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Did God Punish Haiti With Earthquakes?

About the earthquakes in Haiti: I believe that God struck Haiti with earthquakes for three main reasons:

1) To show that God does not show partiality, but will even deal severe punishment to the destitute, even destitute children, and if even destitute children, then anyone, including his own followers (but not necessarily because they were or were behaving worse than anyone else).

2) To focus the world’s attention on Haiti’s needs so that they will get more help. By making them so impoverished God even moved cold-hearted people to give the Haitian’s help, if not due to a spark of compassion, then either due to “annoying” pressure from others or for praise and fame (or both).

3) To express his wrath that over the majority of Haitians not turning to him even in their extreme poverty, even being subjected to great discrimination, even when they have only dirt to eat. But God knowing that it is virtually impossible for them to seek him out without guidance or to learn decently in their extreme misery and sadness, brought in Christians from various parts of the world and others with knowledge of his word, who might share it with them, though not to make them Christians. And he also brought many of them into the U.S.A., where his Word can easily be learned.

4) To punish certain people in America and any country who was forced to give money against their will. It might have been God’s way of saying, “If you wont help the Haitian’s out of kindness, I will force it out of you.” I’m not saying that no one in America was helping the Haitians out of kindness, especially not saying that about Reformed Christians, but about American’s in general. I recently made a journal entry in response to a man who said something like, “Don’t American’s have enough stuff” and basically I said, “No.”, however I have no doubt that many Americans who have an easy going life, should sacrifice some time to helping those in greater need, for example would it hurt every American to wait another month before getting an ipod, and giving some money to Haitians in need first?

I don’t believe that God was punishing every and every Haitian or person in Haiti with the earthquakes, but rather in general, because the says that some things happen to a person by chance, in other words, it wasn’t God’s main intention for someone to experience something, but an effect of other choices he made. That doesn’t mean that God allows things to happen that he doesn’t want to happen, because he knew all the “side effects” that would happen as a result of his choices, but decided to allow them.

Update, 3/22/2010/2:37 A.M.:

Something just occurred to me, I think I just realized this: God may have also caused earthquakes to hit Haiti, allowing many to die, to get the world to give them greater help. If the world was only giving them poor help, not even increasing their help when the Haitians were dying of starvation, then God may have intended to shock the world into helping them. Ironically, it seems that more of them dying and suddenly, was what it took for the world to increase their help.

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