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Bill Gates’ Global Warming Propaganda Speech Refuted

In February, 2010, Bill Gates rushed a speech at the TED building which I’ve made evident below. What makes it relevant is that his speech was classic propaganda, and that even with his great riches, “all the money in the world” figuratively speaking, his speech was childish and it showed that his wisdom was shallow, having diminished over the years. Yes, he succeeded in becoming a very rich man, the richest for many years, but that wasn’t all due to his wisdom, and especially not due to any righteous words and behavior, but in large part from having had access to his parent’s riches and being a money-hoarding, pushy schemer (2) and (hypocritical (2)).

Whether he realized he was pitching propaganda or not, I don’t know, but that is what it was. It seems to me that someone coached him in what to say, to help him continue to be on the world stage in a positive light, no doubt to try and dwarf his history of failures (the biggest of which was his, and to this day, for no apparent logical reason, allowing at least twenty-five highly efficiency-sapping annoyances in Windows XP, Vista and 7 (and here is a security major flaw that I just discovered which was recently discovered to affect nearly all Windows OS’s: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-7-dos-security-flaw,9477.html).

The speech appears to propaganda because it is dumbed down so that even children can understand it, contains simplistic lies (insulting ones), for example that make it appear as if all the top scientists in the world are in agreement with what he’s saying, which is an easily discovered lie.

Now why was his simpleton speech aimed at adults? Perhaps it was to make it look like his speech wasn’t a simplistic one meant for kids, but for adults. The main target audience must have been young adult teens, or a little older than 19, and the elderly being that people in their 20’s and up to 65 already know the line “C02 bad, makes Earth hot, ice melt, polar bears die, penguins drown, world sinks under wadder. Dis is bad.” Teens are usually to busy doing stupid things to care to remember words like C02 and the elderly, suffering from senility often and major fatigue would be likely to forget it to, and being that everyone knows Bill Gates is a billionaire (which is rare and something most people wish they were) and both a failure and a success, would be likely to at least see a partial transcript of his speech passed down by someone who was interested in what he had to say, like me. By the time I realized there was a transcript with the video’s page, I had made my own unique one, but that saves me from having to deal with copyright attacks.

Either he is severely out out of touch with reality (so that he doesn’t realize that most Westerner’s already know the basics), or didn’t realize he was being deceived into targeting teens and the elderly, that is my educated opinion.

He also, as you may have heard by now, seemed to accidentally admit that vaccines were meant to reduce the human population of the world. What would he say to make it appear as if that wasn’t what he meant, or what whoever crafted the speech for him meant. I’m thinking… Ok, now I remember what I was trying to remember: That people who are healthy and prosperous don’t have as many kids because they don’t need anyone to take care of them right away, and vaccines are supposed to make you healthier. However, during the part of that speech that he said that, the audience laughed at an interesting moment, which indicates like I said, that his audience was already informed about global warming and alleged overpopulation, especially being that they laughed at a moment that indicated they were thinking about genocide or something like it. Read and watch the video for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Here were the most relevant parts showing the childish, time-wasting, simplicity, claims without evidence, and the “top scientists are whoever I think they are” lines:

… The climate is getting worse, means that many years, their crops won’t grow. … And that leads to starvation… And so the climate changes, will be terrible for them. … Also, the price of energy is very important to them. … Advanced civilization, uh is based on advances in energy. … But, as we make it cheaper,

(takes a breath and looks worried as he starts to say): we need to meet a new constraint. And that constraint, has to do with, C02. C02, is warming the planet. Aaand, thee equation on C02, is actually euh, uh very straight forward one.

Bill helps us masses of simpleton idiots to finally understand what C02 does with this
simple picture, which is clear scientific proof that much C02 is very negative,
so negative in fact that Earth will turn into Mars in just 40 years,
at which point Windows XP will lose any chance of ever being fixed.

