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An EMP Attack + the Super Blizzard + the Wrecked Economy

I suddenly became aware that Mahmoud, Iran’s leader, made his threat to strike the world’s super powers at one of the worst times in America’s history: America’s economy is nearly stagnant, there are many millions of people out of work who need money, and large amounts of snow are blanketing America, and causing mass power-outages in some places, even government activities in Washington D.C. have been mostly halted for four days now. If America was hit with an EMP now, millions of people would die within a few weeks unless other countries came to help us right away.

If there is no “stunning punch” Mahmoud and Iran’s head religious leader would reveal themselves to be liars and cowards themselves, just as they called the non-fighting-inclined Muslims of the world, and it would do great damage to their brand of Islam, and perhaps help spread “positivity” among the American troops in Afghanistan. On the other hand, he may intentionally be intending to fool the world into thinking that he is just someone who makes empty threats, in an attempt to remove concern from their nuclear technology development activities.

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