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Extra-Biblical Information On What the Anti-Christ Might Be Like and How He Might Rise to Power

If I were someone who wanted to take over the world, I would first become famous. If possible, I would become a good rock musician, fluent in multiple languages and hold concerts in all the countries of the world, singing sons in thecoair langauge. After obtaining great wealth, I would buy the most shares in certain major oil, natural gas, coal and farming companies, and I would buy portable super-computers (right now the PS3 slim and quad-core laptops are the most affordable portable computers closest to super computers) for a military command center and elite army. I would create many emp bombs. I would buy hundreds of small cargo aircraft, cargo boats and trucks (and use them for my own shipping company) and buy a cellphone company, or small ones throughout the world and merge them all into one communications business. I would wait for the the U.S.A., to either become run down, or wait for it to be on the verge of recovery, which is when it would be at it’s most hopeful and militarily vulnerable. I would wait for a conferance between the world’s leaders to discuss business laws or celebrate the nearing of the recovery, if that didn’t happen in time, I would wait for major business leaders of the world and high politicians to meet, which is already done by the Bilgerbergs. I would then either fire a missile at them, and missiles at the diplomatic embassies of the world which are the most important to each country (which would depend on the trade relations between countries). I would also have men set off hidden explosives in important cities all over the world, targeting hotels, in order to stop the important tourism profits of all countries and scare everyone into not flying for a while. After the the horrible news was given enough time to spread throughout the world, a few days. This would crash the economies of the world again and send the world into despair, hoping for someone to rescue them all from death, their severe depression over endless wars, stagnating, becoming poorer, starving or dying. At that time I would go on national television, as I had planned to do before the “chaos”, and call upon the world to be calm and assure them that I would restore order and bring them into a new age of prosperity and to use my own money to do so. I would promise to find the people responsible for the mass killings and destroy them. After getting my message across, I would then explode EMP bombs over the major cities of Amerca (my towers would be protected from the bombs) at a height that would affect a ten mile radius. I would have a military united pretending to be a Christian or Muslim terrorist group, begin to take over the Internet by taking over the  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number. Then sI would end in another unit who would pretend to defeat them, but I would keep my second unit stationed at ICANN in order to  subtly and eventually take control over them.

I would only permit government leaders to use my cellular network, and for a small fee, and offer them military protection from terrorists, but only if they supported my attempt to become the world’s ruler. With the communications networks heavily affected, I will have put the world in an even greater state of fear and their focus would be all the more on me to save them. I would then use my military to occupy all the cellular communications headquarters of the world and take them over. I would also take over the cellular tower making headquarters and manufacturers of the world and take them over. I would then use them to start restoring the cell towers I destroyed and set up more around the world in order to spread my propaganda. I would then use my cargo company to distribute large amounts of cheap corn-based food all over the world for free, give away free fuel, and help drill water wells all over poor areas of the world. I would also sell them fuel for a cheap price. I would make sure my false good deeds were shown live all over the world and replayed often. I would make myself mysterious by having a temple built in some beautiful mountain top area covered with snow, to worship my personal god, and have smaller temples for myself made in other various parts of the world for private worship. I would allow myself to be seen worshiping in my temple, worshiping before a man-sized idol of my god. If anyone asked me what the idol respresented, I would say that my religion is private, but hint a little as to what my god’s strengths were. Then, to make my rule more secure, and prevent myself from being overthrown or anyone from becoming richer than me, I would try to take over all the fortresses of the world containing precious jewels or metals, increasing my riches, and using them to build my businesses and military strength up even more and to pay off my workers. I would crush any group that opposed me and show live if I could.

I, to keep my promise about finding and destroying the culprits for the mass murders of the world’s political leaders and most powerful businessmen, would target the Christians as the culprits of the world (many of whom, including the “Christian” Catholic Pope, who would no doubt be speaking out against me for promoting idolartry) and plant evidence on the Christians who speak out against me and then show the planted evidence (laptops with the mass murder plans on them) being discovered live as their homes after they are broken into. The fake evidence would show a fake network of Christian terrorist cells composed of all the types of Christians of the world and various Bible verses among the plans twisted to make them look like they were used to justify the bombings. Then I would show mugshots of the Christians that opposed me as suspected terrorists or definte terrorists and offer rewards of some kind for their live capture, so that I could force them in front of the world to confess to being a terrorist (but not actually having had anything to do with the bombings in order to make their false confession easier for them) and to then denounce their “terrorist” religion, or be exeucted by an angry starved mob of very hardened Christian-hating prisoners.

Perhaps millions of Catholics would speak out against me, being that many of them are opposed to any worship of or (“through” as they say, wrongly thinking that the Bible only speaks out against the worship of idols) and especially if they suspected that my persecution of all types of Christians included them. It would probably happen, and if it did, in order to protect my reputation as a good person, I would plant evidence on various prominent Catholics who were not speaking out against me, so that it didn’t look like I was planting evidence on only people who spoke out against me, and plant evidence on only a few Catholics who spoke out against me to make the false discoveries seem more real. I would also free some Catholics and claim to the world that it was because there eitehr wasn’t enough evidence against them to convict them, or because the evidence pointed to some other Catholic, which would help make the investigators appear to be honest. But I would continue planting false evidence and even get people to pretend to be Christians and have them say evil things in order to make all Christians look bad, and get rid of them as threat and annoyance once and for all.

If you think this is unrealistic, ask yourself why it would be, and try to remember what Hitler, Alexander the “Great”, Nero, all the pagan Romans, Mohammed, Illuminati, Free Masons and ancient Catholics did.

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