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Is is Approriate or Moral to Call Someone ”Retarded”?

I was listening to a good show on Coast to Coast AM tonight hosted by Ian Punnet on the topic of how to tell what someone is thinking by their body language, and Ian was talking about how he hated saying “retard” and thought Sarah Palin was contradicting herself when she used the word. And I just told someone after hearing that that I didn’t think it was good to use that word in place of moron or ignorant, but I kept thinking about it, and the Bible, and how the Bible would use “blind” to describe a sighted person who was spiritually blind, as in unable to understand basic spiritual things, like that a good person does what is good, and that someone who does wrong is risking destroying themselves or someone else, or not being aware that you are doing evil for example, when you are doing something sexually immoral, like having sex with whoever you feel like. In Proverbs it says, “Like a lame man’s legs that hang limp is a proverb in the mouth of a fool.” – Proverbs 26:7. That’s about as close as it gets to calling anyone who is able to think quickly and who is not brain damaged or defective. From these verses it seems that it is not wr0ng to call someone retarded anymore than it is to call them a fool, and that it depends on your intent when you say it. To call someone a “retard” is traditionally and always as far as I know, mocking, insulting those who are retarded for no logical reason, not simply saying, “You’re being stupid on purpose, why?” But when someone says, “That’s retarded”, it’s not always meant in the insulting way as “retard”. For example to say, “The world is spiritually retarded,” without mocking anyone, is similar to saying, “The world is spiritually blind” without mocking anyone. Also, the Bible says not to insult anyone at all, so it would be to say, “You’re retarded”, if it’s meant to make a person hate themselves and also to submit to you above God. But if you know someone would be offended if you called someone “retarded” I’d say don’t use it, since it’s not necessary, especially if it’s another Christian being offended, as the Church, the true Church, is already suffering badly from ignorance in more important things.

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