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Which is more dangerous: An atheist or religious ‘fanatic’?

About an hour ago, or two, I was thinking about posting that Alex Jones had said, “I am a Christian” (which he saidabout  over a week ago) and thinking of a way to mention it in my journal without the entry being too too late, too short an entry and more appropriate for twitter, and while Alex, about an hour ago, talked about how some people were accusing him of working for the Catholic “Church” (really should be called a denomination, sect or cult instead), or being a Zionist, I wondered which was worse: atheists or people with a false religion? I had concluded it was atheists, because they have no belief that they will be punished after they die for anything wrong they do, and as I type that sentence I just remembered some don’t even believe in right or wrong. Then, I turned off Alex’s podcast and listened to Michael Savage for a few minutes and “coincidentally”, Michael, while talking about the (Jewish!) leader of Iran’s threat about shocking the USA on Thursday with some act, said that a religious fanatic leader was worse than a non-religious fanatic leader, because the religious fanatic  believes that God is on their side (in other words: the man with the false religion will do wrong because he believes God will not punish him for it (and/or) that God will even reward him for it). But as I thought about it more I realized that it depends on what a person is taught, not just any belief they have.

First: it depends on what a person means by “worse”/”worst”. Do they mean worse as in what type of person is more dangerous, or what type of person is morally worst? For example God implies that the anti-Christ will be the worst person, because of his great position of power (and therefore easy access to the truth about God), perseuction of the Christians, and being a murderer, thief, liar and truth-suppressor in general, and claiming to be God. Or by “worse” a person might be asking who is most harmful or dangerous to the physical or mental health of humans, which is what Michael Savage meant in the context of his usual speech, rather than, again who is most offensive to God.

Morally, in God’s eyes, the worst type of person in general is the the type who believes in God, understands what God says is wrong, knows God hates it, yet deliberately tries to take God’s place and even claims to be God, and who has seen the horrible damage it can do when a person tries to take God’s place, and the one who ends up murdering those who love God, especially kids, as a result of taking God’s place, is the worst type of all.

Now between a religious and non-religious person, as opposed to atheist and religious person: which is worse? Again, it depends. It depends first of all why a person is not religious: Is it because they hate God after realizing doesn’t approves of whatever they want to do, that he’s forbidden homosexuality, whether temporarily or permanently? Is it because they just stopped caring, being annoyed with all the laws God made? Is the religious person worshiping Satan, or a false god who is falsely given all of God’s characteristics, but a false appearance, like that of some beat or something else? Morally: the religious person who worships Satan and knows God’s Law and knows the harm done by not obeying God is worse than a person who isn’t religious, because they don’t understand the evidence for God’s existance, aren’t haven’t seen the great damage that can be done by breaking the commandments, or don’t realize it when they see it. But a person who is no longer religious because they hated worshiping God because of his laws, and knows God exists, a godless person, “chaotic”, who follows no rules, I would say that person is worse than even Satan, because such a person, if around others for them to be observed, tempts others to think that neither Satan or God is a threat, and that they are greater than both. Such a person is extremely arrogant, and an arrogant person is a danger, because they think they are wiser than Satan and God, and therefore think that they are in the right to do whatever they want, not even following any rules, any order, that Satan may have.

And again, worse in what way: how harmful a person is to flesh, or to mental health? It’s the person who worships (and therefore is religious) a god that is evil, and knows that god is evil, and takes pleasure in doing evil, who don’t care for their own family, who try to get others to do evil, knowing God exists, who even harm those who love God, and for doing what is right, as opposed to wrong, who tempt children who love God to do wrong, and physically harm those children – those are the worst type of people of all.

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