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AboveTopSecret Is Run by Anti-Christian Liberal Bigots

Today I signed up with abovetopsecret.com and contributed to their forum, with humor and constructive comments. I noticed that the website was biased from the start, endorsing repeatedly through their members (with the approval of the moderators) Darwinism and the Big Bang, repeatedly, with no rebuttals by anyone, Christian or not. One post I saw today was a patronizing rant with snippets about how we can know if there is “E.T. life” and that it’s testable. Well who couldn’t figure that out? His stupid rant was filled with Darwinian propaganda, and was a mainstream science rant, only childish since it pointed out utterly obvious things like that NASA found water on the moon and that it was possible to know if alien life existed as I mentioned earlier. Near the end of his rant, he claimed that life was detected on Saturn. Yes, you read that right, hopefully. In the same manner that I wrote this entry I spoke to him, not saying, “You’re a moron” like some of you might think. In my signature I had this:

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart… mind… strength… and soul.” – Jesus.

Nothing horrible as you can see and from the contents of that link. However, after about four posts, guess what happened? I’ll tell you: the signature WAS REMOVED. I then manually added it back on my last two posts. I then went to a threat in which some guy calling himself a professor, in the scholar section, was ranting about Matt Drudge having a misleading headline, and seeing how my signature had been removed, pointed out that ATS was a liberal’s paradise and clearly biased against Christians. I said this not only because of the pro-Darwin rants I saw everywhere, but from having two older accounts I made deleted for no apparent reason other than giving a creationist and Christian point of view to anti-Christian statements, and I do mean anti-Christian, on ATS. Worse, is that ATS will give you a misleading message, hoping to fool the person that it has banned into thinking that ATS is malfunctioning rather than being polite about it and simply letting you know you’ve been banned. So, even in banning ATS shows it is a misleading website. And as further evidence that this is a corrupt website, you’ll find yourself subjected to endless CPU-stalling popups, and redirecting your clicks to some ATS page asking you to sign up for their email, and ridiculously showing you some image of what kind of email you’d be sent if you did, and from the little I saw, it looked like typical spam. How bizarre that they think showing a spammy message would get people to sign up for their letters and that forcing you to that page in the first place would NOT indicate that you’d be spammed. Obviously if I’m being forced to look at a message I don’t want to see, that isn’t necessary to see, I would be inclined to think that I would be spammmed.

And about that stupid rant about how “E.T. life” is detectable, no one replied to it except me, and it wasn’t a fresh post at all, yet I get banned when I kindly add a constructive reply. So that’s what you can except from a website which pretends to want scholarly researchers (it literally has a thread begging for them lol) and that claims to be in search of the truth, and which, ironically, is called “Above Top Secret”, implying that it’s about revealing high secrets.

Another major annoyance is that I could almost swear it twice popped up a video pop on me, and more annoying was it was a video I’d already watched. All of this smacks of a desperate, and desperately stupid website.

Another strong indicator of how stupid this site that is: It promotes the John Titor time-traveller hoax, which George Noory perpetuates.

Worst of all, is that I had linked to this moronic spam site, and said it was useful for learning about UFO’s. Talk about “unthankful”. But now I know, from experience, that there are plenty of other websites much better than this one, and which don’t resort to the “Darwinian throwback” tactic of popping up annoying ads on you for money.

And what big names support this site? The only one I could see, was Jim Marrs and next to his image was someone else, who was apparently too obscure for me to remember.

And who is the owner of this stupid website?: “SkepticOverlord”. More nonsensical yet, is that there is a thread allowed to remain which says that UFO skeptics are unwilling to consider the evidence [for UFOs]. It’s not a thread promoting UFO skeptics most likely, being that the website promotes belief in UFO’s and ghosts. It’s clear to me that early, this person who calls himself “SkepticOverlord” is not a skeptic at all, but someone using the term “skeptic” in order to give himself credibility among mainstream scientists and those who agree with mainstream scientists. A more appropriate name for this anti-Christian spammer, would be, “LyingPanderer”.

  1. April 4, 2010 at 5:49 PM

    lol three minutes ago I JUST told the mods they could keep their ATS – and that they were extremely biased in that any threads about satanic content, or any anti Christian or anti God content, is immediately booted down to BTS – and when you try to get it straightened out, they will put your u2u on “Flood control” where you can’t send out any messages to them.
    So then I created a thread in the “Board questions” thread – and they moved that – telling me that it wasn’t the appropriate place.

    Of course it was the “appropriate place” – they just didn’t want the other posters knowing what they were doing – they wanted to keep it hidden that was obvious.

    When I wouldn’t stop asking why they kept moving my “The Bible: Which “Version” Do You Read?” thread, they then awarded me with a nice lit’l spiffy bright red WARNING tab on my avatar. lololol

    Sorry but those mods crack me up.

    I was reading one of the mod threads earlier today and they were talking about why they were having a mass amount of posters leaving their site.