If you sum up, the C02, that gets emitted, that leads to temperature uh increase. And that temperature increase, leads to some very negative effects. The effects on the weather, ump perhaps worse than the indirect effects, in that, uh theih natural ecosystems can’t adjust (said adjust with emphasis) to these rapid changes, and so you get ecosystems collapses. Now the exact amount, of how you map fromuh uh, certain increase in of C02, to what temperature will be and where the positive feedbacks are, there’s some uncertainty there, but not very much. And there’s shertainly uncertainty about how bad those effects would be, but they will be extremely bad.

I asked the top scientists in this several times, “Do we really have to get down, to near zero, can’t we just you know cut in half or in a quarter, and the answer is that until we get near to zero,

the temperature will continue to rise. …

And somehow we have to make changes, that will bring that (C02) down to zero. … So we have to go from rapidly rising, to falling, and falling all the way to zero. … Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero. Uh thats… (audience makes long laugh) Uh first we’ve got population. … that’s headed up to about 9 billion. … Now if we do a really great job sooon, new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that perhaps by 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase [in population at the same time] of uh about 1.3 [percent]. (end)

After his stupid speech, he did a Q & A with an ugly middle-aged Irish person with a gay lisp (no doubt to me so that Bill would be appealing to gays and foreigners and so that his speech would seem to be of worldwide importance). That he chose an Irish person was extremely stupid, because Ireland has one of the smallest populations in the world of any country except tiny islands. It only has about four million people and has an area of 42,712 sq miles: a much population smaller than the poor African country Benin, which has 7.1 million people and is only a little larger in size at 43,483 square miles (771 square miles more). On top of that, Ireland’s population is in severe decline. The last thing they need is Bill’s vaccines.

Here is a plain contradiction that Bill made, showing that he is lying:

Now the exact amount, of how you map fromuh uh, certain increase in of C02, to what temperature will be and where the positive feedbacks are, there’s some uncertainty there, but not very much. And there’s [c]ertainly uncertainty about how bad those effects would be, but they will be extremely bad.

Besides the grammar slips, what matters most is that he said there uncertainty about how bad the effects would be, but in the next half of his short sentence says it will specifically be “extremely bad” not, “but it could be extremely bad”. So which is it: it might be bad or extremely bad?

In addition to that, Bill is either ignorant about nuclear power generators or is lying, since there are nuclear generators that don’t put out weaponizable waste, and are virtually clean power generators.

And what is he talking about when he says that ecosystems could be destroyed by the drastic weather changes: Hello Bill: ever heard of a sunny day suddenly turning rainy, or snow appearing in large amounts where there was no snow? How about giant-sized-hail showers? How about hurricanes, monsoons, floods and large forest fires? Does the plant like all just suddenly disappear never to return because of those things? When a volcano erupts and pours lava everywhere, does it stay barren of life forever? And are any of those events gradual weather changes? Obviously not, and yet he wants us all to worry and spend our hard earned money to prevent GRADUAL whether changes in which the temperature rises one or two degrees over 100 to 1000 years, which according to Darwinists, all living things would adapt to and become more complex allowing them to have greater intelligence! So these Darwinists, like Bill Gates, are blind, confused, liars, and want us to fight against evolution, the very thing they make out to be a god!

He also gave us a deadline, forty years (global warmers think 40 years is sudden?), which was very important since it gives those who are truly concerned about the truth a way to test if whether or not what these false prophets are giving us accurate prophecies, or lies.

Near the end of his speech he said that the “R & D is ridiculously underfunded”. Hey billionaire: put your money where your begging the poor to stop breathing (and in so doing kill off most of the plant life) is. Put up the bulk of your own money and hoarded charity money, then you can preach to the poor masses you believe are beneath you in all their wisdom. They were “smart enough” to buy your Hellish junk weren’t they? Junk you couldn’t be bothered to improve, but fobbed off on idiots who carried over many of the same problems from your older operating systems and introduced new ones from Hell. Here is the video source of Bill’s semi-rant.

