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Alex Jones Partners With Con Man David Icke

A few days ago Alex Jones had David Icke on, a man who was humiliated in Britain for his claim to be the Son of God (as in Jesus Christ). Most likely, to hide his shame, he decided to play fault-finder and increase his wisdom about the world. David Icke is known by hundreds of thousands of people for his claim that the world is being ruled by Satanic reptilian aliens who commit the evil of being attracted to human children and torturing them in extremely horrible ways (an obvious attempt to take advantage of people’s fears of people who find children sexually attractive (and probably the supposed honorable side of criminals in prison even, who pride themselves on being better than “pedophiles”), and to appear to be an angel of light by doing so). David Icke also teaches that most people have a false reality, in that they don’t realize what they are living in is a deceptive hologram (he no doubt read or heard of the old book (A Holographic Universe), for over a year now at least. That’s his fancy way of saying, “The world is brainwashed” in order to appear wise.

On the 18th, Icke was on the Alex Jones show, and said something that Alex no doubt hated, which was, “We don’t need to defend ourselves”, which is an absurd statement, and contradicts Icke’s own teachings to protect yourselves from Reptilian brain-programming, and your children from being kidnapped and tortured by them, yet Alex didn’t disagree, no doubt pandering to Icke because of Icke’s large following. On the 22, Alex started talking about how things were worse than he had predicted, much worse, and said that he was holding back information. Then he said, “That’s right ladies and gentleman, I’m holding information back. … The history we’ve been given is nothing close to reality. We’re living in a matrix of deception. The human brain is a computer…” Sounds like he’s been reading Icke’s books or listening to Icke’s lectures or interviews, or both. Alex has further damaged his reputation with this false drama, and by having partnered with the con man Icke.

Alex also said that we wouldn’t believe what he knows, and that it’s so bad that they would forget the other things he talks about. But he implied that he doesn’t talk about it because he only publishes what he can document. Perhaps he meant that with his own eyes he’s seen things that he couldn’t document. Regardless, why can’t he say? He doesn’t have to name names. People say anecdotal things all the time. He even let David Icke, who makes absurd claims about Reptilians and the claim that there are Reptilian covens severely torturing children in mass all over the world, and yet Alex let him on his show. And what’s worse than over a million of babies every two years being cut up and thrown in the trash without even anesthetizing them first (and sometimes their own mothers are the ones directly murdering them, not just permitting the murder by an evil stranger)? Why then won’t Alex to spend a few minutes telling his anecdotes? So for Alex to have said he was holding back super-bad information makes him sound delusional or a liar using scare-tactics to scare people into action, or to worship him for his special secret knowledge. Alex Jones, though very honorable, is clearly suffering from narcissism, and making true Christians look bad by making silly side-comments and ranting.

When words are many, sin is not absent,
but he who holds his tongue is wise.

Proverbs 10:19

  1. Jenkins
    April 23, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    I don’t really see Alex Jones as ‘honorable’ in any way, really. The documentaries and such that I’ve watched of him mainly just consist of him driving around with a bullhorn and harassing people.

    As for David Icke, the way he gets people like my roommate to believe him is to sell them something that makes them feel like they know something the rest of us don’t know. Many people have asked me why I hate David Icke so much, and this is just it. He and his followers have an air about them that pretty much says that the rest of us rational human beings are ignorant to the global reptilian conspiracy, and it’s gained a nearly religious following. I’m not sure why people follow a man who, for a brief period only dressed in turquoise and called himself “The Son of Godhand”… He’s not just a con man but a damned lunatic.

    • April 23, 2010 at 3:44 PM

      “I don’t really see Alex Jones as ‘honorable’ in any way, really. The documentaries and such that I’ve watched of him mainly just consist of him driving around with a bullhorn and harassing people. ”

      No offense you don’t sound like a Christian, not that you must be to have some right judgment, and the same is true for Alex. There are things that people do which are honorable, though not necessarily good. Alex’s documentaries are certainly not simply him going about harassing people, if that were the case he’d have little to no audience except for clearly mentally ill people, or severely mentally ill, who’d end up in heated verbal or physical fights all the time like white supremacists get into. Alex’s main fault (besides rejecting true Christianity), is that like most radio show hosts, has fallen into the trap of thinking that he must strictly have a slot for commercial time and one for talking or one for talking to the audience. But is it really so hard to figure out that you could instead of “ranting” as he admits to doing often (though ironically he often says he’s doing it at times when he’s not – big surprise he gets that wrong too!) simply have a wise partner to talk to? And now that I think about it, he may have moments where he has no callers, and so keeps talking till he has ones lined up so as not to seem like he’s being ignored and as if the show is becoming irrelavant or unpopular, but that’s still no excuse for endless talking, which is vain. One caller yesterday said that Alex was egocentric, and said it was a good thing, and the caller clearly had the same pride problem by saying such a thing, since an overly inflated sense of pride, though it can lead to good, repels and grates on the humble and attracts man-worshipers, generating the so called cult-of-personality. He clearly is narcissistic, because if you listen to him when he has no high profile or victimized guests, he’ll go on and on and on and will start to not make sense, like yesterday, and it’s not just now and then, he does that often. I’m sure he has plenty of callers to talk to, and isn’t simply waiting for a line up. On top of that, why doesn’t he have more victimized guests? Though he makes a big deal about it, he only talks to some victims on the phone now and then, rather than inviting them over as guests like Ron Paul or people who’ve made the news, or a few callers now and then, giving them about 10 minutes to talk at the most, which is something a narcissist will do: mainly associate to people who are very much the center of attention except when trying to make yourself the center of attention or look important.

