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Taylor Marshall’s, ‘Challenge to Protestants’ Defeated

These are my answers to the rant titled, “Challenge to Protestants: Is the Book of Esther in the Canon of Scripture?” by a narcissist heretic Catholic named Taylor Marshall:

“The Catholic Christian has the comfort of knowing that the Holy Spirit can lead the Church to make infallible statements.”

And whatever you, financial supporter of the abuse of children, including children who trust in Christ – you, a member of a disunified, arbitrary denomination whose pope’s are too cowardly and dishonest to declare the Shroud of Turin as genuine due to their acceptance of demonic plagued stigmatics who receive “wounds of Christ” on the wrong place (on their hands, not their wrists, where the Shroud of Turin shows they should be which anatomical scientists agree with), member of a denomination that was deceived in ancient times by a stigmatic woman who admitted to being attacked by demon rather than showing the signs of God), member of a demon which calls a “saint” a atheistic, donation-misusing, explosive-tempered, sadistic, idolatrous approver-of-false-religions, demon-harassed nun (Mother Theresa), member of a denomination that killed approximately 50 million people for not converting to Catholicism including some other Catholics falsely accused of being witches (which they killed out of pride and/or coveting that Catholic’s property), member of an idolatrous church which approves of the removal of the command not to bow down to idols (when God said that no one is to remove any part of Scripture from his word), member of denomination that says they can be possessed by demons at any time, member of a denomination that does not accept the fact that Jesus suffered and died completely for all the sins of the ones he chose to save, that no one else can suffer or die for another person’s sins or complete payment for their own, and not just some, and member of a denomination that rejects the clear fact that God’s forgiveness, mercy, love, compassion, is priceless, rather than being able to be sold and bought as the Catholic church officially permits – whatever a Catholic of this type of church says is true, is true, because it’s God. WRONG. You are not God.

“How do you know that the Book of Esther is the inspired Word of God and belongs in the canon of Scripture? This is a question I often ask Protestants.”

And whatever you say is trustworthy is trustworthy because you said so. Wrong. And who are the protestants you asked liar? You sure didn’t ask me when I challenged you to stop supporting child abuse, and to explain why you persecuted Calvin for quoting Scripture when it said that Jesus suffered Hellfire – you saying that that was the worst heresy, when Scripture makes it clear that to claim that God’s Spirit is a demon is the worst sin and that tempting a kid who is saved is clearly the second worst or among the worst. It says a lot that Catholics keep ignoring the abuse of children.

“The Protestant literally has no way to prove that the book of Esther is inspired by God and belongs in the Bible.”

Wow Taylor: You mean God can’t tell them? So God only talks to Catholics? What an arrogant oversight that was huh? Why do you miss the obvious? So people can only figure out things unless God gives them the direct answer?

By the way stereotyper, for the 6 billionth time: Protestants aren’t a Church, stop talking about us like we’re all the same. That is why you are lost and unlearned: You, if you really did ask some Protestants anything, didn’t bother asking all the main types, or anyone older than 7 years old, rather you acted like they were all the same, and avoided any real challenge to your baseless heresies.

Where’s your basic imagination ability? Suppressed by Satan obviously (just as you Catholics claim can be done). Here: I’ll help you out again:

“Little 6-year-old Jimmy’s dad, Taylor, sat in his chair in distress, he said to his son, ‘Jimmy, I’m so stressed out: despite having a mind and brain with countless neurons, I can’t figure out what the true religion is. I can’t even figure out why the book of Esther would be God’s word or not, if it is or not. I know: I’ll just believe the pope whenever he uses the magic mantra: “God said so while he was sitting on his throne.” Which in the sacred holy language of holy people is ‘ex Cathedra’. Jimmy then said to his dad, ‘Well if God put it in his word isn’t it his word?’ Taylor got a look of confusion on his face, hating his son for saying what sounded stupid to him. ‘Idiot what are you talking about? What are you some dumb Protestant? One of those fundies?’ Though Jimmy didn’t understand what his dad said, he felt hurt at his dad’s tone. Then his dad said, ‘It doesn’t say it’s God’s word you moron! Now how are you, an unspecial little idiot going to say you know!’ Jimmy replied, ‘But why would God need to say he’s the one that said it all the time? Can’t you tell if he’s talking to you or not.’ Taylor’s pride was hurt and he became very offended and immediately pushed his son on the forehead. Jimmy felt very sad that his dad was being violent and that no one was around to see it. Taylor then said, ‘It doesn’t say it’s his word you little idiot. Want me to take you to that child-molesting priest?’ His son replied with a distressed pleading tone: ‘But dad it’s in his word.’ ‘How do you know what is his word you little bastard!’ His dad replied with a red face and hateful frown.’ ‘Because his Spirit is in me,’ his son replied. Taylor immediately replied, ‘Blasphemer! You don’t accept the pope! You can’t accept God’s word if you don’t trust in the pope as your savior! You are no son of mine to talk to me like this! How about we go to that child-molesting priest now! Huh! How would you like that you little fundie! I’m the one with God’s Spirit in me because I trust pope!’ Suddenly a demon entered his dad and it ran away from Jimmy and out a window, and his dad fell to the ground and died.