So this is the result of turning away from God, the source of truth: believing lies, lying, and until you become insane from the confusion that results in having to filter out your own lies.

A rich man may be wise in his own eyes,
but a poor man who has discernment sees through him.
Proverbs 28:11

  1. Joseph
    March 5, 2010 at 7:15 AM

    I am an athiest. I can make no sense of this article. What the hell is your point?

    • March 5, 2010 at 7:55 AM

      I am a Calvinist. Happy that you admit to being a “very wicked person” who denies the obvious evidence that God exists. I can make no sense of your inability to understand a short amount of basic and medium-difficulty sentences. What the hell don’t you understand about the entire article? Do you have difficulty seeing? If so, first wash your eyes out with clean warm water. If you can’t afford either clean or warm water, try and find any non-abusive people who will provide you with some for free or a price that you can afford. If you have difficulty seeing well enough to find such people, try feeling your way about till you hear voices nearby, and then ask loudly for help.

      If repeatedly washing your eyes with warm clean water doesn’t help, ask someone to supervise you when you do so to see if you washing your eyes as you may not realize where your eyes are, and if you still can’t wash them correctly, ask them to wash their hands with soap and water, and to then wash your eyes for you.

      If you still cant see clearly after about four minutes after having your eyes washed, try cleaning your monitor with clean warm water and soap and a clean sponge. If you can’t afford one or more of those things see if someone who is kindly-behaved will help you to get them or wash your monitor for you if you are unable to do so.

      If that still doesn’t work you may need a new video card. If you don’t know what that is ask someone who sells or builds computers and if you can afford it, pay them to replace your video card.

      If you still have trouble understanding any of the words in this article, see an “ophthalmologist”. That’s a doctor of the eyes. Do you know what a doctor is? Ask someone or look up that word in a dictionary. Are you retarded? If many people are telling you that you are retarded or ignorant (or you can ask them after telling them your opinions about religion) see a neurologist. That’s a doctor of the brain.

      If you can’t find one or afford a neurologist and you continue to have difficulty understanding basic words and sentences, see if any kindly-behaved people will freely help you to understand basic sentences first, and harder sentences after you’ve mastered basic sentences, that will help you not to be ignorant when you want to learn about anything else, like morality, the Bible, justice, new words, and reality. It will also help you to understand at least the simplest word in this article, whatever you find that word to be.

      If after going through those actions you still can’t understand one word of this article, find a Calvinist pastor and ask him what is wrong with you and heed his advice to correct what is wrong with you. If not even that helps, then I hope you are ready to be in pain forever.

      Bye angry time-waster who made no point.

  2. Knight's match
    March 8, 2010 at 10:24 PM

    Knight’s edit in place of this harasser’s rant:

    Hi I’m a moron who when I can’t censor what people who speak out against me say, who when they show me to be a parroting moron, takes revenge by making up mere lies, conniving insults and accusations to try and make them feel pain like they made me feel by hurting my pride and daring to speak out against myself, who is God and perfect. And I use a fake email so that I don’t have to listen to genuine truth which I love to accuse them of hiding, cuz it makes me God to do that.

    I accuse anyone who shows me to be a liar of hiding the truth themselves, just like Satan does to those who love God. When someone exposes me to be a liar I just accuse them back and say what I think will hurt them most, like that they are hypocrites who hate the truth, and, I ignore any good they do including their putting up with years of harassment, stalking and murdering from people like me, and will even make clear lies to try and drive them insane, even to kill themselves. That’s what a wicked, conniving, hypocritical idiot I am. I love Satan.

    • March 8, 2010 at 11:29 PM

      Wow, I can’t even say, “At least your honest” since you admit to being a liar, and not only that, a conniving one. You’re definitely not my match. I suggest you stop trying to be like Jeff Goldblume in Jurassic Park and obsessing on being God in Dungeons and Dragons role-playing games. Accept reality, and stop sinning, and get saved. Notice the salvation links on the top right of my page? Why did you deliberately ignore them? It’s not good to be a deliberate ignorant.