    D’oh I wonder why. If we wanted to be censored we could post comments on CNN or Fox.

    Thank God I finally cut my ties with them. I plan on spreading the word wide and far about how they feel about the Bible, God, Jesus and Christians.

    • April 4, 2010 at 9:17 PM

      Did you see the bottom of my http://cyberstalkers.tk page? This kind of treatement of Christians is all over the net, even on other “Christian” sites. It’s shouldn’t surprise us after reading about what happened to Jesus and all the others in the Bible who loved God. But you know the saying?: “Until it happens to you, you just won’t udnerstand”:


      I was thinking again, today, about why God didn’t just simulate all the evil so no one was hurt, because now and then I see someone read my journal entry related to that topic, but then what would the evidence that disobeying God has horrible consequenecs? Everyone could say, “But that’s not real”. So, God let’s us experience the consequences directly. Even the angels have to deal with this because they’re protect us when we are children and when we are adults.

    • April 4, 2010 at 9:18 PM

      “I was reading one of the mod threads earlier today and they were talking about why they were having a mass amount of posters leaving their site.” Very interesting. I don’t get how they can’t figure out that at least those insane ads they put up and forced redirects to that weird spam page wouldn’t drive anyone away. The bad economy is no doubt forcing many to buy netbooks, which are horrible for intensive Internet research, and when you popup annoying flash ads and force videos to play on your page automatically, it causes the browsers on the netbooks to stall repeatedly. And then their’s the problem of browser hijackers which use up processor power that often redirect where you want to go when you click google links, and possibly links on other search engines, to make things worse.

    • April 4, 2010 at 9:29 PM

      “Thank God I finally cut my ties with them. I plan on spreading the word wide and far about how they feel about the Bible, God, Jesus and Christians.” Do a video for youtube if you can, and show how pro-Bible speech leads to being banned at some point. Edit it down to ten minutes after you get banned. You’ll need a video editor. I’m not up to date on the best screen recorders, but snapfiles.com, tucows.com, nonags.com or download.com probably have something good. Remember though the Bible says to avoid answering unlearned stupidity, these people who say and ask stupid things concerning the Bible and stupid things in general, it’s evidence that they could care less about research, study, leaning the truth, logic, but are fools only interested in expressing how they feel. If they were interested in the right things, they wouldn’t be stupid in the first place. If they were kids that would be different, but I’d bet most of the people babbling in these evil websites are all past 13. And even kids and teens that talk stupid should be avoided too if you can see they’re deliberately being stupid and stubborn. I wasted a lot of time, sadly, on arguing people who were stubborn.

  2. June 21, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    Hey, I’m only a year late to this party! :-D

    I joined ATS a couple months ago and am pretty much done putting up with it. The few times I registered a complaint about some post (e.g. “Christians to the lions” by an avowed Satanist, in a Christian thread) I was docked points and given a warning on whatever technicality seemed convenient. If a mod happens to do anything about the many anti-theist trolls in all the Christian threads (I call them The Posse), they pick out the Christian comments for censorship and then post a generic warning. I get hate mail via U2U and nothing is done or I get another penalty

    They can’t hide their hatred of us. ATS is an asylum being run by the inmates, and any idea of “planting seeds” is as hopeful as throwing them on concrete.

    • June 22, 2011 at 9:21 AM

      Your not late, you’re a witness that it’s still anti-theist as of a “couple of months ago”, and it’s probably still the same. But that’s what to expect in the last days as things get closer to Jesus’ return, an increasing hardness of the heart of the Gentiles. There’s other websites like this I list at http://cyberstalkers.tk

      And in case you don’t recognize anti-social personality disorders (which can help you know who to avoid talking to for sure), look at the list of signs I made at http://psychopath.tk

      Oh, so what kind of Christian are you? And are you on Twitter? If so add me please…

      • June 22, 2011 at 9:49 AM

        Well, I just got a posting ban, so I might show up here more often. :-D Caring about justice is my undoing.

        Agreed, it’s truly “the days of Noah”. And thanks for the link, I have plenty of time to check such things out now.

        My Twitter url is http://twitter.com/SaberTruth and I’m also on Facebook. Mostly I only have Twitter for automatic updates from my blog, so I rarely check it.

        As for what kind of Christian, I have my testimony on the About page of my blog, but briefly I believe that to be reconciled to God we must accept Jesus as Savior who died for us and rose again, and that we must “forsake all others” instead of trying to add “Jesus frosting” to some other cake. I hold the Bible to be the Word of God and just finished a series on that topic. I believe in the pre-trib Rapture and am basically Arminian in my theology– which I’m pretty sure is a topic we might want to avoid to keep the peace! ;-)

        Now off to add you to my Twitter feed. :-D

      • June 23, 2011 at 9:08 AM

        That’s clever, “sabertruth”. Maybe you should buy the domain name and see if it’s been taken on myspace and facebook. Myspace is hellish though with the bad java scripts causing browser probs. I may have spoken too soon about the hardening, it may just be that it only seems that way because there are many websites with anti-Christian owners and some can attract like-minded people.