Was that so hard to imagine Taylor? Now little Jimmy isn’t right, as anyone can stick a book into God’s word, but are you right in your logic?

“It is never quoted in the New Testament.”

Why would it need to be quoted in the New Testament? Did God say, “Unless I quote a book from the Old Testament then it’s not valid.”? No moron, he did not. And your logic also implies that God would need to requote every single verse in the New Testament. Talk about “blind” and “without God’s Spirit” and “they have no common sense”.

Neither does Genesis say, “The next book after this one is going to be called Exodus, and that’s how you’ll know it’s my word, and this is what it will say: […], and it’s going to be God’s word cuz I said so.” NOR DOES IT HAVE TO, BECAUSE MERE CLAIMS AREN’T HOW YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT GOD’S WORD IS. If you believe mere claims make you or anyone else right (but conveniently not those Protestants), you are biased and insane and think you are equal to God in authority despite what you MERELY CLAIM with your mouth. You suffer from narcissism, from extreme pride.

“It never mentions the word “God” in its pages.”

So if it mentions, “God” in some sentence, then that would verify the whole book of Esther huh? You’re an illogical idiot.

Neither does God need to say before every single sentence: “I, God says:”. No; You’re a moron. And that also shows your bad logic: So if something says, “God says,” then it’s his word? Are you massively illogical and gullible? YES. YOU DON’T FIGURE OUT WHAT GOD’S WORD IS BY WHETHER OR NOT THE PERSON WHO MAKES THE STATEMENT MERELY CLAIM THAT IT WAS GOD’S WORD OR THAT GOD WAS SPEAKING THROUGH HIM. How can you not know the utter obvious? It is because you are UTTERLY SPIRITUALLY BLIND.

“We don’t know who wrote it.”

You don’t speak for 60 million Calvinists let alone 120 million Protestants you royal “We” narcissist. You aren’t my spokesperson, you aren’t my king. Stop speaking for me and misrepresenting me stupid.

“Even the first century Jews could not agree on its place as Scripture.”


AND WHEN DID THE CATHOLIC CHURCH FIRST EXIST? ACCORDING TO YOU CATHOLICS IT WAS AT ABOUT THE TIME JESUS DIED. SO THEN, RACIST, USING THAT INSANE LOGIC, THE APOSTLES WERE NOT SAVED, DID NOT KNOW OR UNDERSTAND GOD’S WORD, BECAUSE THERE WAS NO CATHOLIC TO TELL ANYONE, “THIS IS GOD’S WORD.” USING YOUR LOGIC EVERYONE BEFORE CHRIST WENT TO HELL BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T TELL WHAT GOD’S WORD WAS. Catholics didn’t exist before Jesus was born Taylor, how then did any Jews or anyone at all know what God’s word truly was if only Catholics can know and understand how to be saved? Catholic tradition didn’t exist either, let alone “ex Cathedra”. So you would have the world believe that hundreds of thousands of Jews, even Moses and John the Baptist, perhaps over a million people that God saved, went to Hell because they didn’t have a pope in Rome with the magic “ex cathedra” line? Obviously God’s Spirit was given to those who were not Catholics and Catholicism then is not the one true religion as you claim it is. You current pope and the previous pope don’t believe that Catholicism is the only way to eternal life. What’s that say about your denomination’s unity when your own heads oppose millions of you on the heart of Christianity: Who the true God is and how to be saved? You’re right thoug: there is only one true religion, but TO THOSE WHO AREN’T SPIRITUALLY BLIND, you are clearly opposed to it.

“I sometimes also ask [and whatever you claim is true is true cuz u said so], ‘How do you know that the Book of Third John is the inspired Word of God and belongs in the Bible?”

Taylor, why are you repeating yourself? Why wasn’t Esther a good enough example? Is there something more special about the New than Old Testament? Did the Pope tell you to imply that the Old Testament, the Law and Prophets on which the New Testament is based, is inferior? No: why then are you speaking like a Pope having just said the magic “ex coooohtheeeedraaaaaah” spell?

“It doesn’t claim to be written by an apostolic author and its authority was doubted by many early Christians.”

Redundant genius: repeating yourself doesn’t make you right either, okay “vain repition” Catholic?: See above.

“The Catholic Christian has the comfort of knowing that the Holy Spirit can lead the Church to make infallible statements.”

So now you speak for all Catholics Mr. “Whatever I Say is True is True Because I Said, ‘I Haaaaaaaaaave the Spiriiiiiiiiiiiiit!'”, Mr. He-man Catholic? No: Whatever you say is not true merely because you feel you are, say you are, or say it with your magic, “Well I have the Spirit” spell.

And so all Catholics know and understand God’s word well, including the the millions of nominal (divided by their ignorance by you Pharisee Catholics) which are accepted into your false church as being Pharisees just like you? Amazing that despite the obvious disunity in your church you even speak for them as if you were all one. Truly: you are all one, and divided.

“Thus, the Bible is an infallible collection of infallible books.”

