I Wonder: Would Pakistan Sell Iran a Nuke?

While wondering about that, I decided to check google just now to see if there was any evidence that Pakistan would do such a thing, and found this from a website I’d found yesteday: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2008/06/did-pakistan-nuke-smugglers-give-plans-to-iran.html

Pakistan is a desperate country:

Pakistan’s Population 2008: 166,036,895.2
Their Rural Population in 2008: 105,997,953.9
Number of rural poor in 2008: 38,053,265.5

The Anger Between Pakistan and India:



Pakistan’s nuclear weapon’s history: as.org/nuke/guide/pakistan/nuke/

I believe the Pakistan government would sell a nuclear warhead to Iran if Pakistan believed that it would help their citizens and give them an advantage over India.

Update 3:39 P.M.:

That’s interesting: I just listened to a trustworthy guest named Robert Pelton (an adventurer) on a replay of Coast to Coast AM right now say that Pakistan was a greater threat than Iran, and also because they had declared war on India three times.

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