    • Wastingyou'rehardearnedtaxdollars
      October 2, 2013 at 5:52 PM

      That forum deserves to be hacked.

      • October 2, 2013 at 5:53 PM

        Every antiChristian one does.

  3. June 23, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    knight :
    That’s clever, “sabertruth”. Maybe you should buy the domain name and see if it’s been taken on myspace and facebook. Myspace is hellish though with the bad java scripts causing browser probs. I may have spoken too soon about the hardening, it may just be that it only seems that way because there are many websites with anti-Christian owners and some can attract like-minded people.

    Just for grins I decided to look it up, but the .com one is taken. Anyway, I already have my blog, a second one on Tumblr for “lite” topics, Facebook, and Twitter. Keeps me busy. I was on Myspace years ago but it was just too spammy and yeah, the code was horrible. I’ve been happy with self-hosted WordPress.

    Found out another Christian was banned today for “off-topic” posts in the same thread (my own) that got me banned. ATS “rules” are a farce.

  4. Wastingyou'rehardearnedtaxdollars
    October 2, 2013 at 5:35 PM

    Actually there is a lot of truth to John Tritor because he went back in to to the 70s to get a IBM PC from his earlier family which wouldn’t give it to him unless he warned them about something in the future so it was Y2K he warned about because in his timeline the government didn’t take it seriously causing a mini civil war that lasted several years and it broke up his family somewhere in Florida.

    His warnings were ONLY meant for his family’s personal survival but somebody worked in the IT industry and spilled the beans so computers were slowly reprogrammed to handle the changes and as usual the Media spun the events to make it sound like an End Of The World scenario.
    He has a personal website and is very consistent with what he has to say unlike Above Top Secrets which people there seem to act schizophrenic towards anybody who has a different view point then the majority of the users.

    You’re damn right however in that Above Top Secret is a hoax and spins the John Tritor story in many ways to the point nobody knows what really happened unless you view his website. Above Top Secret is VERY Darwin biased and I believe it is a government front in order to spy on Conservatives and Christians for future reference when the government locks down the internet using Obama’s Executive Order to track *rebels* and *terrorists* as they call them.

    Another big forum that is biased is Alternate History Forums which people who post right wing stuff gets banned or ridiculed while those who trash right wingers get higher status I find that VERY VERY wrong.

    They claim to not support Nazis but you wouldn’t belive how many pro Nazi timelines they have created to the point I wonder what is in their heads. Are they sad their whole life and can’t find any peace?

    I wonder if THAT FORUM is another organization in disguise as well but nobody is willing to track where they get funding and stuff.

    • October 2, 2013 at 5:55 PM

      Sir, look up “John Titor Hoax”. Also if you listen carefully to the vocal patterns of the man claiming to be his lawyer, you may notice he talks very nervously, you don’t have to guess why. I really suggest you learn what “evidence” is. You already know that “cherry picking” sound bytes can be used to make false evidence, so then consider what then is “true evidence” must be. Study to know and perhaps you’ll find out, but firs, “seek the kingdom and His righteousness” and that and everything else will be added to it.

  5. Wastingyou'rehardearnedtaxdollars
    October 2, 2013 at 5:37 PM

    In fact. The media used *sound bytes* to make it so all survivalists look like nutcases and gun hoarders. Y2K if it happened would’ve had FAR worse effects then 9/11 would because it would’ve been a global panic but instead the threat was adverted.

    Maybe it would’ve been a good thing for Y2K to have happened because our Federal debt wasn’t Trillions in dollars yet. Only Millions at that stage.

    • October 2, 2013 at 5:53 PM

      I mean you no offense at all but the illogical way in which you’ve replied to my post indicates to me that you have schizophrenia, your grammar and logical are nonsensical. I don’t know if there is meds for schizo, or something that you could do to reduce it with a diet change, but I would say you surely have it.

  6. Wastingyou'rehardearnedtaxdollars
    October 2, 2013 at 5:56 PM

    I have pretty much banned myself by not reading their posts as it’s full of Dawrisim junk or *Wolves in Sheep clothing* claiming to be Christians but put in a few bad things to start flames to make true Christ believers if such a group exists to look bad.

  7. BeamMeUpGod
    January 17, 2014 at 12:28 PM

    Been through the ringer with ATS today myself. They have placed religious threads on hiatus and if you question them they say that you are biting the hand that feeds. That is a direct quote from a mod. Another member was receiving pornographic ads on the site and I mentioned using an adblocker and they started deleting and removing my post because it interferes with their money. Stay far away from that place it has been compromised and only concerns itself with ad revenue and pushing their liberal agenda. You can post about gays but only if you are in support. You cant question mods they wont allow it openly even though it is supposed to be a community. If you post in off-topic they will remove your post for being off-topic. The absurdity.

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