The Water Killers

While listening to Coast to Coast A.M. tonight about the “Smiley-face Killer/s” (it’s actually morning now as I’m typing this) I just heard a story from one caller that might possibly be related, and he said that a hunter’s body had been found in underwear by an inaccessible pond, but that the police could not get to the body beacuse of the thick brush and had to use mechanical equipment to remove it and then discovered it was a body. I then realized that these killers might not be human, but alien – if the body wasn’t able to be reached by normal means, and if the body had no signs of damage as the caller said, how then could it have gotten where it was, without being scratched by the brush? And if the body wasn’t killed by any normal means, perhaps it was by an alien substance or directed energy of some type. The journalist who investigated the Water Killer deaths said that the original project name was hindering her getting the police to take her seriously, so I came up with the name Water Killers, since the dead bodies turn up near water.

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