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What is the true, the real name of Jesus?

One or two days ago I encountered what seemed to be a cultic Christian on a file-sharing network, his user name half seemed to indicate he was a Christian, but the last part sounded like he was promoting a false god. So I asked him if that was what he was doing, and he scolded me (despite me not saying anything about these subjects) for being a polytheist and also said that Yahweh wasn’t God’s true name because there is no Y in Hebrew. I then asked him something like, “So why do Jews called Jesus ‘Yeshuah’?” He had no reply to that.

And a few minutes ago while doing research for something I was about to post on Bible prophecy, saw a link on a website over what Jesus’ name really was and discovered it was an old false teaching that I had read in 2004, which is that Jesus’ name is from a false god or gods.

To dispute in the contentious way that these people do (unless they are merely parroting and haven’t debated yet), is forbidden by God, through the apostle Paul, who called nonsensical arguing over words, “logomachy”.

I wrote a letter to this man seeing that he was disputing Jesus’ name in vain. My letter said (I removed a reference to his website location from my letter),

1) Does scripture teach to determine what the correct translation is of ANY word by cutting it into pieces and deciding if it matches the name of an ancient god? Is that even logical? Why not say, “You have to eat bananas first”? It has nothing to do with anything.

2) Your logic backfires AGAINST THE BIBLE on top of that, being that your same argument is used by anti-Christians to ATTACK THE IDENTITY OF GOD BY LINKING ELOHIM WITH FALSE GODS OF OTHER NATIONS. So you are AIDING the enemies of God.

3) The roots of the word are not known by their association with the names of gods, WHICH ARE YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO MENTION BY THE WAY BY OLD TESTAMENT LAW, but BY THEIR CONTEEEEXT. The names of the false gods you mention are not magically defined in and of themselves by the types of gods those were, though it can help to know the meaning that’s not the only way, hardly, THEIR NAMES ARE BASED ON THE USES OF THOSE ROOTS. BIG, MASSIVE, “DUH”.

4) Moron: in what language is the NT originally? MAINLY GREEK and it’s not a Hebrew translation.

5) Using your logic if the name in Greek can’t be trusted, what the Hell are you using Greek scripture for AT ALL? Blind much? Once again your logic backfires AGAINST THE BIBLE ITSELF […]

For those of you who think I was being to harsh to call him “moron” and to ask him if he was insane near the end of my letter: no, I wasn’t, because these days you can easily find the info you need on the net, a library, bookstore, or even a false Christian church, there is no excuse for major errors like this, and of all the things to misteach, to make a dispute over the entire English-speaking world calling God’s Son, “Jesus” which they’ve been doing for something like 300 years. The last thing the world needs is more confusion on how to refer to God’s Son.

What did this person say was Jesus’ real name? I don’t know, but didn’t care because the basis for his argument, was nonsense.

But here is a correct explanation as to why, in English, Jesus is called “Jesus”: http://www.biblicallifeassembly.org/library/pdf/Is_The_Name_Jesus_Pagan.pdf t call God’s Son

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