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Bill “Climate” Gates says, “Poverty and death are no big deal.”

Old sly Bill Gates has sunk deeper into narcissim and now appears to think he is a god. Mr. Greed is now attempting to persuade all of the world to go further into debt (we’re already trillions of dollars in debt) so he can feel better about what will happen in the next 1000 years after he’s dead and will never come back to life according to his God-hating self:

From gizmodo.com

Bill Gates’ New Calling: Zero CO2 Emissions
2/12/2010/4:33 P.M.

At the TED Conference last year Bill Gates unleashed a swarm of mosquitoes to demonstrate a point about malaria. This year, he’s taking on CO2 in a big way. And he brought fireflies.

The bugs were Gates’ example of a living “energy miracle”—the kind we’ll need to solve the enormous energy problems that face mankind. Some perspective, from his speech: even if we were to maximize energy efficiency and limit the impact of population size, we’d still be emitting 13 billion tons of carbon annually from energy production.

So what’s his solution? First: excluding coal and natural gas altogether from our energy future More here.

Yeah: Let’s all just forget that America a massive amount of natural gas and coal which we could use to pay off our massive ever-growing debt to China, and that China needs massive amounts of cheap fuel to keep their people alive and economy from shrinking, and that over 20 million American’s are in need of a job or better job to be able to survive and help their families survive and that millions of them could be employed in natural gas and coal mining businesses, while Bill the Billionaire Gates is sitting on over 30 billion dollars which could be used to help save the lives of millions of poverty stricken children. What a massive hypocrite. This is the same Bill Gates who refused for years, even after he left Microsoft, to fix many, though far from an infinite amount, of easily fixed every day annoyances in his operating systems, like Windows XP, like not giving property dialog boxes a tab in the taskbar so that you weren’t always losing track of them, yet wants us to follow his lead into deep debt, pain and poverty till he brings us into a golden age. No doubt he’d love to see golden statues of himself everywhere, with plaques on them with “thank you”s for gracing us with his precious time and charity.

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