why good or bad things have or will happen in a person’s life, why is the focus mainly on names and dates?

Notice how this numerologist here doesn’t say a thing about why the numerological value of Donald Trump’s name him more successful in business than others or instead why he had success in specific business ventures, but simply asks a pretentious question or two, like, “Well would you pay attention to him if his name was Don?”

The reason for numerologists disregarding numerological factors is because it is inconvenient for them, would take them forever to analyze the numerical value of all things in the universe and it would be too hard for most of them to make money or get praise by doing such a thing, as most people still have enough sense to realize that such a thing is impossible for man and that only an insane person would spend a long time trying.

If you want your child to have a successful life, take the Bible’s advice and choose a good one, not a weird or odd one that suits your personal fancy. What’s a good one? One that doesn’t mean something evil for one, or that sounds evil, or sounds like a joke. People with strange names (in relation to the culture that they are in) have a higher probability of committing more crimes than the average person: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/jan/29/study-links-unusual-surnames-to-criminality

Scientific Experiments to Prove or Disprove Numerology and Astrology

Set up an experiment in which people with lucky and unlucky names, birth-dates and address numbers are given an equal challenge to find hidden money or something valuable of some sort, which if they can find may keep. Perform the experiment in one place with a lucky address on the same the lucky day and hour. Make sure that each of the participants fell asleep at a lucky hour and woke up eight or nine hours later on a lucky hour before on the day of the experiment, but before performing the experiment (so that everyone is well-rested and didn’t “jinx” themselves by falling asleep and awakening on unlucky hours). Make sure that all your participants are of about equal intelligence. Another thing to make sure of is that what you’ve hidden can be found without taking forever, other wise the experiment may take forever or you may not be able to complete enough of them, especially if the participants have a job to get to on that day or must take care of their family.

Make sure you that have many participants so that you have a significant sample size to come up with statistics on. If lucky names, dates and address numbers are able to affect success, then each of the participants should on average have the same success or failure at finding about the same amount of money or things worth about the same amount of money in about the same amount of time.

After gathering the test results, perform the experiment again, but at that time using unlucky address numbers, sleeping and waking times, and an unlucky day.

An alternative or additional experiment you could hopefully do would be to change the challenge from seeing who can find the most money or things worth the most, to something more simple, like who can burn a hole in piece of paper on concrete using the exact same magnifying glass and same type of paper (without gasoline on the concrete or anything else flammable on the concrete or nearby obviously), and do this on an unlucky and lucky hour, and lucky and lucky day, while the sun is shining bright and there are little to no clouds blocking the sun. If luck really does exist and the number of your name, address, and birth date and date of the experiment influences it, then some people should fail to burn a hole in the paper or have a harder time doing so then others. For example a freak cloud should appear to block out the sun, or an earthquake that scare some of the participants off, or fire ants suddenly biting one or more people and preventing them from having success, or some other incident or incidents getting in the way. And you could even have a experimenter take your place who doesn’t know why the experiments are being performed so that you cannot bias the experiments by interfering with the results somehow either deliberately or accidentally.

These same experiments can be applied to astrology by choosing people born at certain times, and choosing people born in each of the Zodiac sections, and seeing if some perform better then others based on what Zodiac type they fit into. To increase the evidence for your study, perform the experiments on days in which some often used types of astrology predicts a good or bad day or successful or unsuccessful day, etc. and try experiments with a few obscure types of traditional astrology (instead of endlessly testing new methods which I’m guessing, based on my experience, won’t have any evidence for them being accurate either).

What One Numerologist Has To Say About the Influence of Numbers On Luck

Name Numerology : an art full of contradiction ? – Why people with lucky names fail and those with unlucky name succeed.

It is true that numbers influence our life but they are not the decisive factor of our fate. There are many other things (known and unknown), which also influence our life to a great deal along with numbers. Therefore, a complete dependency on numbers, while deciding the future course of action, is neither necessary nor recommended. – Source

The evidence for numerology is absolute zero and it is clearly arbitrary. And once again: When will the Pope or George’s priest excommunicate him for heresy and for promoting the heresies of others and witchcraft? Does anyone agree that Catholics are false Christians?

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  1. Marisea
    November 6, 2015 at 5:20 AM

    What a dogmatic restricted view! How inappropriate this patronizing attitude comes across already in the insulting, poorly chosen words of the headline… You are a typically stubborn victim of pragmatistic-doctrines and materialistic-paradigm, but as such you won’t even realize, because you prefer smashing other people to feel superior instead of making the effort to at least trying to understand different thoughts and rethink your own restrictions! I hope you’ll get by your stagnation and open up to other ways, for your own sake!

    • November 6, 2015 at 9:08 AM

      What a dogmatic and strict “What a dogmatic restricted view!” is! Please, learn to make a point instead of using emotionalism and drama as your dogma. Good riddance and no I didn’t read more than three words passed that typical ignoramus statement. Emotions without reason is not how to please God or be good, stop thinking with your heart, that isn’t what God made it for, he gave you a brain and mind for a reason, use it already. Use google and dictionaries and LISTEN, stop being an opinion dragon.

    • November 7, 2015 at 8:12 PM

      You’re comment is dogmatic and restricted! Look even how it starts out! It’s so dogmatic and restricted in how it starts out I can’t read past it, it’s too narrow and tight, it just, uh, feels that way! Yeah! Maybe someone else will read though it. Bye, I have other better things to do with my time than read about vague anger.

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