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Ian Punnet: Not a Calvinist or Arminian

“…I don’t know how it happened, but I became that person.” – Kristi Piehl on the 2/15/2010 edition of the Coast to Coast AM show. Ian Punnet casually replied, “That’s called destiny.”

On the same show, later on during “open calls”, a stomach-wrenchingly stupid Christian called to condemn him, in a simpleton’s way, and asked him if he thought he’d go to Hell or Heaven. Ian replied, “I can’t make that decision. Ultimately it’s not my decision to make.” (2:16 A.M.). So Ian avoided answering if based on his dieeds he believed he’d be let into Heaven, and condemned himself with that answer without the stupid Christian realizing it, being that Ian was admitting he didn’t obey God well enough to know if God approved. The Bible clearly states, “Make sure your salvation.” It’s also a verse that Arminians commonly use against Calvinists.

He also said to the stupid Christian, “In the tradition that I grew up in, redemption is possible at any point.” (2:17 A.M.), making it clear that Ian holds traditions of men above the teachings and commands of God. I wonder if Ian is aware of the verse that says that Christ will not come to suffer for sins again, but to instead bring those he loves into Heaven. Ian also did not understand the simple, “But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” verse (Matthew 19:30), which ironically is just the opposite of Ian’s convenient traditional belief in being able to get Christ to suffer for your sins over and over. Yet he brought that verse up to the stupid Christian, claiming that it meant that we should strive to be last, so that you’ll end up first. should strive to be last (which is clearly nonsensionsensical because the verse doesn’t say, “only”, it says, “many” and on top of that also says that many who are first will be last, and so Ian if he were trying to be last, would, using his circular reasoning, end up first again. It’s almost as if he were mocking the Bible, or perhaps those who took the Bible literally. And if that is what he was doing, he would still be in the wrong being that the verse does have literal parts, like, “Don’t lie” and “Don’t murder” and “Love the Lord your God with all your heart”. On top of that, there is no reason to interpret Matthew 19:30 figuratively since there are no figures of speech in it, and nothing symbolic. What Jesus meant was that many who are losers in the race of living as well as you can in this world by disobeying God, will be the winners, forgiven of their sins, and that many who were the winners of the race in this world to live a happy life, will be the losers, ending up never-to-be-forgiven, forever in Hell.


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