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Amazon.com – An Ironic, Self-defeating Company

I find it odd that Amazon is excellent with giving refunds, and yet their technical support is nothing close to excellent. It seems they think they can win over any customer by insuring their customer’s don’t get ripped off, but shouldn’t the software support be just as good? What do they think the Internet is, a mere physical store? If it cost them $10,000 to get a software professional to find the glitches I mentioned some posts ago, they should have done it to avoid any bad press, any potential security holes, and major disruptions to other customers and other affiliates of the kind I described happening to me. I thought to list alternatives to Amazon, but none would allow me to be an affiliate, being short-sited bigots (obviously anti-Christians), which is another irony, since Amazon’s shareholders and CEO allows anti-Christian community moderators to persecute Christians all they want, and yet Amazon has allowed me to be an affiliate though it’s obvious I’m one of those oh so terrible “fundamentalists”, and of the worst kind: the kind that won’t shut up and make senses. Maybe it’s because they a desperate for all the help they can get against their rivals, but then why allow the communist moderator positions – ooops I meant “community” – to be filled with plainly demonic liberal and communist morons? Two examples: Two moderators blocked a review I wanted to do on some Avon apple lotion, I made a short sentence saying it smelled like fresh apples and gave it five stars. But the review was deleted. I asked why. The replies I got was about exactly this: “Our best reviews are detailed and more than one sentence.” Not sure if it was one or two replies, but I was also told by some moderator that they couldn’t tell if I liked the product or not. See the problem yet?: I gave it five stars, yet they couldn’t tell if I liked it? *Doubl- face punch!*

On top of that, how is saying “smells like fresh apples” anything but positive? I didn’t say, “smells like rotten apples”. And since when does Amazon Corp require that their moderators personally be able to tell if you liked a product or not? Yet according to Amazon then: reviews are meant to mainly benefit it’s own dimwitted moderators, and every review must say, “Well yeees I liked this”/”Well no I didn’t like this”. Talk about infantile and lacking common sense. Why isn’t a helpful description considered helpful? Why must I say, “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it”? Many people could care less about your personal feelings and would rather just have unmentioned details about your experience with a product, not “OMG I WOULD HAVE SEX WITH AMAZON FOR THIS” which was similar to a comment Amazon was boasting they had received about three months, last Christmas, ago if I remember right. I repeatedly told Amazon these things too (except the sex part I just mentioned), but did they listen, did they restore my reviews (they blocked the review more than once, which they do to me sometimes), no. And they failed to respond after I rebuked them, obviously because they knew it was obvious they were harassing me and didn’t want to make it anymore plain and end up being sued for it. It’s also obvious harassmentt being that their moderators allowed me to be splainly talked and other Christians despite me repeatedly, and I mean repeatedly, pointing it out to them, and as anyone can see, the moderators let insane and extremely useless reviews pass all the time, why then single me out? I’m so disgusted that I’ve given up giving reviews anymore. Sick of the harassment from massively stupid conniving moderators and their pet propganda trolls like Carl Flygare.

It seems likely to me that their moderators are the outlet for the uncontainable hate of the liberal shareholders of Amazon – their pressure relief  valve against those terribly evil, backwards, Christians and animal-hating, global-warming-deniers who hate humanity so much they even try and keep babies from being from being painfully cut apart, by cold psychopaths who hypocritically pretend to be better than rapists, and merely concerned with saving lives and keeping people from feeling pain (yeah, right baby-scissor-cutters – not).

Apparently, like countless other companies, Amazon would rather mistreat 60+ million “fundamentalist Christians” than make increased profits off them, and fail against it’s competitors, which can be summarized as, “Stupid and weird”.

I still have two passwords for my main account, and the weird duplicate, which a Amazon employee (apparently), asked me out of the blue here to delete, still remains, as I can find no way to get rid of it (and thanks for wasting about ten minutes of my time having me try and figure out how). So disgusted about that. But beyond my massive disgust for this hodge-podge company, it’s usually the best source for the best prices on products, sadly. But today or in a few days Lord willing ‘ll be buying all the parts I need for two new computers from Newegg.com, who is also excellent with giving deserved refunds. I’ve bought very little from them, but the purchase I intend to make soon will be my first major purchase from them. Lord willing everything will word, won’t be made up of any nasty smelling chemicals, or the kind that rub off on your skin (beware of cheap wire-insulated products from China).

I still have about 15 posts in reserve, but am exhausted from moron drunken, loud-mouthed, wall-banging, cabinet-slamming, radio and TV blasting, stairway, deck, and floor stomping neighbors who stubbornly reject godly kindness and so only get worse. I lost three and a half days of sleep in a row because of these sick idiots. Hopefully they will either turn to God or be evicted soon so I can be of better service to God and the world.

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