      “As for David Icke, the way he gets people like my roommate to believe him is to sell them something that makes them feel like they know something the rest of us don’t know.”

      This is what happens with narcissists, prideful people: they don’t give credit to others or diminish it (like many non-Christians will do to Christians and like cultic ones will do to other Christians and the rest of the world) and or by making themselves the center of attention, which by doing so makes it seem like they are greater than others as is anyone who accepts their knowledge. Narcissists and narcissitic people and conmen and women who have a good voice, appearance and who are bold easily pray on the generally ignorant, especially those ignorant about the specific teachings of the major religions and the divisions within them, especially Christianity since it’s had non-stop influence on the Western world and has spread significantly all over the world (there are millions of Christians in Africa now, and remote places all over the world).

      “Many people have asked me why I hate David Icke so much, and this is just it.”

      You shouldn’t hate anyone since we’re all imperfect, but what’s not to like abot David is, besides his arrogance, is his misusing the facts he knows to get people to believe lies. The sad thing is is that David might have been not turned out so bad had he not been mocked that one day on that talk show, but instead given simple insights, in private, so as not to humiliate him, since he was obviously believing in silly things, which if exposed in public, would obviously lead to humiliation, and deep bitterness, and that’s exactly what happened that day.

      “He and his followers have an air about them that pretty much says that the rest of us rational human beings are ignorant to the global reptilian conspiracy, and it’s gained a nearly religious following.”

      I’d say most of them are mentally ill, not simply morally ignorant and lacking common sense, I think it’s because they are morally ignorant and lacking common sense that lead them to become mentally ill enough to believe something so absurd as that the world is ruled by reptilians because they saw some blurry videos on Youtube of President Bush’s eyes suddenly becoming reptile-like. There’s no evidence that the videos and others like it weren’t manipulated, and even if those changes really happened, no evidence it wasn’t simply demons playing “tricks” which they sometimes make visible for fun (not that demons can do whatever they want to whenever, but obviously make illusions and sometimes manipulate material things).

      “I’m not sure why people follow a man who, for a brief period only dressed in turquoise and called himself “The Son of Godhand”…”

      Oh so you are aware of that show, good.

      “He’s not just a con man but a damned lunatic.”

      I can’t tell what his motives are, but to me it’s obvious that he’s working out of bitterness over what happened to him on that show, and hoping to bury it so deeply that it’s forgotten forever. Ironically, according to the Bible at least, it will be exposed to the universe and be an eternal source of humiliation for him, and more ironic, he’ll be buried with his shame.

  2. Jenkins
    April 24, 2010 at 9:01 AM

    You’re correct, I’m not a Christian. I did grow up Catholic and have been confirmed, but for reasons that are my own, I lost the faith. Not that I don’t believe in a God, just not necessarily the Catholic version of God. In any case, I did go back and watch a few more Alex Jones videos rather than the ones I saw on Comcast On Demand a year ago or so, and I must say, he does seem less like a man going around harassing people than he did a year ago. Perhaps it was the nature of the video (that I can’t seem to recall the name of) that turned me off. It seems that Jones focuses more on the information, rather than the outrageous.

    I shouldn’t have used “hate”, I admit, as it is a very strong word. Severely dislike may have worked better, but my reasoning for it is because I’ve seen two roommates now fall to what I call David Icke-ism almost to the point where they believe that everything is a conspiracy. I think they even mentioned something about gravity being a conspiracy, though I can’t be sure, since I was drunk at the time.

    On top of his bitterness for being humiliated in public over his silly beliefs, I think this reptilian conspiracy of his has also just become a way for him to capitalize on the fears and insecurities of those people that are mentally ill enough to believe those blurry videos of George Bush’s eyes flickering or whatever. If you look at his books, they range from $25 – $60 a shot, which is a bit pricey for someone claiming to simply want to bring the truth to people.

    I also think that a lot of the reasoning for people following Icke is that it’s a way for them to place responsibility for the human race’s shortcomings on an outside force. It’s a way for them to say, “Well, it’s the reptilians’ fault, not much we can do about it”, which in a way, makes them feel secure in the fact that its not humanity causing the world’s wars, pollution and hunger, but an evil force from outer space.

