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George Noory Stupidly Cuts off Caller

A few minutes ago a C2C AM host, George Noory, cut off a guest caller when she was in the middle of giving a fascinating story about her Ouija board experience, when she was at the point of saying what happened to a friend of her whom she used the o. board with, who had a deep cut in her hand bandaged over. She said her cut friend finally told some friends, but not her, why she had the cut, and that “dark figures were following her” and then George cut in and said not to play with Ouija boards and immediately went to another caller, and that caller didn’t ask George why he cut the previous one off, but joyfully said he would listen to George and not play with Ouija boards. I’ve heard George twice and once a few days ago, say that callers didn’t want to hear his opinions but what his guests have to say, why then did he do such a stupid disgusting thing? The caller hadn’t even been for long. Ian Punnet never would have done that and would have had the caller send him the rest of the story or wait till after a commercial break. George is truly a sickening jerk. I hope the caller who told that story will contact me and tell me the rest of it.

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