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Voices in Your Head Might Come from the Government Says ”Doctor” on Coast to Coast AM

Yet another guest liar on Coast to Coast AM tonight, “practicing physician” “Dr.” John Hall, using the nasal-Jeff Goldblume-fake-calm: “I’m a concerned-for-you scientist” tone complete with “uh”s “er”s “and “um’s”, (God, I hate that), droned on and on about the U.S. Federal government putting voices in people’s head. He contradicted himself within seconds when he said that psychiatrists were “at the forefront” in this research yet then said psychiatrists will immediately diagnose people as delusional if those people merely say they hear voices in their head. Long after that claim, George, the host that night, asked him what his proof was, he said his only proof was that in 1996 the government said they could, yet this guest claimed to have seen microchips inside these people hearing voices! How strange he forgot to mention this. Apparently the microchips were too “iffy” and nothing could be learned about their design, therefore, forgettable. George failed to mention the obvious: that demons could just as easily be causing people to hear voices directly into their brain or mind.

Update, 7:25 A.M.:

At least George warned everyone about Mahmoud’s threats to disrupt the world, unlike Rush Limbaugh, who I listened to a few minutes ago, as he mentioned what his topics would be for his upcoming show, who said nothing about this threat. Before listening to Rush I saw an army serviceman, or maybe it was an air force person on his way to a base apparently, and I asked him if he heard about the threat, and he said he said he did, and then, “Let’s hope nothing happens.”

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