Bananas = oranges because many Catholics, not just priests abuse and molest other Catholic children, and that deserves having a millstone placed around their neck and them being thrown into the sea afterwards. How about not making illogical claims like that? Narcissist babbler who could care less about Truth, does this make any sense:

“The Catholic Christian has the comfort of knowing that the Holy Spirit can lead the Church to make infallible statements = Thus, the Bible is an infallible collection of infallible books.”

NO: FEELING COMFORT IN A BELIEF DOESN’T MAKE ANOTHER BELIEF TRUE. YOUR MERE FEELINGS DO NOT MAKE YOU RIGHT TAYLOR. And what happened to the Spirit? First it’s God’s Spirit justifies you because you said so, then it’s “comfort in believing you have the Spirit” justifies the magic Catholics. Which is it: your sacred, infallible feelings or God’s Spirit? You can’t serve two masters Catholics: You will love one and hate the other.”

“However, the Protestant must follow the line that R.C. Sproul often gives: The Bible is a fallible collection of infallible books.”

Uh, no, we must not follow R.C. Sproul; we must follow God as God alone, not whatever you merely claim is true, you hypocritical accuser. So do as you say but not as you do huh: “It’s okay for Catholics to follow their own mere claims, but not okay for those all-the-same Protestants to follow whatever R.C. Sproul says”? Typical Catholic: You endlessly contradict yourselves because you fail to see acknowledge that you are inferior to God and not like him in goodness.

“The Protestant can never give a reason for why he believes that Esther or 3 John belong in the canon of Scripture.”

See above.

You are God-hating, prideful, lost, blind, hypocrite and liar, and I will not read the rest of your bitter, time-wasting, slanderous, hypocritical, lies IN WHICH YOU PREVENT ANY FURTHER COMMENTS AFTER “105” NO DOUBT MADE BY MANY CATHOLICS, AND FEW PROTESTANTS, AS IF A FEW PROTESTANTS REPRESENTS 60+ MILLION CALVINISTS. ON TOP OF THAT YOU DON’T EVEN ALLOW THOSE REPLIES TO BE SEEN!:


With an injured right shoulder socket and muscles, and slow netbook, it took me about 40 minutes to write the bulk of this reply. And can you show your Catholic friends and us “Protestants” your Pope-approved, ex cathedra, Sacred-Tradition-reply Taylor, and not your defective, error-prone word? Clearly it would be just as bad as you all do the same thing: hold your feelings and word above God’s word and his traditions. I’ll praise you for this, “however”: at least your rant wasn’t filled with pretentious words. Your attitude, “however”, is a “different matter”.

So much for you being an honest and fair person.

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The uniqueness of Esther: http://www.estherofthebible.com

A view of Esther which gives evidence as to why it is not God’s word:


Whether it is God’s word or not, this is for sure: It’s not his word for any of the illogical reasons you gave.


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  1. Debbie Carter
    October 13, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    You sir are quite the devout Christian, but also quite the aggressor. Your belief is so great,, in fact, that you failed to respond properly to the works of Taylor Marshall. Firstly, this article is extremely biased and discriminating. Secondly, who in the world will take this seriously when you’re insulting the guy more than you are disproving his points. Your reply to “We don’t know who wrote it” has almost nothing to do with the statement. And please stop using capital letters; not only does it make you looks desperate but also, as I said, makes this hard to take seriously.
    Although it seems like vent literature more than anything else, it’s good to know people still take the time to share their opinions.

    • October 21, 2010 at 2:17 PM

      “You sir are quite the devout Christian, but also quite the aggressor.” And whatever the narcissist babbler says is true is true because she said it with eloquence and a smug attitude. Right? Grow up, stop assuming, stop being a negative fault-finding hypocrite.

      Skipping the rest of your rant which I”m not going to bother to read, you ended with: “Although it seems like vent literature”

      Hint: instead of confusing your mind and the minds of others with pretentious babble like that, speak simply, stop devoting your mental work to puffed up speech and devote it to logic you passive aggressive hypocrite.

      “more than anything else,”

      You’re so wise.

      “it’s good to know people still take the time to share their opinions.”

      Which people you moron? Everyone who gives any opinion is doing good? You’re that stupid to say that? Wow. So Hitler lover, so Satan lover, every non-evidence based statement is good to you huh? That children should be abused and raped against the law of God is a good opinion to you? You are not God, you are mentally and spiritually sick, a person who hates those who disagree with her personal feelings, rather than hating disobedience to the good laws of your God, whom you deliberately ignore. I will not worship you or any opinion, and lying moron: stop implying that I argue against anything anyone says you oaf who deliberately lies like that, anyone you idiot – but you’re a careless idiot – can see I don’t do that, but what angers you is people who don’t approve of THE HATRED THAT YOU APPROVE OF AND WHO APPROVE OF WHAT IS TRULY GOOD, YOU LYING, NEGATIVE AGGRESSOR AND FAULT-FINDER. DON’T EVER AGAIN ACCUSE ME OF BEING THE EVIL PERSON YOU ARE YOU HYPOCRITE WHOSE SINS ARE NOT COVERED, BUT WHO IS STILL IN HER SINS, HATED BY GOD.

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