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Some Incredible Future Technologies I’m Looking Forward To: Breakthrough Technologies for 2010

Firewire 3.2 (I came up with the term about an hour ago since I couldn’t find any name for this new tech)
USB. 3.0 (already available on some motherboards, but barely any USB 3.0 ports on them)
Expresscard 2.0 (the latest expresscard slots are terrible, having overheating problems and easily accidentally removed or jostled out of place, I think it would be better to do away with this stupid tech since USB 3.0, F 3.2, and the latest esata ports are much more stable and convenient, but hopefully this new standard will be better)
Backlit wireless keyboards (currently only two puny one exist, and one is very hard to find, and large ones are very hard to find too)
Lowcost terabyte capacity solid state disks
Ultralight carbon fiber laptops like this one
Touch-Projectors (another term coined by me a few minutes ago); (you can make your own touch-projections)
Lowcost digital projector-cams (DPC’s) (coined first by me at 6:53 A.M.)
Large lowcost high resolution long-lasting OLED monitors(I find it interesting that this tech has been for sale since March 2003)
Flexible OLED screens
Free-floating touchscreen displays
AMD Fusion CPU’s (more info here)
Quantum-Optical Computers
Intel’s optical CPUs
3D DVD storage
Lowcost high-resolution heat-crystal printers and printer paper
Bluetooth 3.0
LTE (more info here)
Wireless power (more info: Powermat, Witricity,Witricity Power, Wipower, eCoupled)

And like Star Wars fans, I’m still waiting for 3D displays, including holographic projectors (this one is a touchagram! Yes, I coined that word just now too (10:34 A.M.)).

2011?: Diamond semiconductors (more info here and here).

2013?: a 48 core processor

…2016: 300ghz Quantum Processors (more info here and here)

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I hope that the U.S.A.’s economy won’t crash till at least the end of 2011 so that when these technologies will have become somewhat common and can be bought at a cheaper price than retail when sold as “used”.

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