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Alex Jones Goes to Far

While listening to another rebroadcast of Alex Jones right now, I heard him for the second time, he’d watched a video by Mark Dice in which Mark had petitioned various women to sign a petition to ban the first ammendment, and that “except for one old lady” the rest of the women signed his petition, and Alex continued and said that “…is being run by a bunch of stupid women.” or something nearly exactly like that came out of his mouth. I forget what came before “Was” sorry, I’m tired, but from the context it would have been something like, “The global warming hoax”. The problem with what he said, is that it’s obviously not being run by only women, or young women, really obvious, on top of that, Mark Dice didn’t simply petition women. One of the first signers in his video was a man, and there was a young woman who didn’t want to sign his petition, a black woman I think. That, a really bad misquoting and interpreting of Revelation, and some childishly narcissistic boasting, makes Alex Jones a bad leader for Christians, even false ones. I’ve not even heard President Obama boast like Alex does. For example, a few minutes after Alex distorted the Dice video, he then said,

“I love the truth. All I’ve ever tried to do is have courage, [tell the truth?], to be steadfast. That’s all I’ve ever tried to do.” That’s obviously not true. No one on Earth is like that; everyone has tried hard to pass a lie at times, especially as adults.

Someone might argue that I’m knit picking, because Alex usually tells the truth, cited the video, so he obviously wasn’t intending to lie, but was overcome with passion and probably trying to keep the ball of excitement rolling steadily.

I believe that is probably why he said what he did, however it is still a very bad mistake, because, it came out as sexist-sounding, even if that’s not what he intended, and besides that, is clearly wrong since everyone can see and hear men galore supporting “NWO” propaganda.

Adding to the sexist tone of the show was when Alex said on that day’s show that though he didn’t like porn that at least it was good for showing the type of women that men truly like “voluptous” and “not… skinny” women (who are skinny from using heroine). It’s true that in general men prefer women who are not bony and instead have gentle curves, but some women are skinny as a result of their DNA, mutations or not, and not because they don’t eat enough or using some drug, as Alex said. On top of that, what does promoting voluptous women over skinny (or fat) women, have to do for fighting against evil spirits and refuting lies?

Update 10:50 A.M.:

I just heard Alex say, “God knows I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I haven’t been perfect.”

I also noticed from how he’s been speaking around the time he made that statement, that he’s very exhausted. That would explain his bad slips. It is very exhausting fighting against the flood of lies coming from Satan, and Alex has exposed, in “exhaustive” detail, the many, many evil things done by the rich and the government leaders of the world, from the 1700’s to the 2000’s. Alex should take a vacation, but no doubt doesn’t want to end up being assassinated while relaxing, and instead, like someone trying to win an exciting electronic game by playing it non-stop, without resting for long, keeps fighting till he defeats his enemies.

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