    • April 24, 2010 at 10:51 AM

      Mankind is always looking for justification for his unjust anger, for those who don’t believe in God, they blame everything but him, for those those who do believe in him, they blame him. Not that no one else has any part in causing another to sin, because the Bible teaches Satan is mostly responsible for the extreme delusion and cruelty in the world, and not that everyone is continually misplacing blame on God, but everyone does it, even those who say he doesn’t exist feel hatred for him, but are too bitter to admit it and don’t want to believe he exists.

      Many people also go with false causes knowing it is false, to try and take advantage of others, or to have fun manipulating them to their hurt (which is what psychopaths do). And others are psychopathic because of the abuse they’ve suffered, or not getting their way, but not full psychopaths, just very bitter.

      The ironic thing is that in a way, there are evil reptilian rulers, that’s how God symbolizes Satan and indirectly, the fallen angels, calling them (cold-hearted) vipers (what Jesus called the Pharisees and Sadducees). This symbolism was told to Adam and Eve, and their children used the symbolism in their histories, which became more and more distorted over time depending on the culture, which is why there are many similar stories throughout the world concerning the origins of man. And it’s become distorted again: some have turned the symbolism into evil aliens. It’s interesting how these aliens are tied in to UFO’s which are mostly seen flying around, how the ships are rarely alike, and how the Bible says,

      “you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit now working in the sons of disobedience” Ephesians 2:2

      It’s also strange how these aliens rarely show themselves except to act insane (like demons do) kidnap (and according to the Bible the hearts of men are imprisoned by Satan like a strongman who has people imprisoned), and endlessly torture using “medical instruments”, even cutting up cows and other animals, for no logical reason (and demons are known as tormentors). Why for many decades have “greys” (strangely it’s usually the greys and not other types of aliens) been performing the same experiments and when they clearly could just clone humans or animals or terraform some nearby moon? Why does their medical technology never advance? And how if it is true that they can cut into people without leaving a mark, are scars sometimes left? That reminds me of “reincarnation” victims, some of whom are found to have birthmarks in the form of the wounds that killed them, yet why don’t other reincarnated people have similar wounds? This arbitrariness reminds me of demons, and whom are either sometimes forgetful, or whom are prevented from getting their way (and like the Bible says, God hinders them). I’m not saying all UFO’s are demonic, but it surely isn’t a coincidence that these greys are nonsensical psychopathic torturers. Another sign that this reptilian delusion is from Satan, is that these reptilian-ruler believers also believe that they are: shapeshifters. Remind you of anything? That sounds just like demons, who being spirits, can easily change shape.

      What is also bizarre is that these greys aren’t reptilian, and reports of reptilian aliens are next to none or none at all. The closest has been praying mantis-like beings. And this too is a clue, ironically, that these are demons, or demonic constructs, because if he had his way, he’d make these aliens reptile-like, but again, it’s as if he’s being hindered — God is preventing him from weaving whatever story-line he wants. And why would God be so interested in keep aliens from appearing reptilian? No doubt so that mankind has more stumbling blocks of confusion to trip over. That is the way God works: he gives us things to look at, which if we don’t pay attention to carefully, end up being illusions. But suppose God allowed Satan to make these greys to look like reptiles, what would the effect be? One: mankind would then think, “Ah hah, we’re right, reptiles are behind this” and they would become so locked into believing the lie that there would be much less possiblity of convincing anyone that it was a lie. And worse, the Christians who love God would start to lose faith, thinking that reptilian aliens really were manipulating mankind thoughout history, and that the serpent in Genesis and dragon in Revelation and angels, were all just misinterprations of alien beings. So it makes sense that God would hinder Satan from making a very coherent illusion.

      You may not be aware of this, but there are two types of Christians: those who believe salvation from Hell, forgiveness, and God’s love, must be earned or kept, and another type: those who believe God gives all those things as a gift, and changes the heart of some to willingly accept that gift (not force it against their will). One type, which the Catholics are a great example of, are always sinful (which has become very obvious to many because of the child-abuse reports). But the other has shown it’s peacefulness. These two types are enemies, but God put people who weren’t strongly religious in charge of many countries, so that the Catholics wouldn’t kill off the peaceful type.

      Also, if you find it strange that so many would believe in something as absurd as shape-shifting reptialians, remember that the Bible said that the last days would get worse and worse till such a time came that was worse than anything before, and clearly mental illness is spreading and great lawlessness (for example the increasingly bad rapes of both men and women in Congo, and endless brutal harassment of Christians in communist countries, and the increasing disrespect shown to anyone at all, religious or not, due to the lack of punishment of those who do wrong. It’s a self-worsening cycle: the more lawlessness their is (disobedience without punishment), the more people will be disobedient, including victims, in order to get back what they lost or to take revenge. There is no sign that this is letting up: economies are collapsing while there are only a few token punishments of some of the worst criminals. Eventually the whole world will be as corrupt as the most corrupt places if the moral decay continues.

  3. Kevin Colegate
    March 1, 2011 at 12:03 AM

    in terms of the original article posted here I thank the author for setting me right about icke. and as for alex jones he seems to be another figurehead in the deception of the public.

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