      Stop spamming moron. It’s not good to spam and then accuse someone of censoring, is it? Fail.

      P.S. 2:

      Oh now you try and find out about me AFTER making your hateful hypocrite accusations? Like the Bible says, it’s a shame to speak before listening. But you’re too prideful, impatience, addicted to pleasure and mentally lazy to be honest. Shameful.

  3. Andy
    March 28, 2010 at 2:20 PM

    Knight – I encourage you to post your thoughts in the comments section of TED.com. I’m think that would get you a larger listening audience.

    • March 28, 2010 at 4:36 PM

      I appreciate the suggestion, but at the moment I’m still trying to calm down, or rather nearly dead from the few I’ve gotten here and a few on a a few other sites, and other issues from last year and other years. The pressure just keeps building. I’d probably be banned anyways and then have a new issue to be angry over, something I don’t want. Though I am surprised certain very large atheist-controlled forums haven’t banned me. I was muted though in a very large Catholic forum, so that all I could do was watch their stupid idolator-spam, babbling about the beauty of Jesus crucified in paintings. Talk about demented and sadistic. I think I avoided TED because it was really pretentious, and my netbook would be beaten by the automatic playing of their videos, I think it’s automatic. I have a new computer, but I have to downgrade it’s OS to get my approx. $69 video card to work on it, since bizzarely it won’t work with a certain Windows OS.

  4. Andy
    March 29, 2010 at 11:43 AM

    I’m curious why the forums that identify themselves as atheist haven’t moderated against you, while the theist forum has.

    Also, sorry your video card is acting up. You might try a windows update (especially if you haven’t installed the most recent service package) followed by installing the most recent driver from http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index5.aspx?lang=en-us or http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx depending whether you have an nVidia or ATI video card. Both have had major updates in the past week.

    • March 29, 2010 at 5:09 PM

      Not to be sarcastic but there is more than one “theist” forum in the world and only rarely have I been censored by them. I tried to join Puritan Boards a long time ago, and gave the info requested, showed an old version of this journal, when I’d not written very much, and was perfectly mature in my response, and got no reply that I knew of. And in the crosswalk forum (owned by salem networks), was cesored by the moderators there and banned for breaking their rules (which I didn’t) by requesting emotional support with prayer, to which the moderators replied to seek professional support (and they even got to together to discuss when I then complained against them) to affirm that I shouldn’t ask them for prayer for see some doctor (though they didn’t put it that way). And yesterday two Chrisitan forums removed my posts for prayer for two countries. But in Yahoo Answers, Fluther, Answerbag, Above Top Secret, Mybroadband.co.za, and other such high traffic sites, the more I talked (and it wouldn’t matter if I was arguing or merely giving emotional support to a suicidal person) I would get banned for some arbitrary reason without explanation, while blatant abuse and trolling is tolerated with some token bans. For example if I made peaceful comments to a suicidal person without any insults, like a, “I think you’re the idiot whining about your parents” or to call such and such suicidal hotline, or “May Jesus be with you”, and other types of stupidity. I suspect I don’t get banned from these other forums because only one or two people moderate them and are overwhelmed / too busy.

      My card wouldn’t work with XP 64 bit incredibly, the one Win. OS it wouldn’t work with. Nearly a month passed without me getting hardly any use of my computer because of that, and the three sets of drivers I had downloaded before you gave me that link wouldn’t install, and it was only with the last one that I was given a message that it didn’t work with XP 64. So I had to switch to another OS, and that is taking forever.

  5. April 24, 2010 at 7:34 AM

    Hi, colleague! I like your blog, it’s so interesting! I think it’s pretty popular, isn’t it?

    • April 24, 2010 at 10:52 AM

      Why do you call me colleague? Are you a Calvinist or a Christian who believes that he has eternal life?

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