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The True Rulers of America: The Military-Industrial Complex

I’ve been listening to Alex Jones’ rebroadcasts for a while for two days, while listening to his repeat on depleted uranium munitions being used by the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, and about twenty minutes ago thought, “We have a zombie government.” What massive incompetence, to use highly radioactive weapons that explode objects that then give off deadly highly radioactive dust, knowing that it’s virtually impossible to avoid by sight after hitting an object, that it gets blown around in the air for hundreds of miles and spreads into the ground and water. It’s like talking about some typical scifi story about a powerful government that’s become insane. It’s as bad, if not much worse, than those murderers in the Middle East to deliberately use bombs against little kids and babies. But it’s not just because of hearing about CIA agents and Army personnel selling weapons and banned drugs to American citizens in order to buy more deadly weapons for other countries, mostly entirely corrupt countries, but for all the other evils our federal and state governments allow and participate in, including the oppression and genocide of the Native Americans, still withholding billions of dollars owed to them, meanwhile the value of the dollar has dropped severely over the decades, not punishing bank owners when they deliberately cause harmful depressions and inflations,  allowing police to repeatedly get away with crimes, hiring bad police officers, giving money to evil organizations like ACORN, banning drugs like alcohol (the prohibition) which only made alcoholism worse and lead to the creations of murderous gangs, banning marijuana and safrole, which are hardly dangerous, and using Darwin’s teaching, giving us the eugenocide (which hit North Carolina hard) and lead to the abuse, sterilization and deaths of tens of thousands of children and adults, testing bacterial weapons, in secret, on millions of it’s own citizens, not just a few, allowing the criminal businesses that sold weapons to the Nazi’s to prosper, bringing in Nazi criminals to work at Area 51, while shutting out decent and good citizens, turning Area 51 into a separate government, hiding alien technology far superior to our own, keeping funds away from the superior technologies like those listed in Peswiki, where just about all of them are listed, pushing inefficient solar panels on us and profit-sapping corn ethanol (and the ethanol scam lead to mass starvation in poor countries like Haiti which needed cheap corn from us), the ozone hole scare scam, telling everyone that CFC’s were destroying the ozone layer and making the hole bigger, and so banning CFC’s and trying to get it replaced with an even more expensive chemicals (and no doubt that was to make them money too) which poor countries could hardly afford to buy, then the global warming hoax, wasting our time with anti-CO2 propaganda, getting people to waste huge amounts of money capturing carbon (how stupid!), and that decades old Darwinism and the Big Explosion dogma wasted who knows how many hours that could have been spent learning something useful, instead it deceived millions into living life carelessly, brutally aborting millions of babies and going off to fight people in other countries  like they were nothing, and many people end up killing themselves from having wrecked their life or because some other careless evolution-brainwashed person wrecked it.

Our leaders also mislead us into believing that poisonous aspartame, fluoride and toxic vaccines and pills were good for us. An example was AZT and Nevirapine that supposedly fought off AIDS. Instead they mimic AIDS so that if I person never had it, it would appear as if they did. They have fooled us into taking cancer causing therapies too, like chemotherapy, which wrecks the immune system that fights off cancer. Other examples are brain-altering medications like Prozac and Ritalin were safe and good for us while warning us that they could cause a person to suddenly commit suicide. There was also the Swine Flu vaccine hoax.

They hardly said a word about the dangers of eating high amounts of white sugar and hydrogenated/trans fats, and telling us that radon, cholesterol, ephedra, stevia, all kinds of cancer-curing and fighting substances, DDT, dragon armor, and for many years, ridiculously, that fat and safrole was bad, and repeatedly telling us not to do “bad” drugs, knowing that by doing so it would provoke American’s to turn to them in their frustration so that they could then rob them of their property if they found drugs on them, and putting them in prison for years to rot and become true criminals, and calling that “rehabilitation, and maddeningly, in contradiction, banning a drug that can break drug addiction, harassing for decades other countries, helping to brutally murder millions of people in those countries to gain control over the rest of them and their resources and legalizing the  brutal murders of countless millions of babies and vilifying the ones that were born by rape, as if those babies were the ones who committed the rape.

Add to that F.D.R. allowing Pearl Harbor to be bombed and lying about not letting America be drawn into another war, leading to the death of over 100 million people in the world, faking an attack fro Vietnam leading to the Vietnam War which lead to tens of thousands of deaths more and deaths continue to this day because of the left over land mines and chemical weapons used in that war, and the Korean War, the Oklahoma City bombing hoax (which was meant to get non-Christians to treat Christians like villains in an attempt to destroy Christianity, thereby allowing liberals and their friends to no longer have to experience guilt from hearing God’s word), and the 9/11 hoax, in which certain greedy sociopath elitists orchestrated the demolishing of deadly asbestos packed buildings in New York, having them rammed with giant aircraft, killing over 1000 people from the poisonous dust and smoke and poisoning thousands more from the left over residues, and by pretending it was because of hateful Muslims and in so doing slandered millions of Muslims and Arabs of the world and then using the “terrorist” attack as en excuse to go to war with Iraq, leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of American troops, and recently creating the Underwear Bomber hoax, giving American’s life destroying vaccines for years, and even on the American troops either before or after they were subject to the radioactive ammunition, wasting dozens of billions of tax dollars every year, and as if all that weren’t bad enough giving billions of dollars to evil banks (who also greatly helped to wreck Argentina) when they were finally on the verge of dying and letting go of their oppressive claws on us all! The evil elitists of America’s federal government virtually resurrected the very banks, the very shadow government, that was strangling us all to death!

How many good, righteous or just decent governors are there? Everyone knows about Ron Paul, who at the very least is very honorable, but how easy is it to name others? I will try to publish the names of the decent leaders of America’s government soon.

America’s government is like dead rotting corpse, crawling with maggots in and out, with a few living cells within, but nearing death, and spreading diseases to the living bodies that hold the corpse up, hoping that it can be brought back to life by injecting it with healthy living cells, and then dying themselves.

And there is the Roswell cover-up. Everyone knows the military lied about what happened. The FBI knew they had a crashed disc, at least one, but Hoover who was in charge of the FBI at the time said they wouldn’t let him see it. And it’s been about 60 years now since it happened, and what has the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about after the crash, done with the technology? Have the used it to benefit Americans at least? The majority doesn’t know. Why can’t we know what happened? If China has spies doesn’t the M.I.C. know that by now they would have already figured it out? But apparently our government is filled with jealous, arrogant, control-maniacs and paranoids. And now, with the NDAA bill having been signed, so that the military can arrest an American it wants, whenever it wants, and imprison them without any trial or clothing, the MIC has even greater power, effectively: they are now the rulers of America.

From all the evidence I’ve seen, clearly Satan has an incredibly strong grasp on all the government’s of the world, especially Japan, Russia and the other former states of the Soviet Union, Burma, India, Brunei, China, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Canada, Britain and most of all: America. I say America, because the corrupt ones in this country have no excuse for their ignorance: they have libraries with Internet access, bookstores and churches everywhere, and so much money, even when in massive debt, that even if homeless and jobless, can get enough money for enough food for a day from others.

American liberals sign petition to ban criticism of President Obama and world government

This is the spiritual pledge of the liberals of America, who support The Corpse:

I pledge allegiance,
to the Zombie Government
that pretends to love the
United States of America,
(but which actually wants
to eat it’s flesh),
and to the evil dogmas
for which it stands:
one Nation, divided,
with Slavery and Injustice
for all.

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