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Are All Sinners Equal/the Same?

This isn’t what I wated posted next but I couldn’t hold it back after reading a deadly heresy: I read a blog entry a few minutes ago on Pat Robertson’s Haiti condemnation comment, and part of the entry said:

“What I am saying is that sin in any form is not distinguishable in terms of degrees or reach.”

Are you insane? Murder is equal to pushing someone hatefully, with only the intent of that one push? Severely abusing a child is equal to someone stealing a piece of cheap bread off a rich glutton who have no intention of using the bread except to let it go to waste? Hitler was eqal to Enoch, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha and John the Baptist, Mary the mother of Christ, John Calvin, John Adams or the Salem Witch Trial judge, judge Sewall, who voluntarily stood up to admit his crimes in public, in his church, repenting of them? No way! Are those who practice witchcraft and who don’t obey God are equal to Christians who love and obey God? That’s insulting to all Christians who love God and it damages the faith of whoever believes what you said, because they become confused as to whether they can become more like Christ over time as the Bible says they will, and eventually, reach perfection through God’s direct intervention.

Was the verse that taught that only those Christians who live a God-obedient life unto death get the crown of life not a big enough hint for you? Or how about where God says that he chose Israel of all the nations to bless because they were not as evil as the other races during that time when he chose them to be exalted above the other races?

And don’t you know about the unforgivable sin?

And what good is trying to obey God moreso and “better” if we simply will be the same sinner as usually?

And what the Hell:

This false “we all sin so no one is worse than anyone else” logic is what false Christians, especially when pointed out, use to justify calling themselves Christians, even calling themselves “saved” Christians while continuing to casually disobey God. We’re not all equal and you can know a tree by it’s fruit, and not all trees are equal in quality, which is an evident clear truth and what Jesus reminded us of.

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