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Did Birds Evolve From Dinosaurs?

Ugh, I just heard Michael Savage say that he was “amazed that birds came from dinosaurs”, and that when you see a pelican it was obviously a pterodactyl: oh yes, so obvious. Not obvious at all unless Satan has deluded you:

The Racine Debate, Jul 1, 1978

As a Transitional Form Archaeopteryx Won’t Fly, Sep 1, 1989

Archaeoraptor: Featured Dinosaur from National Geographic Doesn’t Fly, Mar 1, 2000

Does ‘Sue’ prove that dinosaurs evolved into birds?, May 30, 2000

Thunderbirds: Did the American Indians see ‘winged dinosaurs’?, March 2002

Feathered Dinosaurs?, May 16, 2005

“Ostrich-osaurus” discovery?, Mar 28, 2005

A “One-Hundred-Million-Year-Old Bird” is Still a Bird, Jun 20, 2006

Dinosaurs vs. Birds: The Fossils Don’t Lie, Sep 1, 2006

Did Dinosaurs Turn Into Birds?, Jan 17, 2008

Fossil Fibers Befuddle Dinosaur Evolution, Mar 31, 2009

Fixed Bird Thigh Nixes Dino-to-bird Development, Jun 22, 2009

Do New Dinosaur Finger Bones Solve a Bird Wing Problem?, Jul 9, 2009

Would a Reverse-engineered Chicken Demonstrate Evolution?, Sep 14, 2009

Alligator Lung Design Prompts Evolutionary Rewrite, Jan 28, 2010

Feathered Dinosaur Debate Exhibits Young Earth Evidence, Feb 8, 2010

Indeed: Scientists are “still learning” and gaining more evidence for the truth, unlike most Darwinists, who reject the truth, and so hardly learn.

  1. Robert M Quittner
    February 17, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    I despise the Savage Wiener with all my heart — but on extremely rare occasions he is right. Right this time that is, if you believe in Darwinian theory (provable using scientific methododology) versus superstitious claptrap.

    You literally believe there is a satan?! And therefore, an existing heaven and hell? And you “know” what god wants — that he/she/it gives a personal crap about mere humans — moreso than rocks, trees, oceans and the infinite universe? [last sentence deleted]

    • February 17, 2010 at 9:56 PM

      I despise the Savage Wiener with all my heart — but on extremely rare occasions he is right.

      And you back this claim up with so much evidence. And your phrase “extremely rare occasions” is an indicator that you’re a narcissist. Speak plainly, high words and eloquent speech doesn’t make you right, let alone scientifically right.

      “Right this time that is,”

      Well because you feel so, and whatever you feel is scientifically true. Gotta hate that atheist “science”. You’re a narcissist who lacks common sense.

      “if you believe in Darwinian theory (provable using scientific methododology)”

      “Well because you said so when you said, (provable using scientific methododology)” putting that in brackets makes you right plus you used a high word “methodology” and only smart wise people do that.

      “versus superstitious claptrap.”

      Wow you used high words you must be right Mr. Wise Movie Star Scientist man. Your stupid cliches, parroted cliches, don’t make you right either. The superstitious one is you, for believing, in your illogical arrogance, that you know what happened over 10 billion of years ago in great detail, with a knowledge of only high words and cliches and crap Hollywood liberal movies like The Fly, and Transformers, and stupid dinosaur cartoons from the discovery channel, and as if you were watching the events billions of year ago happening, and that Christians, who believe in a 6,500 year old universe, to a very limited degree, ARE ARROGANT, in comparison? You believe in an absurd myth based on your feelings, believing you’re credible about what happened 30 billion years ago than a Christian saying, with evidence, what happened 6,500 years ago, using 6,500 year old testimony, verses your 30 billion years old no-evidence at all, but mere refuted claims testimony? You’re insane. You are literally insane.

      “You literally believe there is a satan?!”

      wELL yeS i liTeRalLY dO!?! You believe that your mere emotions make you right? You believe that merely paying lip service to scientific method(s) makes you right? Speaking of mania. Speaking of hypocrites.

      “And therefore, an existing heaven and hell?”

      And I said, “Satan exists therefore Hell and Heaven exists” where in anything I’ve ever written? You’re a careless reader and listener, and you are not logical.

      “And you “know” what god wants”

      And you “know” God wouldn’t want or care about anything?: You don’t think about the arguments you use. You’re an arrogant idiot who lets stupidity flow from his mouth because you, in your narcissism, think whatever you say is right and true juz cuz it came from you.

      And God damn it how arrogant of me to believe I’d know what God wants cuz only your beliefs are true and you “know” that God would be angry at me claiming to “know” what he’d want, only you’d “know” that he doesn’t want me to “know” what he wants. Contradict yourself much narcissist? And I’m arrogant because the narcissist said so, using his cliche rhetoric.

      ” — that he/she/it”

      Where did I ever imply that God was he/she/it? Why did you say that? Ever bothered to carefully read the Bible – the most popular book in the world for over a hundred years – yet? Notice it doesn’t say, “she” or “it”? Only twice does it ever refer to God as being similar to a female, a female mother. But oh: if God does exist you’d know that he’s a “he/she/it”? Your attacks againt God backfire and make no sense. That’s what you can expect to happen in the end, when you attack Truth.

      “gives a personal crap about mere humans”

      And God wouldn’t care about humans whom he made in his image, ultra complex beings which you haven’t even a faint clue as to the way in which they came into existance other than “matter came together” let alone that he took the time to create them, cuz…

      ” — moreso than rocks,”

      What do you think humans are made of? They were made of the elements of the earth. And if God cares about rocks, about dust, why wouldn’t care about things more complex then that, extremely more complex, made of the same things? Your mind and heart are backwards. And you’ve let the world know that you care more about the tiniest speck of matter in a living human baby, than the human babies in which it is apart of. You’re evil, just like God said in a Psalm.

      “trees, oceans and the infinite universe?”

      Humans are apart of the “infinite universe”, and who said the universe was infinite Mr. Give God’s Attributes to the Universe, but not the humans made in his image. Truly your mind is backwards and you’re an idolator I see. Stop believing whatever you watch in the movies; there’s a reason they are called “fantasy” and “science FICTION”.

      [last sentence deleted because you’re ranting in hateful ignorance.]

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